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    Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious

    1. January 17th Fragment

      by , 01-17-2013 at 07:35 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm at what I presume to be an away football game for my highschool. This place was supposedly very ghetto and dangerous and that was soon to be apparent. I'm standing up against this wall which is part of a building and I see a line of people 20 feet in front of me with guns. They start shooting at each other and it turns into a gang fight, but the people next to me up against the wall are unphased by it and so am I. Then I get the feeling bullets are being shot near us so I run around the building to the other side and I see my friend Kolby running next to me. That's when I got the feeling of a gunman chasing us (classic nightmare) and that if we didn't run away fast enough we were going to be shot. I see Kolby tripping over himself he's running so fast and I'm close behind. There's also like 20 people scattered running with us and we run into some forest. Some classmate named Matt from my school is sitting in the forest so I tell him to get up unless he wants to be shot and we continue running through some forest until I wake up.
      dream fragment
    2. January 5th 2013 Lucid

      by , 01-05-2013 at 11:35 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      (Non-lucid)I was in a regular dream in this backyard of someone's house where people were dressed up for homecoming(school dance) and people from my school were standing on this wooden boat step-thing posing for pictures. For some reason I can't remember who my date was but this girl from my school named Kassidy texted me but I did not want to talk to her. I look behind me I see some sophomores still half dressed trying to put on the rest of their clothes for the pictures. I walk up onto the boat behind everyone.

      The dream is lost and I'm in paralysis in my bed. I'm thinking how bizarre that last dream was so I go back into that regular dream and everything plays through again the same way and I go back into paralysis in my bed. At this point I'm trying to get my body free but remember I can't move. I conclude that I want to roll out of bed this time, so I roll and land at the foot of my bed in a lucid dream.

      (Lucid) I stand up in my room and sort of notice this is my lucid world but jump back onto my bed. Then I think 'wait this is a dream let's go explore' so I walk out of my room. I keep looking at my hands to keep stability and as I walk down my stairs I start to think I might lose the dream but it stays. I turn the corner still looking at my hands to walk into the kitchen. I see that there are flashing blue lights against the walls but then assume it's from the T.V. since there aren't any other lights on. When I walk in I sense someone to my left, so I slowly look and it's some guy I don't know. He's probably 5'7'' has buzzed brown hair and stubble. Then I turn to my right to see people laying on my living room couch. A kid named Austin from my school is laying under a blanket asleep and someone else is on the other side. There's also a chair in my living room corner that's big enough to sleep in so I walk over there to see my friend Katharine laying under a blanket with her head out. She looks up at me and I get this strange feeling that she wants to get with me. No... this isn't why I started to lucid dream again... but the temptation. Without realizing it my arm is already placed on the top of her back and I feel she's naked. I start to run it down her back and grab her ass... then I keep going under until I feel her zone and she gives out the most seductive moan like she's been waiting forever to be touched...
      Then I woke up.

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    3. 12/18/12 Hanging

      by , 12-18-2012 at 06:20 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      In this dream I'm on another charter bus heading to a different summer camp (I've had a previous dream entry of going somewhere else). I'm not sure who exactly was on the bus, but I remember thinking how this time there are a lot more people who are younger than me because that's the case I'm in irl as a senior. We get off in the notion of getting lunch on the way there, and it's this very open place with the ground made of concrete. On the right of where the bus stops is some gas station and on the left side is a row of unfamiliar buildings. Our group goes into this big alleyway on the left side as we have our sights set on this food court place. This smaller kid named Alex tells me to look at him so I turn around and he's running towards me but then we walk into this food court place together. When we enter the place it looks familiar to some cruddy food place I've stopped in before irl with my show choir group. The tiles are gray and blue and there's one lunch line place not giving out food. We turn back and go outside to this open theatre looking area right outside the food court entrance. There are two rows of 8-10 benches facing the front. I step into the middle of where the benches are facing which I presume is the stage as I see this noose on the ground. Somehow I get this overwhelming feeling of dread like I've just been sentenced to death. Apparently I was to demonstrate to the group some sacrifice just like Jesus did since we were supposedly going on a youth group retreat. The view goes to third person and I'm hanged in the demonstration, but then the action goes back into the food court as we search for food. There was a path to the left diagonal of the court so we go to that path which has stairs that we walk up. This place was a lot more complex than I had previously thought, so we navigated until we found a pizza place which reminded me greatly of my favorite pizza place irl. My friend Kolby asks me if I have the money so I reach into my wallet to find a 5 dollar bill and 2 ones. I order a slice of pizza and the guy says its 7 dollars and some amount of cents, so I don't have enough money. But I just brush it off and grab the plate from his hand and the pizza has an order of fries on top of it too. I get outside to the theatre place and see the noose and start to freak out, but some dream figure I presume to be the host of the show grabbed me and walked me away. He was bald and had a brown robe on, sort of like a sherpherd, and told me that I was to play the part of God and that Kolby was to be hanged. So I went to the back right corner of the theatre to play my part and the dream ended some time after that.

