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    1. 1/19/11 - 10

      by , 01-20-2011 at 11:39 PM (Somniloquent G)
      [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/19/11 - 10[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


      [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) I'm in a fancy hotel, many stories up and in front of three elevators. There's a guy with orangish hair. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I forget what happened, but [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]I remember him on the ground when a bunch of other people showed up. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"] Perhaps we were fighting? [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]I walk into an elevator and H walks into the next elevator over. Another person walks into H's elevator and H asks him, "Are you looking for a sl*t?" I'm very upset by this, as she might be asking him if he wants sex. This is a very scary thought, although I think that she meant it more along the lines of, "You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for that." I didn't hear her say that, but I imagine she would because she's a moral person and I trust her.

      On my elevator, there's a person with his arm in a cast. There's a huge red stain on it and you can tell it's bloody.

      We get off of the elevator and I walk with K. A couple approaches us and asks us if we fish, to which I respond, "Not often," even though I don't fish at all. The couple inform us that they're from western Massachusetts and they fish out there. I tell them that I'm from Boston; I really want to tell them that I go fishing in Maine and have this urge for a while, but when I finally get ready to tell them, I realize, at the last second, that Cape Cod is closer to Boston (I envision a map of New England in my head). I tell them that I fish in Cape Cod.

      I go to walk up a staircase. I see BP, LC, RSG, and some old people. I shake their hands. I thought that I had seen RSG earlier in the dream, but I wasn't sure if it was him so I didn't talk to him out of fear of embarrassing myself talking to someone who I didn't know. It turned out that it really was him, and he came over and said hi to me.

      2) I'm running through a Minecraft forest. I'm getting away from my home because my community had elected an inanimate object [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](at the time I knew what, but I forget now)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"] to be its god. I found this idea absurd and potentially dangerous? so I ran away. I'm going to start a new life. In the forest, I find a chest.

      3) NBA tells me that we're going to China. I can tell from the look on his face that he spilled the beans - I wasn't supposed to know. It's not a big deal, though, because I find out immediately after anyways? We walk down a rural path and NBA explains to me the situation.

      We're near an old church, which I climb up. There are things to do at the top, where I'm in a type of tower? I look down at the street and talk to NBA from atop the church tower.

      4) I'm on a bus and there's a creeper from Minecraft? I get off of the bus at some sort of station, and there are a couple of adults who get off as well.

      5) There are a bunch of people from my grade who are on top of the roof of some buildings. Looking across the horizon, we can see a suburban area stretching out for miles. MK and CH are on the roof with me.

      6) I'm at DV, but it's a physical place - not a website. I walk into my usual room and see MG, JFA, and JF. I ask a student for help on my homework, but I realize immediately after asking him that he's not in my class and wouldn't have the same homework assignment as me.

      I'm walking down a hallway with MG?

      7) My parents are scolding me for something?

      8) I'm thinking about skateboarding and how nobody does it anymore. I remember back in the '90s everybody used to skateboard, and there were two very famous skateboarders. I try really hard to remember their names; eventually, I realize that both of them were named Tony. ... One of them was Tony Hawk! He put out a series of video games, I think. I can't remember the name of the other guy, but his first name was Tony too. I tell my dad that it's funny that no one skateboards anymore. Back in the '90s, I would see movies and TV shows all the time where everyone skated to high school.

      9) continuation of 8?? [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]This was a really long and awesome dream. I don't remember much of it at all, but it seems like it was really long.[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]

      I need to make a trade or receive some very important package. My dad sends me out to get it; I skateboard? throughout a suburban-looking area? and eventually down X Street. I go into a shop? and tell the girl to come to my dad's shop so we can exchange the packages? The girl's name is Samsara - she's a beautiful blonde around 17 years old, but I don't really trust her. Perhaps it's the gravity of the deal that makes it so uncomfortable. I'm on edge, as this is [I]extremely[/I] important.

      I go up and down Y Street because I'm nervous and want to have perfect timing. Samsara is going to my dad's store, and I was successful in going to tell her to come. I go into my dad's store and talk with dad while waiting for Samsara to arrive.

