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    1. MIDI to USB!

      by , 06-05-2020 at 10:42 AM
      I'm in a class with lots of people, there are three rows of desks and every desk seats two people. I'm sitting in the middle row and almost at the very back with a girl on my left which i don't know in real life but in the dream i was sure she is a good friend. Teacher says we're behind the schedule and have to hurry if we want to catch up. I open my notebook and find lots of notes of the last class so i write this classes name as a title. (It started with "B" but i can't remember the name) The mood of the dream changes as i write this title and everybody starts acting differently. The girl on my left starts to talk about a short film we must watch, another girl on the front turns to us and says she knows this amazing game we should play right now. Teacher comes near us, looks at my notebook and she says there is no need to take notes, we could watch a video about it.

      We start to watch the video while we chat. It had this festival movie vibe to it and the soundtrack reminded me of TES:Morrowind so i wanted to find out from a computer that was build in the desk (was it there before?) if there were videos about Morrowind. As i was searching for it, teacher handed me a synthesizer. It has a drumpad on it, some knobs and faders, three octaves, wood finish and made by Yamaha. I feel very nostalgic because i had a Yamaha keyboard when i was a child and the smell of this one was almost the same. I start to touch the wood parts of it to see how it feels and it has a serrated feel to it and its not polished. I want to hook it up to my computer as a midi device so i look at the back and it only has midi, so from the computer front of me i start to investigate "MIDI to USB"

      I think i got excited and that wake me up. My sound card irl has midi inputs, idk why i bothered
    2. My dream recall gets better!

      by , 05-24-2020 at 09:59 AM
      I'm in a shady street with my dad and another man. Dad is complaining about a car he has, i turn around and see a red car that looks like an old Honda Crx, and some shady looking five guys trying to fit in it while yelling to each other, i turn to my father with "wtf eyes" and he tells me "they will take the car to a shop to get it fixed". I just think what a stupid idea...

      I wake up in a wonderful tree house with lots of windows around. My friend from highschool pastes a note to one of my windows, i'm trying to make him see me but he doesn't. I take the note and look at it, it says something about school and money. I decide to follow him but i lose him on the way so i decide to go to the school, thinking he can be there. The school looks like a mall.

      I'm in a very crowded class and i see people from all types, teens, old people, casual looking, formal looking... I talk to some people very briefly, then an old man invites me over and i talk to him about some stuff i don't remember but he had this mobster vibe. Teacher comes and lesson starts. I sit at the very back but i can't fit as the class is too crowded. I change where i sit two times, and now i'm sitting one back from frontmost at the right with a guy from my age. I tell him i'm not comfortable with my jeans and want to change into sweatpants and want him to not change his position for cover. He says ok so i take of my jeans and the guy just gets up and leaves. I don't care about it too much and as i put on my sweatpants i see another of my highschool friend. She waves and i wave back.

      We're at a break and another mobster looking old man with gray suit calls me over. I go near him and his three friends, he tells me he's gonna kill the other old guy. I say it is fine by me and i don't care. Class starts and a guy is doing some presentation. Suddenly Tokio Hotel - Monsoon starts to play (?) and the girl i know from highschool starts to sing it by looking at me while trying not to laugh, i accompany her and people start to laugh, we can't continue either and laugh too.

      I really needed to pee at this point so i excuse myself and try to find the restrooms, After looking for a long time, i find them but the restroom has a gate and the lady says it's closed because the school is about to close. Well thats what happens when a school looks like a mall i say to myself and get out of there.

      I'm walking towards a coastline and my plan is get something to eat and use the restroom there. There are lots of giant caterpillar corpses on the ground, crushed by cars or something. Then i see lots of cameras and Katy Perry looking like a mess. The five shady looking guys that my dad gave the car? They are there too and they are making fun of her.

      Now i'm watching these on the TV. As the background music they choose Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen for a reason (Altough in the dream i was sure it was Katy Perry's song). Katy Perry was in her yacht and it started leaking. She had to get on the shore by a floatable boat. I wasn't interested in the details so i changed the channel, there was a documentary about these three birds. One of them is a gray mockingbird, the other two are yellow wood warblers. One of the yellow bird was always climbing on top of the gray bird and it was adorable
      non-lucid , false awakening
    3. Big Range Last Night

      by , 05-21-2020 at 03:24 PM
      1. Took a car to a modify shop and had a long talk about what should we do to the car

