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    Beach Science and Combat

    by , 07-06-2010 at 09:08 PM (426 Views)

    It began on muddy waters of an ocean (no idea why the ocean was muddy) with two giant engine-propelled rafts moving while facing each other and keeping a consistent distance apart. Each raft had four players. one was a driver, another a turret gunner and two near the back a rifleman, possible Master Chief from Halo, and an RPG holder. I was the latter in the back right corner where the rocky shore was close to my right flank. I recall running up and popping off rockets that killed a lot of my opponents. I only had three shots though and ran for whatever little cover I could find when the opponent RPG holder lobbed rockets towards us. I recall getting slain.

    Later that afternoon on the beach I came before a five-story Japanese style building on the shoreline with dozens of docks branching out from it in all directions. Turns out it was a research center. My two younger cousins were running around inside as it was their birthday. Stumbling upon their presents all on a giant table I find my mom there and try opening one of the small black boxes. Surprisingly she doesn't get mad at this.

    Later I run into a very old looking man with decaying teeth and only some hair remaining. He recognizes me in amazement yet I do not. I pick my brain and realize he was a teacher a few years ago. He asks how I still looked so incredibly young to which I respond I'm the son of the student he remembers. He does not question further and neither do I seem to question the reason I've (or he has) apparently leapt ahead in time. He takes me down a set of stairs into his secret laboratory that's really just a bright white carpeted area with a hot tub installed and a bunch of workers chatting around said tub. There was even a sink in the corner with a Dexter's Laboratory toy and a sliding glass door where you could look out upon the ocean.

    Leaving, I end the dream walking along the planks over the sand where the place is now bustling with thousands of young adults. They're all talking about how today was the last day of school. Some students mistake me as one who'll join them on some field trip. I feel kind of bad that I can't share their happiness but shrug it off.

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    Tags: combat, ocean, teacher