      I'm at home and see that my little brother has taken my stuff. Somehow, my brother took the stuff that was supposed to be mine and now I'm left without winning anything in the deal. (My brother replaces Samsara and he/she swindled me?) I'm really disappointed and mad at him for taking what should've been mine. I sullenly walk across the lawn, which is blocky and made out of LEGOs? I go inside and walk down the hallway. I see K?

      10) I walk into the headquarters of a TV station? There are a lot of people sitting around a conference table. I talk to them and then leave.

      I'm in the same building, but on the floor below. I can see the conference room, which is raised above the first floor and is visible because it sticks out from the lobby or something, with a staircase going up to it. JL comes over to me and tells me that my name is on the top of the complaint book! I run over towards an enormous swarming of people and make my way to the table. Sure enough, there's a "Complaint book" with a list of everybody's who's complained about the company. My name is at the top of the list, much to my dismay. It's in a differently colored font? I tell JL that I didn't want my name on the book in public like that and I didn't really even complain that much in the first place.[/COLOR][/INDENT]
    2. 1/2/11 - 5

      by , 01-02-2011 at 07:16 PM (Somniloquent G)
      Today is by far my worst recall day of the year. :( This is what happens when you get less than 7 hours of sleep. :?

      [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/2/11 - 5[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


      [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) Fragment: I'm looking at the forums and looking at one of the threads icedawg started. I don't actually read the post - I just look at icedawg's avatar, etc.

      2) I'm scrolling a map, kind of like a video game. I overshoot where I wanted to look at and see India. India has people working and the farms are being farmed. There are blocks like in Minecraft that the people are working on. I scroll back up [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](there was probably more here, but I forget) [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]and when I scroll back down I see that India has been evacuated. There's no one there anymore - the whole place is gone. They had to leave because they were too poor, and it's really not fair that they had to leave their homes. I figure they must have gone north to try to work in some American industrial city.

      It's a holiday, and either I got something for my brother or I didn't. There was some commotion about this, but I can't remember. My mom is there, too.

      3) We're in a game of Minecraft and I decide to harass Mark75. I'm going to cause him lots of problems by griefing his area, so I destroy the blocks around him and mine upwards. I go to the edge and look back, and what I've done is much worse than I had intended: He's trapped now on a pillar all by himself. I must've destroyed pretty much the whole map. There are just two pillars and even the ocean floor is gone. Someone else is atop the other pillar (Seeker?).

      4) Same as 1. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](Literally, the exact same fragment. I woke up around 6:00 and had that image of icedawg's stuff that's to the left of all his posts, and when I woke up around 10:00 I had that exact same image in my mind.)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]

      5) I'm on X Street and it's become a swamp. There are people floating on rafts. I notice two of them - TheLucid and someone else [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](I forgot who.)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]. The latter had an avatar of a doll with straw hair.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

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    3. 1/1/11 - 11

      by , 01-01-2011 at 04:36 PM (Somniloquent G)
      Great start to the new year! 11 dreams recalled on 1/1/11! :banana:

      [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/1/11 - 11[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


      [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) It's as if I'm a character in a video game; I press a button and jump over hexagonal shapes, which are graduatingly black/green with opaque green outlines.

      I walk across a swampy area and see an emo girl. She has short black hair with some pink in the middle. She's talking to me and seems rather friendly.

      2) I'm at a movie. My friends are there, but I'm sitting with little kids (NBA's brother's friends?) I'm kind of embarrassed, but I sit back and enjoy the movie. The room is dim and has a blue glow.

      At an intermission, my friends come up to me, as well as OG. OG tries to harrass me. I make fun of him and curse at him?

      Mrs. A is standing at the side of the room, giving a presentation. We all turn to face her, sitting in a semicircle. I'm having a little difficulty breathing.

      3) Today I'm going to visit Boston University with Mrs. W. I'm absolutely positive that this is my second time visiting, and this time I'm going to show her. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]There's a really good chance that I visited this in a prior dream, but I can't remember a thing about it. In the dream, though, [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]I'm convinced I just visited the day before and have now come for my second visit.

