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    School - Weird Board

    by , 10-07-2011 at 11:25 AM (440 Views)
    Weird board (Non-lucid)


    I can't see anything, it's all black.
    "Jeremy, you might want to wake up, shit's getting harder," says a familiar voice.
    I look up, it's Hamish talking to me. It's my Extension Maths class, but we're in one of my old english classrooms (we call the dungeon). We're sitting towards the back of the classroom.
    The problem on the board was something like 7(^2) - 5(^2)x5(^5). It was basic, but i couldn't really see the board properly.. it was angled weird.
    My teacher then called my name out and started taking out packages out of a cardboard box. I get out of my seat and walk towards the front of the classroom. I stood at a nearby desk and started unwrapping my package.. It had a couple of layers, first bubble wrap and then foam, well protected.
    Out came a laptop, very slim and red. It was quite shiny, too ^__^ I went back to my seat while the other guys in my class got their packages. (There's not many people in my class.. 6 guys and 2 girls? I take an extension course.)
    My laptop was hacked and brought from home, which meant everything was unlocked. I checked MSN and remember having a couple of desktop contacts, Sean and Alex (Dark_Merlin).
    Alex said I should play some DotA and I alt tabbed to a windows explorer window to open up Warcraft 3. I don't remember Alex being in the scene before this (he doesn't go to the same school as me). For some reason.. I freaked out.
    In the end of the dream when everyone had gotten their packages, Alex didn't get one and was upset by it . <3 Alex. It's okay.

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