      Another dream I was playing a call of duty match against my friends Chris and Paul. It was supposed to be a 2v2 but I think my mind allowed Chris to be on both teams which made no sense. The first round starts and on the right side of the map is an old abandoned town and on the left is a gigantic hill with trees and a field on either side. The round ends with me losing, and in the second round Paul and I see each other across this big hill field place on the left but he snipes me. The third round I go into the town and look down my sniper scope to see both Paul and Chris lined up. I take a shot but apparently they were decoys, and when I turn around there are many decoy soldiers that were 2D distracting me.

      Last dream I had I was in my dad's garage and some girl from my school named Lindsay comes over because I was supposed to apologize to her. I awkwardly go for a hug but she doesn't hug me, so we sit down on this tall table with three seats. Then my dad was there talking to Lindsay, and there was a record playing on a record table next to the table we were sitting on and there was a two liter sprite bottle on our table. Suddenly, I'm in some restaurant with my youth group leader named Luke and my two friends Sam and Kolby. There are 8 chicken strips in a basket and a hotdog in it too on this table we were sitting around. The place is open with light coming through the windows. Apparently I could have the hotdog, but then Luke said it was a fish hotdog that he caught from the river so I decided I didn't want it anymore.
    4. December 15-17th Dream Fragments

      by , 12-17-2012 at 08:05 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Threw a party at my house. Same cop that arrested me irl was at the door questioning me. I outwitted him this time and he had no rights to enter my house where there were lots of people so he left.

      I was in school trying to go upstairs but kept walking into active classrooms and everyone was laughing. Was trying to go to a chemistry exam review but never got there which frustrated me. Also something about getting information off of someone's phone in my driveway and they showed up.
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    5. 12/14/12 Non-Lucid Frustration

      by , 12-14-2012 at 07:22 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm with my friend Kolby as we're in some giant waterpark that's based in the middle of an ocean. We believe this is beachweek and there are 100s of people in this place including life guards. I go down some slide that is more of a ramp into the clear water. I look down to the bottom to see an interesting coral reef and I start to think this is paradise. Kolby's brother (shawyn) walks by with his group of older college student friends and I nod my head to him. Suddenly, the lifeguards start grabbing kids and screaming at them to show I.D. that they are 21. Kolby and I exchange glances then run to what seems like a call of duty map. Now him and I believe we are just leaving school from a long day. It is crowded on this bridge, so I shove some underclassmen out of my way. Then I see a girl that I saw last night at a christmas party irl, so I walk behind her and whisper something provacative and vulgar into her ear and she gives me this look of desire as if she agrees to what I just said. Kolby yells that we're going to miss the bus (even though I don't ride the bus anymore). We are walking around a bus loop where there is a row of buses behind each other. As we pass the first one, Kolby says "dude that's your bus" and it starts to drive away. I sprint after it leaving kolby behind and start to bang on the door sort of like in Spiderman 1. My friend Will from school screams at the bus driver to stop and as the bus stops and the doors open, I see it's my bus driver from elementary school. I get on and sit down across from Will and another friend that I have recently converted to lucid dreaming named Luke. I start to explain to both of them what lucid dreaming is, but I never actually realize that it this was a dream so the dream continues. We round a corner and ramp into the air but hover safely to the ground soon after. That's when it ended.

