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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. A vivid af lucid dream

      by , 12-02-2018 at 06:08 PM
      Notes: sooo I haven't gotten lucid for some time now, even though I thought I was coming closer and closer to a more consistent induction technique other than dild..... well tonight I got lucid using dild.... a lucid dream I said a lucid dream I guess lol

      Dream: the dream kinda started out in a climbing gym. I had been working (route setting) for the competition that was taking place in the gym. I remember a ton of my friends participating in the competition.
      Some time later, I find my self in a car. I was driving towards a town or something. (In real life i often RC while in my car , since I spend a lot of time driving. I often also think about what I would do if the RC would work some time lol). I RCed, since that what I normally do in my car. I didn't think much of the result of the RC. Ohh wait, didn't that RC just work??? I tried again and felt the air going through my nose (I did the nose plug RC). i got lucid!! (In waking life, I often thought that if I got lucid while driving, I would fly through the windshield or crash the car on purpose, just for the lolz) I though about flying, but didn't want to lol. So I parked the car. I actually just pulled the handbrake in the middle of the road hehe. I opened the car door and noticed I had my seatbelt on.i tried phasing through it. But it didn't work, so I just clicked my self out lol. I kept reminding myself that this was a dream, and rced a couple of times. I walked a minute or 2, towards this big house. (In my previous lucid dreams, the gravity has been weird, however in this one it was just as in waking life. Nice). I opened the front door of the house I was walking towards, and saw a big mirror in the entrance. I looked into the mirror to get a glimpse of my own reflection. I was wearing some kind of post apocalyptic clothes. And also I was wearing a fly mask / gas mask thing, and glasses. I couldn't feel all these head accessories on my face, so I just lolled and went into the next room. There were 2 dream characters in there. A woman with blond hair, and a girl with brown skin and hair. I said hi, and they said hi back. I went upstairs. And I woke up.......
      I rolled over on my left side, picked up my pen and dream journal and wanted to write down the lucid dream I just had. But I couldn't remember the dream I had had before the lucid dream. Wait.... the dream before my lucid dream, was SOOOOO vivid. I should be able to remember that dream lol... I woke up, rolled over on my left side, picked up my dream journal and wanted to write the lucid dream I just had... WAIT.... didn't I just do this??? Hahahha the FA got me good this time....

      Normally I tend to catch on to the FAs... but this time I didn't lol.
    2. Lucid twice in one night!! Leeets goooooo

      by , 11-18-2018 at 10:52 AM
      Ok.... So it's been a week or two since I wrote my last lucid dream on here. Since then I have been focusing on dream awareness, recall and vividness. I have been keeping a physical dream journal where I write notes about my dreams. And ONLY notes. Maybe only 2 sentences per dream. However I think my dreams through in detail after each dream. My dreams have gotten more vivid these last couple of weeks, so that's a good thing, since I think vividness will lead to better awareness, which then will lead to one self easier recognizing the dream state.
      On to the dreams!!! And by the way, I'm not gonna write then content of the dreams, only the details on how I got lucid and stabilized and so on.

      Well first dream was weird. I was watching something on my I pad in bed. I got emmersed in the content of the thing I was watching, and suddenly the content of the film was my reality. I couldn't feel the body I was just in. This weird feeling made me reality check, and I got lucid. I don't know how I reality checked, since I didn't have a body... Well I got lucid, and tried to control one of the characters in the movie I was watching. THE INSTANT a thought popped into my mind, the male character in the dream acted out the thought. Weird feeling, but I kept going. I got too emersed in the dream content and lost lucidity.... The second I lost lucidity I woke up...
      Interesting dream. I have never never NOT had a body while still being lucid. Well I need figure out how to stay in the dream and keep lucidity. In the past I kinda madenit a habit to just flow with the dream, however now it seems I lose lucidity when doing so, because I tend to get too emersed in the dream content. I went back to sleep with the intention of forcing a false awakening when I feel like I'm about to wake up. This has, in the past, helped me stay in the dream instead of waking up.

      Next dream!!!
      I can't remember the dream it self, however I remember the feeling of being just about to wake up. The second I felt that feeling, I forced a false awakening!!! (The way I do this is as following. Just before waking up from the dream, I tend to get one certain feeling. It kinda feels like I'm in the dream world, but I can vaguely feel my real body in my bed. Normally this indicates that the dream in unstable, and I'm about to wake up. In the past I have ALWAYS woken up after this feeling, so I wanted to figure out a solution to this. I came up with forcing a FA!! And for me, it works wonders!! When getting the feeling of waking up , I instantly sit up in my bed. I see it like forcing my self to instantly wake up. This night I kinda joltet myself awake) I woke up in my bed. RCed, and as always I was still in a dream!!! Success!!!!! The content of the dream is irrelevant. But they say I woke up was not. Yet again I got too emersed in the dream content, and lost lucidity and instantly woke up.

      SUCCESS!!!! The most important thing for me was that I got my old technique of forcing an FA to work!!!! I'll keep working on that technique and I'll keep notes of how I'm doing.

      The lucid dreams where in the timeframe 04:00-07:00.
      I drank applecider a couple hours before going to sleep.
    3. Zombie slashing and a quick lucid

      by , 11-04-2018 at 04:36 PM
      I'm kinda planning on not writing my non lucid dreams I this journal, but since I had 2 dreams tonight where one of them was a lucid, I'll put both in here.
      However, I did not write these 2 dreams down during the night, so I'll only put in some notes here.

