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    GA's DJ

    Broken Toys

    by , 07-05-2010 at 11:52 PM (454 Views)

    Much like the past few dreams it was dark and rainy. I was a passenger in a super low-riding car in the back left seat. There were no car doors. We (me and others I didn't identify until the end) came and stopped at a red light with lots of vehicles in front and behind. I was playing a DS game at the time. Instead of putting my DS (as well as a GBA and Alphasmart Neo I had with me) on the seat next to me when I was finished I put them on the road that was almost horizontal to my seat. When the car started up again I realized my error and told them to stop. Unfortunately the cars behind got impatient and began honking horns to high heavens. I told them to just go on and I leapt from the car. Enough distance had been made before I jumped out that I had some ways to walk to get to my assets.

    I found my GBA on the road smashed with exposed microchips and shattered screen. My DS and Neo were by a black man sitting on some stairs leading up to an apartment building. He asked me what the Neo was and I told him it was an electronic typewriter. He acted like he wanted to buy mine. I told him mine looked pretty busted up and gave him the website to buy his own. After profuse thanks I gathered the items and prepared to leave. The black man didn't seem satisfied with my thanks and kept acting like he wanted me to give him something. In the end he wound up spitting on my hand and my hair for no good reason. I told him I had had enough and quickly retreated.

    The rain picked up. My DS was bent and the stylus twisted at an odd angle. The game I had been playing, much akin to "The World Ends With You," had screwed up audio and the picture fizzled and became blurred at times. I felt most sad about not being able to finish the game I had become so engrossed with. I continued up the street wondering if I would ever again run into the people I had been riding with. Near a parking lot a beautiful, tall woman with long ebony hair holding a tiny cocktail umbrella acted like she knew me. She held the little umbrella over me catching but few of the raindrops and led me to where a giant white SUV was parked. Odd that our low-riding car grew such big wheels. The driver came out. He was Sho, the guy in my avatar, or also a character I adopted for M.E.I. Network Act VIII named Brent.

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