      It's so frustrating when I explain what lucid dreaming is to a dream figure and I don't actually do a reality check to start the lucid dream.
    6. 12/12/12 Lucid

      by , 12-12-2012 at 08:17 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      (Non-Lucid) My friend Kolby and I were in a regular dream in my cul-de-sac. We had taken some drug that we thought was Molly (ecstasy) but apparently it was laced with something so I started to feel really trippy. My vision was blurred, my world was spinning, and I couldn't really think or move. I was depending on Kolby to carry me to my room so that I could just sleep it off, but I don't know if he was even there anymore. I started to notice that this dream was coming to an end, but I realized it was a dream so I started to imagine a new dream scene. Again, I picked the closest thing to me which is my room.

      (Lucid) The dream scene comes into focus as I'm standing to the right of my bed in the lucid dream world. I stare down at my hands, which usually have an A on my right hand and homework on my left hand but are clean in the dream, and start to say "holy shit I'm dreaming." At first nothing comes out, then I say it again and it comes out more clear. If anyone has ever seen the movie Donnie Darko, there's a character named Frank who speaks with a normal voice that has this creepy low voice under it, so when I said "holy shit I'm dreaming" it had that low voice. I didn't really think much of it so I decided I wanted to explore. I walk to my window and opened the blinds. It was daytime, so I levitated down to my street. I saw that there were these giant holes in the hill that leads up to the house across the street from me. I turned left and walked up the hill to my next door neighbor's yard. As I walk by the bushes in their yard, I look up to the sky to see it is looking very real. The sky is blue with no clouds at all, so I start to doubt that this is a dream and is probably reality. I look down at my hands to do a RC by pushing my hand through my palm and it goes straight through, so I conclude this is a lucid dream indeed. I turn around and walk to my garage which is open. I see that all four of my cats are lined up staring at me as I walk into the garage. I see them and laugh, then turn to see my dad is sitting in my mom's office which is in the garage IRL. This is odd because my dad doesn't live with my mom so he's never at this house. His dogs are laying down next to my mom's dogs in the garage, but half of them decide to get up and sprint away from us into the yard. One of them bumps into me which startles me...
      And that's when I exited my subconscious.

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    7. 12/11/12 Younglife Camp

      by , 12-11-2012 at 09:24 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was on a charter bus going to what I believed to be a younglife camp (youth group retreat) like I had just previously done IRL last weekend. At some point we turn onto a street and start heading up this steep hill. In the dream I'm thinking on how there's no way that the bus can make it up the hill, and soon enough it stops and starts to roll backwards. This hill is easily 1,000 feet in my mind. Everyone starts to freak out as my choir director Mr. B starts to shout that everything is going to be okay. By this point we're somehow in a building that looks like something from the video game Dead Space. I run into another room and cause some sort of mischief, I don't really remember, but some latina cleaning woman comes over and starts to inspect the trouble I caused. She looks really suspiciously at me, then my IRL friend named Katie C. tells me that I'm kicked out of the retreat. I beg her and she says "no", then I beg again, and immediately she changes her mind, which was really bizarre but my mind didn't pick up on it. Finally we are back on the bus and we arrive at the camp. It looks like two really crappy buildings in a desert, so I'm having second thoughts. Suddenly, I decide that I would like to go home and am on what I presume to be my friend Mason's motorcycle. I'm happy that I can ride this motorcyle home because I've never driven one, but then I realize I can't leave Mason stranded without a ride so I turn back. I'm on this bridge on some highway where I see the camp in the distance so I ramp off the side onto another highway road. There are no cars, so I cut back and turn around to ride to the camp again. Then something else happens but I wake up.
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    8. Semi-Lucid

      by , 12-10-2012 at 03:04 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Saturday morning I had this dream where there was two snakes chasing each other in my room as I watched, but then I woke up into another dream in my bed. I got out of bed in the dream and ran to my mom's room to tell her about my dream, but then I ran back into my room and realized it was a dream. Last week I read a post from someone explaining their lucid dream where it was too dark and they kept saying "ILLUMINATE" and the lights would flicker. When I realized I was dreaming I started rubbing my hands and arms to gain stability, but it was too dark. So I just started screaming "ILLUMINATE" and the lights were flickering, but I guess I gave up in the dream and closed my eyes to wake up.