      First dream, I was in a Arabic like city. I was traveling with a friend, and we were exploring the city. Suddenly we hear evacuation sounds, and people start fleeing. It turns out there was a zombie outbreak. I forgot something in a car, so I went to grab it. However the zombies caught up to me. Suddenly 3 super zombies appeared. The were wealding swords, and ran a sword fast as humans. I ran away, but one of the zombies eventually caught up with me, and slashed me up. I woke up.... awwwww

      The second dream I can't remember so well. However I remember how I got lucid. I was walking up some appartement stairs, and couldn't find the flat I was looking for. I randomly became lucid, since I knew I could just open a random door and it would lead me to where I wanted to go. I opened the door closest to me, and entered. I started feeling my real body, in my bed. I tried forcing a false awakening (I have had good experiences with forcing a false awakening when the lucid dream becomes unstable). However I just woke up.. my body felt heavy and it felt unreal. However I didn't bother RC..... was this really not a false awakening.. hmmmmm
    4. No lucids, but a very LONG and nice non-lucid

      by , 12-15-2013 at 12:31 PM
      The evening before going to sleep, I was at my dad's place having a GIGANTIC Christmas dinner. I ate like I never did before, and got home at around 23 o'clock. I set my alarm to 4am as usual. I didn't wake up at all the alarm, and it ended turning it totally off at around 6am because I couldn't commit to my lucid attempts, I guess because of all the foods in my stomach.. I had a great non lucids tho..
      non-lucid , side notes
    5. Only a little progress this night

      by , 12-14-2013 at 01:05 PM
      Tonight I didn't wake up every time my alarm went off. I had about 4 dreams, and I remember 2 of them.

      I didn't seem to commit totally to my DEILD attempts this night, I will try tomorrow night... However, at one point I did hallucinate a bit!! But I wasn't able to enter a dream.... Tonight is the night!! Let's hope..
      non-lucid , side notes
    6. 4 dream, 4 failures..

      by , 12-13-2013 at 08:04 AM
      This night my alarm clock auto-snoozed as it should. I woke 4 times, having 4 dream. Non of them lucid tho..

      All 4 times I woke without moving, and then trying to enter my dream being lucid... However, each time I tried, I just fell asleep..
      Once time, I actually tried to keep thinking "I know I'm just laying here.... Stay awake, stay awake". I fell asleep all the times tho..

      The good thing is: I can fall asleep easily. I can wake up in the night without moving.

      Improvement: I will have to find a way to enter the dream. Imo, DEILDs require only 3 skills/things to do. 1. Fall asleep. 2. Wake up without moving or opening your eyes. 3. ENTER the dream. Of course then you need to stay lucid stabilize and so on. But the 3 first steps are definitely the most important. It seems I have the 2 first down, now I need to enter the dream!!

      What I will try tomorrow night is different techniques to enter my dream.
      I will try to just form the dream environment shortly after I wake up.
      I will try to "wait it out" until hc kick in, sit up,and RC. Last time I WILDed, I experienced hc, sat up, and I was lucid. Let's try to recreate that!
      However, I'm more into creating the environment myself, would be more interesting. Let's see what's gonna happen tonight!
      side notes , non-lucid
    7. Not so productive night...

      by , 12-12-2013 at 07:09 AM
      Once again I went to bed late and had get up early. I recall fragments of 2 dreams, but they were not intersesting... I missed my dream sigh tho... Sad day.

      And once again I didn't wake properly from my alarm clock, because of the wrong settings... I'll do I properly tomorrow night. I'll set the alarm cock right, spot my dream sign, and do DEILD attempts at least 4-5 times. And go to bed earlier!!!!
      non-lucid , side notes
    8. First DEILD?

      by , 12-11-2013 at 06:19 AM
      I set my alarm to 5am, and it to snooze every half hour until 7am.
      I remember hearing the beeping sound from the alarm. I didn't move or open my eyes. I just had a dream where I was at my grand parents house and had some dinner or something. The other part of the dream I was a mecha robot about to rain pain onto some bad guys, I woke up here.
      I heard the alarm and woke up, completely still. I Knew I was awake, and tried to enter my previous dream. I tried to imagine the mecha dream before me, and tried to enter the dream.... I entered a dream.... At first it seemed I entered the dream successfully. In the dream, when I awoke, I was about to fight some guys, and I tried to imagine exactly that. For a second everything seemed like something out of an anime. It was like I was transforming into the mecha I was in the previous dream. I was ready to enter the dream lucid as fuck!!! Next thing I knew, I was non lucid, and just had a continuation of the mecha dream.... It was non lucid..... Dang. We'll I was close...

      Apparently i missed to auto-snooze alarms this night. At 5am and 5:30. We'll I guess I was super tired from being out late (was watching The Hobbit thing in the cinema). I went to bed at around 12am..... Dang I missed my DEILD opportunities because of that.. Was it worth it? I think so yeah

      What to do better:
      First of all I should try to get, in total, my 8hours of sleep. Today if everything went as planned, I would only have gotten a max of 7 hours sleep. Would it make a huge difference? Maybe..

      Next, I should increase the volume of my alarm, now that I missed 1hour of potential DEILDs because of that...

      I tried entering the dream through a door way. And after that, I lost lucidity... It's actually a bit strange how I just randomly lost. Lucidity after entering the dream.. I might read up on WILD and DEILD techniques to enter the previous dream...

      The good thing:
      I was super close! The night before this, I just stumbled back to sleep after a WBTB, but this time, I was actually close to succeeding.

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