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    Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious

    March 4, 2018 Lucid

    by , 03-06-2018 at 06:44 AM (79 Views)
    I've been trying to have a lucid dream for a long time now. It seems like my excitement in highschool really helped me back in the day.

    I went to a concert saturday night and saw dj snake in washington dc. Not planned, aunt molly decided to join me. And it seemed like a substance that helped me get there.

    The dream scene was a cafe. There was a counter to the right of me that wraped right. There was a menu above the counter and people behind there answering orders for people in a line to the right corner. To the left corner was a round table with people sitting down. Outside is daytime. At the concert I had seen someone wearing a mask from v for vendetta. In the dream, someone is in front of me. I start to say in my mind "this is a dream.... this is a dream..... this is a dream!!!!" and there I was in a very real cafe. It's crowded with vivid colors. The person in front of me starts to take down his vendetta mask, people in the background wearing the masks start to take down their masks and are all looking at me.

    I start to lose lucidity, I start to forget this is a dream although I'm yelling that this is a dream. Someone sits me down at the table to the left of me. There's five or six people at the table giving me looks. A guy across from me has a tea cup full of a substance showing me something. He tells me to do what he's doing, he takes a sip of this substance of what I think is coffee and he swishes it around his mouth violently and then spits it out. He tells me "this is the way to lucidity." So I try, I take a sip and start to gargle it in my mouth and then when I try to spit it out there's nothing in my mouth so I try again a little bit embarassed.

    And when I try again, I get it in my mouth and spit it into the cup, in my vision is this crazy psychedelic vision where there's 5 bright yellow lights in a diamond and one in the middle all over my vision, and it starts to overwhelm me.

    Eventually I end up at a ski resort yelling that it's a dream. I'm looking at my gloves and getting really excited, I was on a ski lift overlooking a mountain. I could see people below me having a good weekend skiing. The ski lift had turned backwards several times keeping me riding.

    I need to mention here that I had very lucid experiences but because my dream recall is not up to par, I cannot remember the best details of the dream. It was an amazing experience but I can't really explain the best part about it all because I haven't been trying hard enough in dream recall. There were conversations that went on in that cafe and there were conversations with someone with me on the ski lift that I cannot remember because remember your dreams is very difficult for a good reason.

    I had another non-lucid where I was in a house that looked like a country house out in a field. I was there and it seemed like my brothers were living there, but in a way I was an old man and the people living there were also old man. I went to leave off the back porch. There were spider webs all around the deck that blocked me off from the back lawn. And it was not just obvious nightmare webs it was very subtle webs that I would look at very carefully before telling someone near me that there was no way I was going there.

    And at some point I give a very soft attempt at getting out and I pay the consequences because these spiders aren't normal spiders they must be from some other universe. Two spiders climb on my left hand, they start to burrow into my skin. It's like they are using my skin as a blanket and they tuck themselves into my palm but it doesn't really hurt. I become part of a very quick and limited commentary where someone explains the reason of this. The scene is changing in front of me but I'm focused on the bugs that are burrowing in side of my skin making red marks.

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