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    Mardi Gras and Fragments 03.03.12 (4:00am)

    by , 03-27-2012 at 03:56 AM (354 Views)
    Mardi Gras
    Noelle, Lauren, and a large group of friends and I are all at "Mardi Gras," although the city looks nothing like New Orleans and the festival does not look like Mardi Gras.
    I am standing in the middle of a crowd in the city. If I look to my left, there si a great divide and the city next to me looks like old Las Vegas.
    The group and I are all out late partying. We want to go home early so we can wake up early the next day for Mardi Gras. We end up stopping in this large bathroom and are doing strange, milky Vodka shots. We meet a guy there who talks me into staying and continuing to party. I end up falling asleep in the bathroom. When I wake up everyone has left me. I pack up a bag I have with me and start to head out. A large guy with a towel comes into the bathroom. When we walk out, we are at a large house where he and a group of people, including my niece Hannah, live. Some kind of argument happens between me and a random car stopped in the road. I find it odd that one of the passengers automatically knows my name. I end the fight with "Whoo-hoo! It's Mardi Gras!" I sart walking round the house, looking up at the balcony for my friend (the guy in the towel) to tell him the story. I go inside and Hannah is there. I play with her by grabbing her hands and swinging her off the ground - defying gravity a little. My friend comes onto the scene and I tell him the story.
    Later, Noelle finds me. I am upset at her for leaving me, but forgive her. She is wearing a 80's workout costume (like we actually wore for WR Mardi Gras). We start heading back to where we are staying to to get a costume for me.

    • Putting contact solution into large bowls in a bathroom.
    • A strange play with people with strange, pale, blue eyes.
    • I am in a car. Noelle is driving. Dayne is in the back seat. She is recounting a story to us as we drive down a windy road that reminds me of Ventura, CA. I keep trying to talk and tell her why people don't like her.

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