      I'm walking along a New York street, on my way to Boston University. I look at the buildings (which are pretty run-down) and think about how they're structurally identical to a LEGO. They must have built a building based on my LEGO model. It's the exact same thing. The high rise across the street looks cool, too, even if it is in need of repair.

      I get to the street corner and am ready to turn to walk down the sidewalk to Boston University when a car starts honking at me. I point and ask, "Me?" and yes, the driver is directing at me. It's an ugly fat woman with sunglasses; she's probably in her 50s. She pulls over and rolls down the window, informing me that Mrs. W would be there with me today. I had completely forgotten, but that's right. Mrs. W [I]is[/I] going with me today [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](is this the first time I've had this concept? I'm not sure)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"].

      I meet Mrs. W in the dusty desert-like city block on which Boston University is located. We greet each other and enter the building, a highly modern and very nice facility. PS is there to greet us, and he guides us up. After we reach the top, JF, NBA, KB, and I all skate down the stairs. There are crevices in the stairs and elevated areas, so we have to jump like we're in a video game. We're going downhill, we just speed down without worry. KB taunts me about being so slow and last out of the four, so I put more attention to the game and become focused for the first time. I zip down the stairs, passing all three of my competitors.

      [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]Is this a false awakening beginning of another dream? I'm not entirely sure, but it seems to me as if all this happened at the bottom of the slope we were just skating on. [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"] I check my phone for email and see that I have hundreds of emails from DreamViews. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](That isn't too far from being accurate, "lol.") [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]I have an email saying that Raven Knight has replied in one of my threads, and I'm interested to read what she has to say because I respect her opinion as one of the more intelligent posters. I go to the thread and read her post, in which she bashes a bunch of people who replied. Her vicious attacks are relentless, unyielding, and unforgiving. She probably attacks 5-10 people, all whose usernames I don't recognize. None of them have avatars or are important members, but they were just causing problems and making posts that sounded stupid.

      Thankfully, she didn't reply to any of my posts. :)

      4) Jeff777 makes a forum post. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](I wrote this down as a note at 5:00 AM, but now I don't remember what he said. I think when I had the dream I actually got the gist of his post, though.)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]

      5) I'm in DV chat and Akono has something next to his name. It's just like the little line and then "Away," but it looks like it's longer. He still has the "@" sign in front of his name and everyone still has the brackets. I think what he's saying has a negative tone.

      6) I'm in a huge group of kids in my grade, eating lunch in the parking lot. At the end of lunch, I find CH and ask him where he had been all lunch period! He tells me that he had been eating his lunch nearby? I try to get my sweatshirt on but have real difficulty in doing so. When I finally get an arm in, I have it on backwards. :/

      I walk into the school through the back entrance and walk down the hallway. I have no idea what class I'm supposed to be going to. I think tremendously and begin to panic, but I eventually figure out that it's X Block. Whew! That's a relief, I have lunch now so I won't be late for anything. I see a few kids from lower grades on the stairs who have high, squeeky voices. I interpret one of them to be RG.

      I get to my locker but can't open it. I must have put in the wrong combination. After another unsuccessful try or two, I realize that I'm trying the wrong one. :/ Mine is two lockers over!

      I move over and finally open it successfully. But this isn't my locker - it's a vending machine filled with snacks and candy. Opening it was a floccinaucinihilipification. I close it, since it's not mine and there's really nothing for me to do with it, much to the surprise of the students who were having a math (Calculus?) extra help session in Mr. S's room. DM is one of the students in there. I see Mrs. M passing through the hallway, and she asks me if I live in ([/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I forget the name, but [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]it was some obscure town I had never heard of). I tell her where I live, but I don't think she's really paying attention and it doesn't sink in.

      I walk down the hallway and turn, and I'm at work. It's a huge office building, but I need to get back to my locker. I notice I'm in just my underwear. I turn and go down another hallway, but now I'm just lost. There's an office foyer-like area, but there's only one guy there. I turn back, but there's a row of cubicles where I was sure my locker had just been. I'm really frustrated now because I have no clue how to get back. I turn down some more hallways and the whole thing is just an office building.

