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    2nd lucid dream; this time it's War!

    by , 05-31-2011 at 10:47 AM (394 Views)
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    I napped at around 4pm when I got home from work and wbtb after 2hrs of sleep.

    Time sleeping: 15 minutes
    Time in dream: 2-5 minutes?

    The dream started in a trench, apart from myself, there was a guy and a girl in the trench with me, both young adults (around 20 years old?) I think we were some kind of elite group in the army. My fellow soldiers were dressed like this but darker, I assume i was wearing the same thing.

    I remember being low on ammo.. We jumped out of the ditch and started running across the grassy battlefield. In the middle of the battlefield were two enemy helicopters, the girl jumped unnaturally high and grabbed onto landing skids. While in mid-air with both hands gripped onto the helicopter, she swung it around with little effort and threw it.
    The girl dropped to the ground and jumped in front of the next helicopter's cockpit, she pulled out her automatic rifle and shot down the pilots.
    I turned to the other male soldier and said, "just cause we're low on bullets, doesn't mean she has to do that.." As this happened, i started to question reality..

    I felt the wind whipping against my face and body as I was running. I wanted to ground myself but looked up and realized we were running at unnatural speed. Instinctively, i tried to search for Alex's aura as I did in my last lucid.. then I remembered he's still awake. I felt the dream drift away from me.

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