      This morning I woke up into SP and was aware, so I closed my eyes and tried to imagine a dream world. At first, I could see the same girl's face from my last lucid experience and this overwhelming feeling of pleasure or something close to it. Following that, there were a series of buzzes in my head that I didn't think to much of, but I knew I had to think of a dream world quick, so I picked the closest thing to me which was my room. I imagined myself standing on my bed and soon enough I was in my room standing at the foot of my bed. I have a window in front of my bed on the right wall next to it, so I turned and went straight through the window. I had to get down to the street, so I levitated down to the street in front of me. I remember the entire experience gave me this feeling better than any high I've had. Everything also had a hint of gray (no joke intended). Right now I'm killing my head on trying to remember what happened after I levitated down, but it was awesome nonetheless.

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    9. 12/7/12 Heroin Trip

      by , 12-07-2012 at 08:35 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Really not sure where these two dreams fit in with each other, but they're all I can remember from last night

      In the first dream I'm in my friend Moo's room from his old house. In my mind we're in his dorm room in college. But anyways in real life I get drug tested for marijuana because I got in trouble with it, so in the dream when a bong is passed to me I pass it right along. Moo then takes out a syringe and I ask "is that heroin?" and he says "yes" then shoots some into his arm. I turn around to look somewhere when he pokes me with the needle, so now I'm "high" off of heroin. I've never done heroin so all I can really base feeling high off of is through weed, so that's what feel like in the dream. Moo asks me if I feel anything but I just sort of brush off the question as my eye sight becomes very blurry and wobbly. All of the sudden I'm outside in a very open backyard with a bunch of small dogs. These dogs are wrestling and running around as my point of view is right above them. Then I can feel my body as I'm laying on my back in the backyard. Moo and someone who I believe to be his dad are standing over top of me asking if I'm alright but I'm non responsive.

      The second dream had some other part to it, but this is when I start to recall it. I'm standing with a large group of people in a wooded area. This thing in front of me sort of looks like a log flume but with cars. It's a path that starts as a bridge over some lake but then goes up over a hill. The path is full of water and has railings on both sides to keep cars from falling out. Someone makes a joke about how I can't drive my car since in real life I can't drive until February. So I forget that comment and jump in the log flume and then start to walk on the railing. I don't know what happened right after that but then I'm in a group of people in a very gray area. I think it was raining but I just remember making a joke and having these like 10 people laughing at it, and I remember famous artist Imani Blair was there too.
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    10. Potentially a WILD

      by , 12-06-2012 at 10:46 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      So I got home from school at like 2 and went straight upstairs to take a nap. It was off and on sleeping, I think I had one dream, but I woke up at like 4 and was reflecting on that dream when I realized I was slipping back to sleep except I couldn't move myself into not falling asleep. So I was wiggling my toes trying to wake up when my eyes finally closed and I was in this state of mind awake body asleep. I could see the outline of some girl's blue face as I could hear these ringing noises from probably one of The Weeknd's songs. Before I even realized it, my legs were moving and I was running down a hallway with a bunch of doors. Everything started to become very vivid as I kept thinking about this being a dream, but I couldn't stop thinking of how I couldn't move my arms and then my legs stopped as well, then I woke up.

      The problem I have with WILDs is that I can't help but think that I'm really in my bed as the dream is forming at first, so I can't move at all.
    11. 12/6/12 Murdering a Best Friend

      by , 12-06-2012 at 06:15 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream starts as I'm in an alley way... I guess I can describe it as being wet with buildings surrounding every position except for the front which is looking out on some sort of lake or ocean. Like most dreams, I can't connect what was happening before, but I know that I had a small pistol in my hand and I was shooting at two classmates, Allison and Kassidy. In real life, I used to talk to Kassidy before I found out she was still sleeping with her ex while talking to me, so I ignore her now. They ran behind a building to the left of my sight on what I presume to be a path that is in between the building and ocean/lake. I shot a few times in their direction and then gave up for a few seconds. Then I realized that I could cut them off, so I turn around and start running in the opposite direction of where I was looking, and this happened to take me into the front hallway of my house. I ran in that direction out of the front door and turned right to cut them off. It was night by now.