      7) I'm in a country house. There's a man outside who I interpret as a Southerner: the man has gray hair, is aged 50-65, has the drawl accent, and his head is cocked a little to one side. I'm afraid to walk outside, but I know I have to. I've been watching this man through a window.

      I finally walk out onto the porch, and he tells me something which surprises me, but shouldn't: he's going to adopt us. There's someone else who walks into the yard, someone I recognize and don't mind. However, I don't really want to be adopted. I think of polite excuses because I don't want to hurt the old man's feelings.

      8) I'm in a location with bridges over lava and huge crowds of people. I wonder for a moment where this could possibly be, and I come to the conclusion that it must be 4chan. I'm kind of on one of the bridges a little further back, and there must be a concert or something because everyone's pushing towards the central bridges and is jumping around. I'm in the spirit and I'm jumping around too, but I seem to be stuck towards the back.

      I see the front bridges start to clear out; this is my chance! I remember that my goals are leadership, assertiveness, and action [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](which are actually my real-life goals, not dream goals)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"] and this is the perfect opportunity to work on building those character traits. I make my way towards the front and start jumping around as if it's a sporting event and my team just scored a goal. I look across the lava field, and only a mere few feet there's a platform where they're giving out free pizza! 4chan was sued or something for causing problems on the Internet and so now it had to give out free slices of pizza to all its members. I gladly took my two free slices. My cafeteria should do this!

      I learn that if I want more, I'll have to come back tomorrow. They give out two free slices to everyone each day.

      9) I'm with a few kids outside and we're in a small group playing a game. One of the girls breaks down and asks me how i play, because I'm so good.

      LeBron James is there, and he's a pretty cool guy. We talk and joke around, and I bounce off of his humor. His jokes perfectly set up my jokes, allowing me to have awesome punchlines that everyone likes.

      We're in the gym, and I'm hanging with LeBron, who's now become a piece of cardboard. Hmm, he must've been a piece of cardboard the whole time. Maybe I was just imagining him as a person when he was a cardboard all along.

      Mr. P is at a podium under the board and he calls up PC. Mrs. E takes some pictures of me and the LeBron cardboard and says it's cute and wonderful. She tells me to keep it up, the kids love it.

      10) I have a false awakening. I check my notes I put on my phone as a temporary DJ, but I don't understand anything I wrote. It's all weird numbers, percentages, and fractions like 2/3. I eventually figure out what the numbers mean (it's something like % of dream recalled, lucidity, or measurement of vividness, but I forget what now) but they still don't help me remember what actually happened in the dream.

      11) I'm traveling through a really poor section of town. The houses are dilaptitated, literally - they're all several feet below ground, so there are essentially cliffs around each house.

      I'm going down a road (X St.?) and see lots of political signs for people running for office. I notice in particular RD signs, where he talks about his Christianity and his church. There are crosses attached to the bottom of each sign, which becomes annoying as I go down the street; more and more signs appear until the overhanging above the street is loaded with them and I have to duck my head just to get along the road.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

      I'm going to start tracking my stats for the year from now on. It's time to start anew!

      Total dreams: 11
      Total days: 1
      Total lucids: 0
      Dreams per day: 11
      Lucids per day: 0
      Dreams per lucid: infinity :o

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    4. 12/29/10 - 3

      by , 12-29-2010 at 03:30 PM (Somniloquent G)
      [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]12/29/10 - 3[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


      [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I'm really frustrated right now. I nearly always sleep until 11, 12,or even 1, but this morning I woke up at 8 and could never get back to sleep. I tried to fall back asleep for an hour but couldn't. :([/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]

      1) I'm in bed, trying to go back to sleep. It's the morning, and I'm kind of hoping for a WILD but really I just want to go back to sleep so I can recall more dreams and hopefully DILD. Unfortunately, my little brother comes in my room and starts harrassing me. He's yelling and aggravating me in any way possible just to make me miserable and ruin any lucid chances. I'd be happy just to get back to sleep, really. He's holding onto something that belongs to me. He's attacking me and grabbing me, so I try to hurt him to deter him. This doesn't work, so I pinch him and won't let go. I keep hurting him and he starts crying, running out of my room to go cry to mom. He's going to try to blame this on me, but really it's his fault and I have nothing to worry about because I was just defending myself.

