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    Being sick causes weird dreams with Duke Nukem and Starcraft2 units

    , 06-14-2011 at 03:23 PM (1195 Views)
    I'm properly sick. I have a massive lung infection combined with a cold and some other stuff I won't go into.
    This greatly affects my dreams.
    My recall is remarkably good though. I suppose this is because I wake up about every 10 minutes because I have to clear my lungs.
    My dreams are quite random, they usually combine multiple different scenarios that clearly do not belong together.
    Pretty much all my dreams are about my sickness, it is always represented in some rather clear way.
    I often return to the same dream after waking up, especially this one:

    I'm in a tall building, sort of like a skyscraper.
    Somehow I know that this building represents my body.
    The building is being infested by some sort of bio-goo with tentacles and other biomass/insect kind of stuff. (think deadspace / alien etc)
    Eggs grow in the goo, hatching all sorts of monsters which try to further spread the goo over my body.

    I'm not really sure what to do at first, I feel a bit helpless, but then suddenly I realize that I am (the one and only) Duke! (Duke Nukem)
    I grab some Devastators (Dual rocket launchers) and start going to town on the monsters in the room I'm currently in.
    Whilst doing this I use typical Duke phrases such as "Hail to the king baby" etc.

    I quickly realize that there seems to be a near infinite supply of monsters though.
    I can't possibly take them on all on my own.

    I have double vision at this point. I can see first person, pretty much like in a first person shooter,
    but at the same time I can also see the current room in a top down view, much like a real-time strategy game.

    I move the top down view all the way to the top floor, trying to find my main base.
    I find a (starcraft2) Hatchery with a few mineral patches next to it.
    I decide that I should build some Infestors, because they are very cost effective, and since my body is being
    infested, I'm obviously pretty low on resources.
    (This makes perfect sense, right?)

    I control the Infestors from the top down view, casting fungal growth for crowd control and to keep those nasty monsters in place,
    whilst at the same time causing havoc in first person with all sorts of guns, but mostly the Devastators.

    On each floor, there is some sort of queen, which I have to defeat in order for the infestation to clear on that floor.
    The queens look like infested women. (Not like in Duke Nukem... more like Infested Kerrigan in Starcraft, except more infested and less human.)
    I spot the queen for this room and fire my Devastators in the approximate direction.
    Not exactly precision weaponary.
    The smoke trails from the rockets quickly block out most of my vision.
    Suddenly, I notice that the queen is now behind me.
    What the fuck? can that bitch teleport?

    She spits some kind of green liquid onto me, eww!
    She's too close to fire rockets at her, so I quickly change to a pump-action shotgun.
    (I do this just like in a first person shooter. I move my current weapon to the bottom left, out of my vision,
    and when I move my hands back up I'm holding the new weapon.)

    I keep shooting straight into her chest, but she doesn't appear to be taking much damage,
    even though every time I hit her she has to take a few steps back.

    *click* What the fuck? Empty?
    The queen slaps me in the face, and I am thrown across the room against a wall.
    What is this shit? I have to reload the shotgun?
    I'm the fucking Duke! The Duke does not need to reload!
    I drop the shotgun, replacing it with double-barreled shotguns. Two of them!
    Knowing that I no longer have to reload because... well, I am the Duke, I start shooting relentlessly at the queen saying:

    "Eat shit and die!"

    After emptying a good 50+ shells into the Queen she finally drops to the ground, with green goo leaking from all sorts of holes.
    Meanwhile I've cleaned up most of the monsters with my Infestors, this is working out rather well.

    I suddenly hear a voice, as if I was on skype:

    "Dude, you micro like a Grand Masters, but your macro is fucking Silver at best."

    What is he on about? I change my top down vision back to my hatchery, and notice I'm now completely mined out.

    "I'm fucking mined out you idiot, how do you want me to macro? there are no more minerals!"
    "Eh, I guess you're fucked then, just remake."
    "Remake? Are you fucking stupid? This is my body! I can't just remake!"

    What an idiot.
    I drag his Skype window into my vision and end the call.
    I also set myself to busy, I can't afford distractions right now.

    I pet one of my Infestors and we start marching downstairs to the next floor.
    As we walk down the stairs I start humming the Duke Nukem theme.
    The Infestors seem to enjoy it...

    I wake up plenty of times, but I usually fall back asleep very quickly and I end up back in the dream, usually where I left off.
    Sometimes I get a bit scared, feeling like this dream is going to turn into a nightmare.
    But when that happens I become lucid for a very brief period of time, and I can prevent that from happening.
    I never stay lucid for more than one or two seconds though.

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    1. bust113's Avatar
      Wait, what? I read this post and the yoyo one a few days ago. Why does it say it was posted a few minutes ago? Did you just post this right now?
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Dreamviews lost the last 6 days or so of content:

      I had to repost them (and actually rewrite this one because it wasn't on google cache)
    3. bust113's Avatar
      Well, that sucks.
    4. ooflendoodle's Avatar
      So is it just me or are you as fond of a zerg unit as you would be of a puppy? When I see zerglings and infestors I think they're adorable lol maybe I've played zerg too long.
      Hyu likes this.
    5. Hyu's Avatar
      There is something adorable about queens and infestors for sure.
      I'm not sure if I could grow fond of zerglings, considering how many thousands of them I have sent to their death though. XD