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    Action Guy

    by , 07-05-2010 at 06:54 PM (472 Views)

    The dream began in a classroom on a stool by a high brown table. My old high school friend Matt D. was there and the teacher was before a small chalk board. She was white-haired and scrawny and began teaching on a subject that made absolutely no sense using bogus terms. Eventually I ask what she's talking about only to have her get really pissy with me. I mutter to Matt that I'll have to drop this class who replies he will too. The rest of the students seem to have no issue following along. Later the teacher has everyone spell out a word and change it to capitol letters, noting how the "stems have changed." I thought this part easy but somehow I missed the entire point as it related to some imaginary complex mathematical principal. I tell Matt how frustrated I am to continually get paired with terrible teachers who never take the time to actually teach. I then remind him how last semester at UofL caused me chronic depression for over two months.

    After class a fellow student comes up and tells us we have to visit the counselor on Thursday for lunch tickets and Matt exclaims we don't have that long to waste. I say we must get a new class by Tuesday, being tomorrow. I part ways and go into a lobby of sorts that reminds me of the interior of a Busch Gardens building. It's dark and rainy out the windows and it dawns on me that I'm back at JCC. I place my red backpack on a ledge where the white-haired teacher storms past, rummages through my backpack, finds a dollar bill near the top, seems to get bored and leaves without taking the bill. Someone who witnessed the scene laughs.

    Eager to go get a new class I realize my next one begins in fifteen minutes. I look at a schedule to find it's some sort of "Justice" class at the one-hundred level. I find and read a description about how one learns to become an action girl or action guy. These crime fighters can phase into an astral realm. Perfect for stealthy operations. I see that the class is in the "Special Interest" building. I picture in my head Southeast Christian Church (shoutout to a dream I had possibly years ago) but wish to confirm it. I run up and ask a man but am interrupted by a girl who wants his attention. I wait only to find the man has transformed into a woman on looking again. This time I use the term "ma'am" only to get a "wish I knew" response. I return to my backpack. When I try to pick it up it collapses apart and books fly everywhere. I sigh, getting out a PB&J sandwich and wishing JAH still went to school with me, at this point too flabbergasted to gather my belongings together. An older lady sitting in a chair watches me. I learn she herself is an action girl. I feel a legitimate excitement for my next class, however, but I'll never know if it was any good seeing as how I woke up.

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