      [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]Unfortunately, this dream pretty much came true (besides the part where my brother came in). I was miserably trying to fall back asleep at 8:00 AM (4 hours before I usually wake up) but couldn't. :([/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]

      2) continuation of 1?? It's the early morning and I can't go back to sleep. I really want to, but I'm having a tough time. I'm kind of disoriented and everything's kind of fuzzy; mental acuity is abysmal. I decide that I need to check my fantasy basketball team immediately and that's why I can't fall asleep. I check my iPod Touch in bed and realize that I don't have anyone playing in the PF position. This is really important, because my star player (with PF eligibility) is sitting on the bench and his game starts at 2:27. If I go back to sleep now, I'll miss putting him in by the start of the game. For some reason, there's no button on the iPod Touch to edit the roster, so I quickly run upstairs to the desktop computer. I look for the site on my Favorites Bar but it isn't there. I click the double arrow (for the rest of the favorites) and see it near the bottom of the list. I go to the site, but it isn't there.

      I'm on Wikipedia and I find out that the site on which I play fantasy basketball has been bought by another company. It doesn't explicitly say this, but that's what I ascertain from reading the article. It has a chart comparing the two sites, showing that the one that bought mine is clearly better in every regard. I scroll down the page of baseball information, such as a St. Louis Cardinals fan posting "if we had kept D. H. Neagle for another season, we would've [been competitive for another season.]" D. H. Neagle actually tied C. C. (which stands for Cy Young) for third in the MLB in wins in 1903 with 803. He went 48-10 with a 3.38 ERA. "Theo should look at the two guys who beat them as eligible for his homosexual roster!" replied a poster who was apparently disgruntled with the Red Sox's offseason moves. I then see a Tigers fan post that "We're losing 7 players this offseason who we're not going going to be able to resign." As I expected, a Red Sox fan replied "Well you took one of our best players," referring to Victor Martinez. Without reading the rest of the conversation, I understood how the rest of the conversation went: the Tigers fans are mad that the Red Sox are spending exorbitantly and are going to add Brian Fuentes to an already stacked roster, essentially buy a championship and assembling a team that's unbeatable.

      The rest of the posts all referenced a number in the 700s (720?) that I eventually guessed was a 4chan meme meaning homosexual. It's apparently derived from a French phrase commonly translated incorrectly. I read some people posting the phrase, and the key word was "stoné." I remember thinking to myself that I should read the French because I can, but I'm generally too lazy. I started reading, and the only word I got to was "malicia."

      [COLOR="#808080"]EDIT: I'm really glad I had that dream! I had completely forgotten about my fantasy basketball team, and when I just checked, I saw that I had had Kevin Love and Danny Granger on the bench for the past three days! :O Thank you for the reminder, dream![/COLOR]

      3) I'm with my dad and we've crossed the border for the first time (to Florida??). I mention that the houses are big and my father agrees. As we walk through a neighborhood, the houses are actually pretty small, although the ones we saw at first near the border were definitely big.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    5. 12/28/10 - 8

      by , 12-28-2010 at 07:28 PM (Somniloquent G)
      [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]12/28/10 - 8[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


      [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) The bell rings: it's time to go to Mr. D's English class. I go to a different room and see Mr. D, which is surprising because I was expecting him to be in the classroom we're supposed to be in, teaching his class. He asks if I'm ready for the big quiz in class today, but he's actually talking to SK. I breathe a sigh of relief, but he's talking to me too, unfortunately. I say that I'm not ready at all. He asks us what "propriety" means in a sentence that he shows us. The sentence is something like "...and his propriety." I'm about to say that it means "a group of people following someone" when SK says, "a group of people," so I don't say anything because his answer was similar to what I was going to say. Mr. D says he's wrong, so SK tries again: "a group of good people." I then edit it, saying, "a group of good people following someone." Mr. D says that I'm wrong, and he leaves and goes to teach class. I'm frustrated, thinking that I should have said "ancillary" instead. I try to teleport??? to class or just think that I should be there but it doesn't work. I'm too lazy to walk all across the building and that's a ton of work, so I just won't get to class.