      I saw the outline of two people sitting up against a tree and I knew which one Allison was, so I started to shoot the other one. This person that I shot happened to be one of my best friends named Kolby, and this upset me greatly. I turned around and ran into my cul-de-sac where there was a trampoline. I jumped up onto the side railing of it and sat there with my legs hanging over the side. A few of my friends named Ryne and Sam were also there on the trampoline jumping. I started crying harder than I have ever cried in my life at the fact that I killed Kolby and he was gone forever. While crying, my voice started making a weird high pitched noise which Ryne started laughing at, which wasn't helping at all.

      After that, I hopped off of the trampoline when my friend Moo came up to me. I somehow was now upstairs in my room in my closet as I hid the gun in some box with another gun and a lot of bullets that looked like airsoft pellots. I ran downstairs to see my mom was saying that Moo had killed Kolby, so I screamed at Moo to follow me to my room. For some reason, I knew someone was out there with a gun coming for us next, and Moo knew that as well. We ran into my room and I opened up the closet to get the gun. Moo watched as I picked up the clip that was missing some bullets, and that showed that I was the one who had shot Kolby. In that moment, my friend from school named Franco kicked the door open and started shooting a pistol at us. Kolby was laying on my bed dead with Ryne also dead. I took the loaded gun and shot at Franco who disappeared behind the closed door for a second. Then he ran in for a final moment and I shot him right in the neck, killing him. Moo and I looked at each other for a couple of seconds before I woke up breathing really heavily.
    12. 12/4/12 Dream Interpretation

      by , 12-04-2012 at 08:48 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Last night, I had no lucid dreams. But, I do remember two of my dreams, so I'm going to attempt to interpret one of their meanings.

      First Dream
      Setting: In the front lawn of a building called "The Ashcreek Clubhouse." It's a simple brick building that has a few white doors on the front and sides. In front of it is a grass lawn with a row of bushes lining the outside. There's a road leading out of it into an intersection. There also sits a yellow bus facing the building on this road.

      What happened
      Somehow my mind comes to the conclusion that I've recieved an accpetance letter to James Madison University. I pick up a piece of paper which I believe to be the acceptance letter and start to write the beginning of an essay on it. All around me are people who I do not remember who also have figured out which colleges they've been accepted to and are writing essays for those colleges. I take this letter and continue to write the essay for JMU as I walk onto the bus from a door on the opposite side of being normal (where the driver sits). The bus is filled with many of my classmates all writing their essays as I walk to the back of the bus and sit down in the back seat, still writing this essay. The entire bus is stressing out that we need to get these essays done. I run down the aisle and get off the bus on the right side this time. Waiting outside is one of my friends from a youth group named Cody. He takes my essay and starts to rip it apart, then runs over to a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter and tips it over. This makes me furious so I run over and stick his face in the jar of peanut butter and he starts to suffocate in it. Then I take him out and throw him on the ground in front of the bus as I repeatedly stomp on his face and body.

      James Madison University is my top choice for colleges, so I've been stressing out lately on if I'm going to be accepted or not. This explains the stress part of having to write this essay. Also, these past weeks have all been dedicated to applying to college in my class, so everyone has been talking about it. That is why there are so many other people writing essays for colleges. Last night, my youth group met at a local restaurant and Cody was there harassing me the entire time. He's really short and two years younger than me, so he likes to annoy me to feel as though he is interacting with me. He kept bugging me last night, so I feel the dream showed it, as well as the aggravation I have towards him. Also, I love Peter Pan peanut butter, so that's a given.

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    13. First nightmare lucid dream

      by , 12-03-2012 at 09:05 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Of all the times I've had a lucid dream, this one was actually induced by a nightmare. I'll start from the regular dream first.

