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    My First DILD!

    by , 03-23-2016 at 03:25 AM (402 Views)
    I was looking at the mirror and i saw my beard was a bit short, but i didn't shave for like 2 weeks so I must be DREAMING!

    As i understand i'm dreaming, my pupils dilate like crazy. I say out loud "Say no to drugs kids!" and i amaze how everything feels like real life, even the way i think. My access to my memories are very good because i remembered the Dream Views Podcast where Ophelia mentioned she doesn't have pupils in her dreams.

    I start to explore the house i'm in. It's a hybrid between the house i'm living in and the house from my childhood. I look outside and it is where my childhood house was located. I jump out from the window, land on the street. There are lots of people i know and i can go talk to them about meaning of life etc. but i decide to jump from one car to another and i fail somehow xD

    A dream character who is a middle-aged man with a big moustache approaches to me and says " Dude, how come you can't jump only 5 meters in a dream that you know you're dreaming ". I say "You're right, sir" and complete the jump with success. As i'm done messing around, i turn my back to a wall and think "There will be a door on this wall and it will surprise me when i enter it" and boy, did it surprise me!

    I opened the door and saw a bright purple color and BOOM! i'm inside my grandmothers house. There is a dismantled oven at the middle of the house, and there are 2 guys trying to fix it. One is my 70 year old uncle who doesn't have any knowledge about electronics, one is my cousin who looked as if he really knows how to fix an oven. This cousin of mine i'm talking about has down syndrome... guess he didn't have it in this dream lol

    I watched them for 2 minutes and i gotta say it was worth watching, they took apart the whole oven in 45 secs. I wanted to go and see the other rooms and explore but somehow i couldn't pass the oven pieces, it was very crowded... As i was thinking it would be cool to see the oven say "You shall not pass!" i wake up... Damn
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