      Apparently, I walk slowly or something like that because I find myself walking into class, 15 minutes late. Mr. D is drilling the students on everything we've read all year, especially the vocab, for which I am completely unprepared. I didn't even know we had a quiz today, and because we haven't been quizzed all year I never studied anything so I don't know any of the stuff.

      2) I'm visiting Georgetown. I'm late? When I get to the room where the tour guide is explaining, I go to the back of the crowd and listen. The room is very opulent and reminiscent of P's house. It's an enormous mansion with rich staircases - exactly what you'd expect in the richest home in the world. The chandeliers, the carpets - everything about the room just screams opulence. It's time to leave, so I go outside. I walk down a brick pathway across a very long lawn and go back into the bus, which is parked along one of those curves of pavement that are usually found in front of fancy hotels. Only a couple of other people get in the bus with me (my aunt?), as everyone else is already in the bus. They're all rather old people, probably all in their 60s and 70s. Apparently I was one of a rather small number (3?) visiting Georgetown, so I momentarily felt bad for keeping everyone else waiting.

      The bus drives away, and as it goes along a road I look out the window and see a beautiful landscape: tranquil hills vegitated with bubbly trees and a valley in the middle. I stare with wonder at the breathtaking landscape.

      3) continuation of 2???? I'm in a bus and we're coming back from a trip. This isn't a tour bus; it's a regular MBTA. I'm joking around with the kids there, most (or maybe all) of whom are African-American and younger than me. I have a great time and all the kids love me. Some kids get off at a bus stop near my school and others get on. I realize I should have gotten off there, so I quickly push the button for the next stop. It's okay, though, because I can just walk from the next stop; the stops are close together so it isn't a hassle. It's the afternoon and I'm in no rush. I merrily say goodbye to all the kids on my side of the bus, shaking hands even with the students who just got on and hadn't been talking to me. I had been the center of the conversation and was pretty happy with myself. I get off of the bus and begin walking home.

      4) continuation of 3???? Heidi Watney is finally doing nude pictures for NESN; before the Red Sox game, she's standing naked in a doorway. I'm watching as she twirls around and shows off her incredible body and long blond hair. She's beautiful and the front of her body is sexy, but when she turns around, everyone is shocked to find out that she has nipples on her buttcheeks! They morph into gross red and pink anomalies that are moving around and nearly cover her entire rear end now. It's disgusting and absolutely horrendous, and all the critics are ranting about how awful that is and how she should have kept her clothes on (well, at least her pants). Her upper body is still gorgeous, though.

      5) I'm walking out of a building with AG and we're talking about a certain musical artist. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I think he called the artist "Dream," but for some reason I interpreted this as "Owl City." Sometimes in dreams people will say one thing, you know what they said, but you understand that word to be something else. It's almost as if there's one word that's in two different languages and that same permutation of letters means two completely different things in the two different languages. I'm pretty sure AG said "Dream," but when he said that I [I]knew[/I] that he was talking about Adam Young.[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"] We get on the bus and are waiting for something. As we talk about this artist, AG tells me that he listens to me! [I]Owl City listens to me!! [/I]I'm taken aback by this. This is an utter shock; I'm flattered. Incredulous, I ask him again. Could this really be? A great, famous musician listens to [I]my[/I] music!? I'm ecstatic!

      A girl AG's age walks onto the bus, and I recognize her as AG's girlfriend. As the bus moves along X Street, I'm suddenly walking along the sidewalk of the X Street with her, right alongside where the bus was. She's pretty upset? I reassure her that I'm not trying to take her from AG; she's my backup plan in case my California girl doesn't work out. She's just my Plan B.