      2. Mom told me she wanted to go and see her childhood house. We went there and it was cosy

      3. I was a soldier and a guy who is older and probably outranking me told some refugees are almost drowning and we have to save them. The reason for them to be drowning could be an invisible enemy boat he said. We went into the water and we swam aimlessly

      4. Cool sex dream turned into a multiplayer game and i almost got lucid but i could feel my real body and slowly waking up. I fell into the dream once more and she was airing the room. My stupid ass decided oh i missed it, i can wake up now!
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Success after a long period of not having any LD (WILD)

      by , 05-15-2020 at 08:25 AM
      I am with a friend and we're trying the racing simulation Assetto Corsa Competizione then the car turns into a horse and the game turns into a GTA game and i turn into a savage and decapitate a knight with a very shiny armor.

      The dream changes itself into a role playing game. There are three characters. It's about a family thats working in a motel. This dream was just a very bad acted soup opera i shouldn't even write it down

      Before going to sleep i had set an alarm but this dream was so bad, it woke me up anyways so i cancel my alarm because i don't want it to ruin my LD that i'm gonna have right now. I take a sip of water and get into my sleeping position, i am seeing some vivid images and as i'm about to fall asleep i get excited and wake up, then try it again and again.

      At last, i'm in a dream. I'm in a dream! I'm in an industrial area with lots of buildings and i'm near one of them. There is a car beside me but everything is so low res, it's GTA:Vice City level. I want it to look better and it does, now the graphics looks like GTA:V ! I don't worry about it too much and get inside the building. There is an office with two people in it. Now everthing looks like real life or maybe more sharp. One old guy and one old lady. I remember my goal about eating a chocolate cookie in an LD because i was very envious that KatBee did it and that old lady may give me what i want! I ask the lady for a cookie and she says "grab a file from there and follow me." I do as she says and we're going inside the factory.

      It's just a dirty old factory i say to myself while following the old woman. I see a mirror on the way and want to check how i look in LD. I was almost the same except for my eyes, they looked smaller. I remember about the cookie and run to the old lady. We go up some stairs and now we're in another office but this place looks so much nicer than the rest of the factory. She gives me the cookie, and it's very good! The crunch, the taste, awesome. But i remember something, my plan before going to bed was go to Adventure Time world and get a cookie from Bubblegum. Even though i ate a cookie, it's time to go there!

      The office i'm in has a balcony, i step outside and look at the view, there is some parks with trees and after that it's sea. It's a good view but i need to go to Candy Kingdom! I turn around and imagine the Candy Kingdom behind me and when i turn back, it's there! Now i need to fly, i try to levitate of the ground but i hesitate and fall to the ground. I remember what i read about dream control, if you fear something, it's probably gonna happen. I just jump from the balcony, i lose some altitude but manage to fly!

      I fly towards the Candy Kingdom. I'm doing some cool moves like a fighter plane, the view is amazing, the feel of flying and the wind, smell (smelled like cherry there), taste in my mouth from the cookies, it's just so much! Started to cry in my sleep because it was just so beautiful.

      I wake up feeling very light, happy and energetic, even though i just slept for 5 hours tops.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. It's been 4 years DV. Hello again!

      by , 05-11-2020 at 12:10 AM
      I'm in a battlefield from middle-ages but i'm the only one at my side and there are too many on the other side. Lots of trebuchets and ditches with spikes everywhere. It's midday, warm, and i'm fighting with my spear in this desert-like enviroment. I feel like i've been fighting in this war forever and want it to end. Lots of people dies in my hands and i want it to stop. "The only way to end this is to kill the head of the beast" i say and move towards a big tent. There is this strong looking female warrior and i feel like she knows who i am. She says "I was expecting you. We've changed worlds, bodies, ourselves but we've been fighting since the beginning of the time and i feel like we have to stop doing this".

      At this moment i feel like running away but at the same time i feel like she's ineviteble for me and i have no choice. She starts walking towards me and a part of me wants us to unite or something both physical and mental. Like we were one and now we have to be one again but this thought is too scary for me for some reason. I just want to get away and i start running towards the ditches around the tent (yeah with the spikes in them). I kill myself.

      Felt very bad when i woke up. Recorded the dream to my phone by voice recorder. Only had the courage to listen to it now (4 days later)
    6. My First DILD!

      by , 03-23-2016 at 03:25 AM
      I was looking at the mirror and i saw my beard was a bit short, but i didn't shave for like 2 weeks so I must be DREAMING!

