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    2 short lucids

    by , 12-17-2018 at 09:16 PM (214 Views)
    I'll make it short... I got lucid twice this night. One was from a wild and the other was from a dild.

    I did a wbtb, and shortly after fell asleep. I woke from the first dream, and was laying totally still. I tried wilding. Normally I don't wild, since I haven't had much luck with it. However this time, it worked. I felt like my hole body was a sleep, and I was focusing on my breathing and my throat area. Normally I start hearing weird noises when successfully wilding, however this time I started seen weird stuff. Images of random grey stuff appeared. And I knew it was time to wild. I have only had success once with directly entering a dream scape when wilding. Normally I just sit up in my bed and then RC. And that was also what i did this time. The content don't matter, since I was only lucid for about a minute....

    In the second dream, I got Šucod because I was waiting for a bus, but the bus didn't stop at the bus stop. I got lucid while driving a car, and thinking back on the bus incident. I tried flying through the windshield. But not after reality checking 3 times, just to be 100% certain I was dream lol. I went through the windshield, but woke up just after.

    Short lucids. But I'll take it. The recognition part in dilds are pretty cool. And wilding is definitely cool to. I will try entering a dreamscape next time, instead of sitting up in my bed.
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