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    Fish tank and weird german guy

    by , 08-31-2012 at 11:33 AM (279 Views)
    I am with Martin S in some little, almost one room house. It is a night time and I am not sure why we there. There are some two other guys. One of them is very drunk. Marin is doing something on the side. I look at the other guy, he is blond and has blue eyes. He reminds me SS soldiers from WW2 movies. He also looks at me and I am ask him if he is german. He asks me the same thing right at the same time. I tell him, I am not. Then I realise that he is gay and is trying to hit on me. I tell him right away I am straight and to back off.
    He then starts touching the other drunk guy. Next thing I see is that the guys is lying on his front with his ass exposed and the other guy is rubbing him. I dont need to see this I think to myself. Then out of nowhere, or as if from under the blanket, some other person appears and starts vomiting! It goes everywhere! I get really angry as bits land on my trousers!! SHIT! Lets get out of here I tell Martin. We walk outside, it looks like its some kind of celebration. New years or such! There are many drunk people outside.

    I am in my room in Czech. I have quite a big aquarium with golden fish. Suddenly my mum comes into my room chasing a little dog. There is Vet also coming in and my mum says they have to kill the dog. I am surprised as it is still a puppy.
    But I mind my business with my fish. I need to feed them. I have a handful of dead fish and I stick it on the aquarium wall at the water level. They disappear in seconds, all eaten. I am very surprised. I look properly into my aquarium and see some of the fish are huge koi carps!! I think they will eat my other fish and I should get them out of there!!! There is one big gold one and one big white one. The white one is particularly cool because it has only one eye in the centre! I think it must be some rare mutation. It reminds me of start track for some reason!!!

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