      6) It's time to leave school for Christmas vacation. I'm near room ### and say goodbye to RW. I walk outside to the parking lot and my dad picks me up.

      7) There's a guy in a rather narrow hallway who has his own business. He's a foreigner, most likely Middle Eastern, Italian, or Eastern European. He's hadhis business for a while, but he can't keep it up any more. He has to sell it, and he explains why in a long rant [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](I forget the speech)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]. He's at the bottom of an alley that slopes downward, and I'm among a group at the top looking down at him. The person who's buying his business is there. I kind of feel sorry for him and wish that he could've kept his business running??

      8) continuation of 7? I'm riding on some sort of concrete monorail. I'm not really in a vehicle; I'm just riding along by myself. The concrete line extends really far, but it has a finite area. It curves up and down, so ahead of me I see what looks like a tangled web of concrete. It's really dense and I know it's really long. As I ride along it, I try to figure out what I'm doing. What is this? What's going on? I determine I'm on the "L," but this isn't Chicago. Oh! Voila! I got it. That's Queens over there, and there's the Jets stadium. I look to one side of the "L" and see a huge sports arena, so enormous that it's an island in and of itself. That's Queens! It's kind of like Hong Kong - not connected to the mainland, but there's something like a bridge (in this case, the windy and loopy "L") to get across. On the other side is the mainland.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

      Total dreams: 745
      Total days: 369
      Total lucids: 12
      Dreams per day: 2.0189
      Lucids per day: 0.03252
      Days recorded: 222
      Dreams per recorded day: 3.3558
      Lucids per recorded day: 0.0540
      Lucid dream percentage: 1.61073%

      Dreams per day last year: 1.978
      Dreams per day this year: 5.75

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    6. 12/27/10 - 8

      by , 12-27-2010 at 06:27 PM (Somniloquent G)
      12/27/10 - 8

      1) I'm at a reunification with C-3, but most of the guys aren't there; there's just one counselor. We all toast to TP. GL is one of the guys I recognize as one of my friends, so I stand near him.

      2) My French teacher is giving a speech in my kitchen. I'm eating, then I go into the next room. I come back to eat more yodels, pop tarts, etc. Mom gets mad - it seems disrespectful that I'm eating all this while he's talking. He stops talking while mom yells at me for eating too much.

      3) I'm at some sort of baseball event, where I see DM walking around. I hang around with W, and we go out onto the field. He starts playing some toss game where everyone's tossing the baseball around, kind of in a circle. I think it's kiddy because it's all little kids playing, but I participate anyways because W's doing it. Then I see MG playing so I feel alright (see JG too??).

      4) I'm walking around a Califoria suburb checking houses for something when a couple answers the door. I tell my partner, "No, they're not one of them." However, my partner thinks this couple is. We walk around more. There's a big field in the middle of the suburb with all the trophy wives running around. Suddenly, they all get mad at some guy on the other side of the field and angrily start running towards him. transition to 3????

      5) I'm with dad driving through downtown (Boston?). The streets are winding. There's one clearly dominant structure: a big city hall/churchlike 17th century structure. Dad says "Hey, didn't I show you these streets?" Yes, he showed me these streets the day before, I think.

      6) I'm playing Minecraft (classic multiplayer), shooting through the underground, griefing, tunneling my way through. I finally reach a passageway; there's a middle-aged African-American lady is sitting at the end of the tunnel and the rest of it is sporadically populated with people along the sides. I'm explaining to someone that "This is the thing about minecraft, you have to fix everything you destoyed, but you have to destroy just to get around." I walk to the end of hall, ready to restore the passageway, but now I'm on a bus. One middle-aged lady has two pet crocodiles with her (they're really small, maybe a foot long each). The guy sitting a few rows behind her who is middle aged and wears glasses "finds her out." Apparently, it's really bad that she has those crocodiles on the bus (they seem harmless to me, they're rather tame and docile). The guy says, "I got my hair cut with you on the other side of the mountain." He knows that she brought the crocodiles from the other side of the mountain. She starts sobbing, acknowledges that he's right, and admits to it. She explains her story, something along the lines of "I just saw them there and I saw something else that influenced me to bring them and iI couldn't just leave them there." No one's mad at her; everyone understands. I'm peeling away somethign from the side of the bus as I hear Mr. C saying that you have to read every chapter twice.

