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    fist bump (LD)

    by , 04-30-2024 at 12:23 PM (50 Views)

    I'm sitting down in my parents bed, just relaxing looking at a ceiling fan. I have an extreme sense of calm and control. "What if I'm dreaming?"
    I begin floating up to the ceiling confirming that I am. I land back down to the ground and begin walking to the door. I reach to grab the door nob but missed and couldn't open. "what if I can't open the door?" I dismiss the thought and succeed with two hands. I notice that my arms and hands look brighter than they should be considering how dark the room and living room are.
    I see my brother J2 and Dad watching TV. "If I act positive I will get positivity." I think to myself shaking off a sliver of fear. I begin walking towards J2. "What's up bro!?" I kind of sounded like pewdiepie. "Huh?" he seems confused. "Fist bump!" I say as I hold my fist out. He meets it with his own fist as
    I wake up.
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