      I was at my grandmother's house with my sister (Eva) and we were playing some video game system in the backyard on a projection screen. For some reason, there was a piano in view 10 yards in front of where we were playing. While we were playing some game, an unknown being had struck three chords on the piano. My first thought that it was a ghost because Eva and I have had a paranormal experience where a piano has played on its own. I tell her "turn off the game don't acknowledge it at all let's just go to the porch." So it was like we hadn't heard the noise but we put our heads down as we walk to the porch where there are other people talking about what had just happened.

      At this point I am spooked and am only thinking about ghosts. I walk inside to find I'm in my living room by myself. My family owns this big clanky television that has a glare when it is off, so I walk up to the screen and all of the sudden I see a black shadow of a person behind me in the reflection. I scream and turn around to find I'm now lucid because I think that there's no way this could happen. I scream and run around the black shadow as I look at my hands and realize how vivid they are. Outside is now my actual backyard and I run around to the side of my house where my drive way is and I run up it. My only intention was to get away from the shadow, so now I have nothing to do as my dream starts to fade. It turns to black but I can tell I'm still in some dream state.After that I woke up panting in the dark. One of my problems is that there are plenty of times when I'm in this state of darkness but still dreaming, and I just need to find a way to visualize the next place to go with the next dream.

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    14. Second Lucid Dream

      by , 11-30-2012 at 09:18 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Last night was my second lucid dream experience. Like the last one, it was very short.

      My friend Moo (michael is his real name) is my best friend and is starting to lucid dream with me so that we can figure out his problem, but that's for another post. Him and I had been wandering around what is supposed to be Kings Dominion when we find the ride for the Intimidator 500. In my dream the ride has 3 different lines with well over 1,000 people visible from each.

      At one point we're walking through the line to find a shortcut to another ride when I see a blocked off hallway. We walk over and I climb down into what now looks like a spiral slide that is clear. I see that this is obviously not a hallway to the next ride so I climb back up the slide.

      There's a three foot gap between the floor I came from and where I am so Moo gives me his hand and pulls me up. As I emerge into the room I had previously come from with the line, I realize this is a dream and it's all so clear. The room is now empty with Moo to the left of me. I look down at my hands and they're very clear and some other language or symbols where my "A" should be on my right hand. I start laughing because this is all too humorous to me. I turn right and start to walk down some hallway to another room that is lit pink. Before I make it into the room this girl named Lexi from my school walks up to me. I remember that you can interact with other people in your own dreamscape so I prepare to say hello. Before I could say anything she gets right in my face and opens her mouth very wide (not like to kiss, more to eat my face off). I thought she was screaming at me so I closed my eyes shut and it actually woke me up.
      I believe this is only the beginning.

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    15. Coming back to being lucid, first lucid dream since last year

      by , 11-30-2012 at 09:08 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      In the past, I've abused lucid dreaming and my dream figures to the point where I need to redeem myself. This is my first lucid dream since I was that person a year ago.

      My mom's boyfriend (Robert) and I are walking on the side of some mountain range that I've seen before. There is also two guys walking hand in hand in front of us. Think of the mountain range as a stone wall going straight up and down next to us and we're on more of a catwalk in the air. In the distance is the rest of the mountains, all sectioned off into different colors. In my mind our goal is to get over the mountain range, but they're so tall I can't even see the top of them. Also, each different color is a different country in my head (I didn't know which was which). The beginning of the dream I'm completely oblivious but about a minute of walking down this catwalk I start becoming very aware and sort of spooked that this is all a dream.

      I look down to my hands because that's what I've learned to do in the past and they look very vivid except for the "A" on my hand which is a made up symbol at this point. I shout "clarity now" and I'm overwhelmed by this feeling of like a wall of water hitting me that is really just everything becoming vivid. Robert and the two men are laying on the stone in front of me at this point and I become so scared I wake up panting in the dark.

      This is a weird start seeing as when I first started lucid dreaming the first 3 were ended because I realized I was dreaming and started shouting of excitement.

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