      7) I'm playing with my laptop, frantically trying to turn it off, when I eventually press the power button in desperation.

      8) Celtics? Shaq? It's time to get on a boat, and everyone gets a turn. I get to row. K's at the head of the boat; we go around the small enclosed room. I control turning the boat. On the second time around, we're with the Queen of Norway? Mom is mean to K. Edwarda is the King of Norway? Historically, he finally got to reign over his homeland in 81 but got the whole thing in 84. He died in 84. At least he finally got to rule over his homeland. As we go around, I see a sign that says "A Charlie Brown Christmas Carol." I've been saying it wrong all along! I always pronounced it "A Charlie Brown Christmas." At least I'll say it right from now on.

      Total dreams: 737
      Total days: 368
      Total lucids: 12
      Dreams per day: 2.002
      Lucids per day: 0.03260
      Days recorded: 221
      Dreams per recorded day: 3.3348
      Lucids per recorded day: 0.0542
      Lucid dream percentage: 1.628%

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    7. 12/26/10 - 2

      by , 12-26-2010 at 11:54 PM (Somniloquent G)
      1) go into a building not a gym but has weird things to do like a playground lots of people training walk around a laser show? friends arrive I see them NBA, NS; NS asks me what I'm doing in ballpit I get out walk around with NBA and KB, KB asks to go see a movie NBA and I laugh at him say no way but then we walk by one I see popcorn, candy, etc. say hey, I actually do want to go let's go we walk down but I have to go to the bathroom walk in, press box at Fenway Park??

      2) locker's gone, I wonder where it went, oh well, I walk into a room as normal, then look back, I should probably get my books, Mr. R is looking at me, I go up to him ask where my locker went he says I haven't been treating it properly, I say okay where are my books, he's actually Mr. W, I walk around finally go into auditorium everyone's facing the front I have to go way to the back last row see JT as well as JF? from 10th grade I'm in the last row by myself suddenly the violin player in the middle starts coughing and falls and dies suddenly everyone starts coughing it's the Black Plague!! they're all spitting up green stuff, I turn around and run as fast as I can try to get out of there I was lucky to be in last row, turn around, no one's following me, run down street toward's D's Cs bus stop, was I infected?

      Total dreams: 729
      Total days: 367
      Total lucids: 12
      Dreams per day: 1.986
      Lucids per day: 0.03269
      Days recorded: 220
      Dreams per recorded day: 3.3136
      Lucids per recorded day: 0.0545

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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. 12/25/10 - 5

      by , 12-26-2010 at 11:44 PM (Somniloquent G)
      1) sitting at a table with 2 other people, it's time for me to give a speech to 8th graders, I see JT in the crowd I start the speech about UN but it wasn't supposed to be about that, principal tells me, I'm embarrassed but shrug it off, laugh it off, start talking about topic 8th graders get up and leave I walk with DM and DOH?? I tell DM that the speech didn't go over too well he reassures me tells me it's okay, we walk through cave-like stone formations

      2) getting ready to go bowling, walk towards the van a bunch of people can't come, too bad, we get in van, now at blood drive I give blood they just prick my finger, the whole team is in line, other people come I lead the way rally the people to give blood

      3) playing basketball in driveway, see TC from rival school, we play, I dominate, dunk

      4) driving around near a church pass it a couple of times then go into a city with skyscrapers, New York???

      5) in a diner??

      Total dreams: 727
      Total days: 366
      Total lucids: 12
      Dreams per day: 1.986
      Lucids per day: 0.03278
      Days recorded: 219
      Dreams per recorded day: 3.3196
      Lucids per recorded day: 0.0547

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