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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    many scenes/fragments_night of 3/30/2024

    by , 03-31-2024 at 03:15 PM (136 Views)
    Ambulance brain fart
    I was with two people, and they were my friends, I can't remember who they were. One of them got severely injured and we called for an ambulance. Sitting in our vehicle waiting I realized that we were in an ambulance and could just take him to the hospital ourselves. Our injured friend was now in a bucket, and we took him around to the back of the ambulance to see if we could treat him there or something. I had no idea what we were looking at as the ambulance we called for arrived. "How are we going to explain this..."

    Mom and Dad's pistachios and debt
    *This was a scene from a longer dream and before this point I remember eating some pistachios from an enormous bag*

    Walking down the hallway to the kitchen for some more pistachios I notice a bag of Stacy's salt (This is a recurring imaginary product from Stacy's pita chips) I turn it around and see they used shitake mushrooms. "yuck" I put it back down, continuing to walk to the kitchen.


    As I arrive in the kitchen I find the pistachios, but there's even more gigantic bags of them and they're a different flavor than the ones I was eating before.


    Instead of eating them I started thinking about how expensive this must be.
    A cut scene of my mom and dad's bank statements and purchase history started to play. There was a narrator explaining that the reason they were spending so much is because they were going to die soon.

    I started wondering how credit card companies deal with this.

    Dark YouTube video
    I remember seeing many thumbnails of a man wearing a plague doctors mask, I clicked on one of his videos to watch.
    The Youtuber started to explain how he captured another Youtuber, the scene cuts to him and the other Youtuber fighting, the plague doctor guy bashes the other guy in the head, knocking him out.
    It cuts back to the plague doctor guy and I can now see the other youtuber in the video, suddenly I'm in a first person perspective of the plague doctor guy and I can see him wondering his house looking for a container large enough to hold some type of chemical to dissolve the other Youtuber.
    "This is insane, how is this on Youtube." I think
    Most of the containers he found are too small or have holes on the bottom of them. He grabs a small container with the intent to dissolve the other youtubers body parts one by one.
    "This is torcher, just kill him!" I think as the dream ends.

    *The guy I was dreaming about was probably PlagueDocPlays, he does skits where he pretends to be a serial killer sometimes*

    *I'm going to bed with the intent to watch a YouTube video in a lucid dream, but it seems to be leaking into my regular dreams. This wasn't too disturbing to me, but this was the first time I had a dream that dark.*

    Nether escape
    *This is also just a scene from a larger dream, before this point I remember going to the nether and building across a large lava lake.*
    I was travelling around the nether with a friend when suddenly we began to levitate.
    "There's no way we can make it back to the portal!" my friend said floating to the ceiling of the small cave we were in. I hit the ceiling soon after, I was trying to brainstorm how to get across when it hit me, I could grab the floor and crawl my way down to the bridge I made earlier, and if I can get below the bridge I can use it to stop me from floating all the way up and travel across.
    "That will never work!" a disembodied voice shouted, it wasn't from my friend, but it was a third person from outside the game."
    Unbothered I continue with the plan and make it all the way down to the bridge I made. I destroy a few blocks, clearing the pathway to the bottom of the bridge when suddenly many of the blocks I'm standing on turn into entities, much like an activated TNT block, allowing lava to flow into them. "I have to hurry." I begin floating under the bridge as fast as I can, it now looks like I'm in a long hallway, lava is to my left and right getting ready to flow but I don't hesitate and continue onward. I see the end of the hallway and there's a water elevator, I get inside the elevator and when I look up the water looks super realistic compared to the blocks, it forms a whirlpool, and it pulls me all the way back up.

    *This is a water elevator*

    I make it to the top and I'm now in control of the levitation. "I knew it would work" I was telling my friend who was Infront of me now. I began flying up and down in a circle to show off and landed straight on my neck, I was okay and started doing better circles.

    Note: It seems that Minecraft is taking over my dreams, maybe it's because I'm writing about them.
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    1. HOTREDD's Avatar
      it sounds like you could get a bunch of points out of these dreams with interacting with DCs and controling your levitation, why did you mark this as 0 points?
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    2. Gejoh's Avatar
      The dreams were all non-lucid unfortunately :/