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    It's been 4 years DV. Hello again!

    by , 05-11-2020 at 12:10 AM (270 Views)
    I'm in a battlefield from middle-ages but i'm the only one at my side and there are too many on the other side. Lots of trebuchets and ditches with spikes everywhere. It's midday, warm, and i'm fighting with my spear in this desert-like enviroment. I feel like i've been fighting in this war forever and want it to end. Lots of people dies in my hands and i want it to stop. "The only way to end this is to kill the head of the beast" i say and move towards a big tent. There is this strong looking female warrior and i feel like she knows who i am. She says "I was expecting you. We've changed worlds, bodies, ourselves but we've been fighting since the beginning of the time and i feel like we have to stop doing this".

    At this moment i feel like running away but at the same time i feel like she's ineviteble for me and i have no choice. She starts walking towards me and a part of me wants us to unite or something both physical and mental. Like we were one and now we have to be one again but this thought is too scary for me for some reason. I just want to get away and i start running towards the ditches around the tent (yeah with the spikes in them). I kill myself.

    Felt very bad when i woke up. Recorded the dream to my phone by voice recorder. Only had the courage to listen to it now (4 days later)
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