      As i understand i'm dreaming, my pupils dilate like crazy. I say out loud "Say no to drugs kids!" and i amaze how everything feels like real life, even the way i think. My access to my memories are very good because i remembered the Dream Views Podcast where Ophelia mentioned she doesn't have pupils in her dreams.

      I start to explore the house i'm in. It's a hybrid between the house i'm living in and the house from my childhood. I look outside and it is where my childhood house was located. I jump out from the window, land on the street. There are lots of people i know and i can go talk to them about meaning of life etc. but i decide to jump from one car to another and i fail somehow xD

      A dream character who is a middle-aged man with a big moustache approaches to me and says " Dude, how come you can't jump only 5 meters in a dream that you know you're dreaming ". I say "You're right, sir" and complete the jump with success. As i'm done messing around, i turn my back to a wall and think "There will be a door on this wall and it will surprise me when i enter it" and boy, did it surprise me!

      I opened the door and saw a bright purple color and BOOM! i'm inside my grandmothers house. There is a dismantled oven at the middle of the house, and there are 2 guys trying to fix it. One is my 70 year old uncle who doesn't have any knowledge about electronics, one is my cousin who looked as if he really knows how to fix an oven. This cousin of mine i'm talking about has down syndrome... guess he didn't have it in this dream lol

      I watched them for 2 minutes and i gotta say it was worth watching, they took apart the whole oven in 45 secs. I wanted to go and see the other rooms and explore but somehow i couldn't pass the oven pieces, it was very crowded... As i was thinking it would be cool to see the oven say "You shall not pass!" i wake up... Damn
    7. My WILD attempt

      by , 02-10-2016 at 12:26 PM
      My plan for the last night was; set up alarm 4 hours into sleep, try to WILD in a different position than my usual sleeping position, eat gab's calzone http://imgur.com/o8q2APe

      What happened was; the alarm couldn't woke me up or i shut it off in my sleep, woke up at 12 am (8 hours into sleep for me), tried to WILD in a different position, i really tried but no luck Continued the WILD attempt in my usual sleeping position. My body felt numb enough and i started to imagine; i'm at my house feeling some objects, walls etc. I didn't felt the transitioning but i found myself in the living room!

      The living room was a bit different than usual, lightning was a bit off and the wall between the living room and the kitchen was gone. The tv was on, it was a music program, maybe a music competition program. There were 2 people in the house that i don't know. I was sure that i was dreaming but just for the kicks i wanted to do a nose plug RC. I couldn't breathe o_O But i felt a very strong pressure in my ears and the music coming from the tv just got louder and louder. It was coming in all directions! I've worked with beautiful music systems but this was at another level. It sounded like the whole building was a speaker and i was inside of it.

      The guy front of me said something, i didn't hear him well so i yelled "shut up! i'm dreaming!" and wanted to jump from the kitchen window but the closer i get to the window the dream faded more and more...
    8. My first LD this year!

      by , 02-01-2016 at 01:28 AM
      I'm trying to get away from some mobsters and they cornered me in a dead end.

      I wake up but i manage to keep myself still, my eyes closed and i DEILD!

      I'm at the same alley and the mobsters are looking at me threateningly. I completely ignore them and look around. I'm trying to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands but they feel very numb. I look around and the image quality is close to real life. Sadly i can't think of anything to do and i'm trying to think of something. I see a building near 5 meters height. I jump very high and land on top of it. After this moment i don't remember much detail but i remember it felt a bit frustrating because the vividness was a bit low.

      Then i wake up with a sudden pain in my foot. I look at it and i see a string sewn on my foot. I look at the other side of the string and i see my mom is holding it. I say to myself "this is weird" and realize i just had a false awakening! I rip the string off and it hurts a bit and it's good because i have my senses back! My mom says "what are you doing?" and i respond "this is a dream!". She looks at me like she doesn't get it. I don't want to waste time by explaining something very unnecessary to a DC so look around and have a tour of my house, it looks a bit different and very colorful.

      After that i feel that my real arms are in a very uncomfortable position and i wake myself up.
      lucid , false awakening
    9. Lucid Blocked by Paul McCartney

      by , 01-28-2016 at 09:52 AM
      I was an IT guy or something in a firm. I had to pee so i went to the toilet, had an interesting and disturbing conversation about urinals with an old guy. Washed my hands, as i was about to dry my hands with a cloth, i decided to shake the cloth. A wild spider appeared! Attacked my neck but it felt like a cold hand on my neck.

