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    Somniloquent G

    1/18/11 - 1

    by , 01-20-2011 at 03:14 AM (764 Views)
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/18/11 - 1[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) I'm in bed, listening to a Paramore song. I disassemble a map/puzzle of the United States so that I can carry it and stack it. The eastern half of the United States is one part and California has an entire part itself. I see that San Francisco is at the bend on California's coast. "Now I'll know where that city is from now on and have a way to remember it," I thought. I look at the map of Hawaii and see that there's a city called "Akono." There are actually two, and "Akono" is the capital of one of the islands.

    I'm discussing Ms. L and how she too often gives kids detention when she shouldn't.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

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    1. Lynn's Avatar
      You sure have lucids, alot! Lucky you. What method do you use?
    2. GMoney's Avatar
      No, these aren't lucids. :( I'm pretty bad at getting lucids, but when I do get one it's always a DILD. I've only had 1 in the past three months, but hopefully I'll start getting them more often. :)
    3. Lynn's Avatar
      Oh, thanks. It says lucid at the top, so I thought it was, lol.
      I'll try a DILD again, it seems to be the best.
    4. GMoney's Avatar
      Oh, I use that for the color key. Blue is a non-lucid dream, gray is me commenting on it, and red is a lucid. Unfortunately, I don't type in red all that often. :D
    5. Lynn's Avatar
      Haha, thanks lol.