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    Highly lucid trying different things - flying to the stars

    by , 03-09-2012 at 05:03 AM (673 Views)
    (I wake up after some 4 hours of sleep, stay up for almost an hour and pop in Galantamine and Choline.... then just lay down in bed, not moving a hair... waiting while listening to binaural tones... I am pretty pumped up from the "wake up in your dream" seminar....)

    Suddenly, I feel vibration wave going from my head to my chest.... and another one... somehow I understand what is going on.. and I just continue being still....

    I wake up in bed in my grandmother's house, still attempting to fall asleep, not realising that it is a dream already. Then I do the "pull my finger" reality check that I was shown at the seminar. And at one point my finger stretches!! However, I am struggling to get up.

    Then Karim enters the room, and he keep interrupting me. Next a small Colombian girl comes in, and I start to mess around with her a bit, taking off her top. Then I realise it is a dream, looking at my hands and finding my index fingers having a funny branch mini finger!!

    It is a very high level of lucidity (4) as I remember so many things I want to do that I read about or heard of at the seminar. I am at the garden behind our house in Czech now. I want to fly different methods of flying. I want to try everything. I star waving my arms and it takes me up a little bit. Then I start kicking my legs, and I can feel much better acceleration, but its still very tough, and I think to myself "this is stupid, there must be a better way." So I just spread my arms and intend to fly, lean forward as I learned at the seminar... ... and to my surprise it works.... Then I just glide around over the top of the roofs and trees. At one point, I can see the roofs and antennas around our house.... gliding on them black and white trees. As I fly over the trees I can see a storm at the distance, I want to fly through, but I avoid it at the end. then I try to fly to the stars, but it is little boring as it seems like I am being still, since there are no objects around..... suddenly I notice red dots crossing the sky in different directions. I think to myself it must be satellites. I decide to fly back landing at our garden again.

    I want to try door teleportation too. There is a family of 3-4 having a barbecue at our garden. I don't wonder about it, and sneak around them to the garage. It has nice white door. I walk through, but it is just dark in there (as I did not intend anything behind). I think, damn this doesn't work, so I walk back outside. Now there is a bench a bunch of teenagers, some of them girls. I have dirty thoughts again, but then I remember to try press ups. So I walk away a bit and start doing press ups. I goes tough, but i am not getting tired. Suddenly some of them teenagers start pressing on my back... so I stop.

    Then I feel my hand is hurting. I know it is in reality as I remember falling asleep and having duvet held in that hand. I am thinking how to move my arm without waking up. Strangely I manage to merge these realities and a fix my arm to a better position.

    Now, I am worried that it is too late and that I will not hear my alarm! I am running around trying to find working clock and my phone.... then I force myself up as I don't want to be late... waking up at 6:12 when my alarm is set to 6:15!!!

    This was by far the most advanced and vivid lucid dream.

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