      This is the interesting part...
      I realized a spider can't feel like a hand and said out loud "Wtf is wrong with you brain, are you trying to sell me this? How can you not know how a spider feels like on your skin?" and became lucid. The dream immediately stopped. As i was waking up, i saw a picture of Paul McCartney and a loud and very crisp voice said;

      "Some people brings balance to the Earth. If they are gone, there will be nothing other than chaos!"

      I woke up...damn

      Note to myself; Don't ever challenge your brain again, young padavan. That was some M. Night Shyamalan stuff i just witnessed
    10. My First Dream Journal Post! Too much chaining but only 5 sec Lucid, great dream nonetheless

      by , 01-11-2016 at 02:57 PM
      Lately i've been trying to improve my recall by setting 4 alarms in the night. it seems to be working

      I go sleep at 2:30, wake up in 6:45 then try to SSILD as NickSeagull suggested. I couldn't get it to work but i did managed to dream very vividly...

      I'm going to my old middle school to take a test about how i improved myself over their teachings in the 11 years i graduated. I see my friends there, and we talk about how we don't like to take the test, and glad we don't have to go to the school anymore and see that geography teacher.(she doesn't exist irl btw)

      As we move to the class, SURPRISE! There is the geography teacher with the tests! She hands out the tests and i look at the paper, there are lots of trigonometry and i think some history questions that i don't know the answer for. I try to peek at my friends paper to cheat but he just says that he is finished and leaves. I peek at another classmate's paper, she looks like she is struggling but still its better than mine so i fill the sheet with her answers

      The geography teacher comes near me and looks at my paper, and says "good, you still remember something". I smile and give her my paper, and we talk a little bit and i don't know why i was hating her, she seems nice enough I go to the cafeteria and eat some sandwich then go outside.

      I wake up by the alarm, write a little about the dream then close my eyes...

      I'm still at the same school, it's a little different than irl but it's better imo. There is a basketball court that turned into a concert stand. I go there and ask to the girl who will be playing? She says "YOU!" and i find myself at the middle of the stage. Just when i think "where is my guitar?", she hands me my own guitar. As i'm trying to understand what is happening, a cameraman and an interviewer enters the scene, asking me questions about something. I say to the interviewer that i'll answer her questions later and i strum a chord on my guitar, which shatters the D string. BAH! It's too much! I leave the guitar on the ground and tell them to fix this and as i storm out i find my friends laughing madly. I tell them it'll probably took half an hour for them to fix this mess and we can take my car for a ride. We hop into the car but almost all the roads are closed for maintenance, the ramps are very steep and my friends and i have no sense of direction apparently We end up on a highway, then a car tries to make us crash by bumping rear right of my car but fails miserably and crashes to the left side. Btw i notice one white car is following us a long time so i tell my friends we need to ditch the car. One of my friend tells us we can take a bus nearby, so i listen to him and take a fast turn to the bus stop.

      I wake up again. It takes a while for me to sleep, but the dream continues...

      We are in the bus now, and just as we think we are safe, two shady looking guys in long coats and a woman enters the bus in the next stop. Guys took a seat front of us and the woman seats in the back. The bus starts to move, and the guys look at us. I get up and go near them and tell them "What do you want" with a bit angry tone. Three of them just pulls their pistols and looks at me without saying anything. At this moment i notice that we're nearing a police station. I yell at the driver to stop at the police station! The woman says "Oh, we're going there anyways" and smiles.

      Waking up again! Damn... I close my eyes while hoping to continue the dream...

      I'm in the police station but it's not very clear. It's like i'm daydreaming. Dreaming? Yes i was trying to sleep! As i think of that, i feel like my consciousness has been transferred to my dream body, i look around for 5 seconds, feel fuzzy and weird. But at the same time i could feel my real body a little. My vision went darker and darker but i feel like i'm still in the dream. I think my dream eyes were closed maybe? I open them, i wake up :/

      Trying to sleep, hard!

      I don't know if it's the same dream or not, but the building i'm in definitely looks like a police station, but unfortunately i can't understand it's a dream and miss my chance of being lucid. And it wasn't as vivid or clear as the other dreams i had this night. But here's what i remember;

      -I was talking to a girl who flirted me irl 2 days ago, i wasn't really into her then, but i always flirt back in a dream But i didn't stay there long though because i think i had stuff to do. I go back in time to rescue some people from magicians who sacrifices humans for power. I remember some battle scenes from that, especially cutting one warriors arm. But it wasn't too vivid as i said before. Maybe it was a job given to me at the police station, i don't know

      I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid