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    Side Notes

    1. Twice lucid again lolz

      by , 12-12-2018 at 06:17 AM
      I got lucid twice tonight. I have been a bit stressed out all day, so I honestly thought I would just pass out when I went to bed. But on the contrary, I hit the lucid jackpot twice tonight. Again it was DILDs coming in clutch. You know I find them a bit like rolling the dice (up to chance if you catch onto the dream or not). Buuuuuttttt they seem more and more reliable lol. Well, both times I got lucid, it was by RCing in a dream bed. The first dream I was about to go to bed in a camp area, and the second dream I was about to go to bed in a hotel.
      I honestly forgot 90% of the first lucid dream, since I went straight back to sleep after it lol.... But the second lucid dream was vivid as fuck, and a couple of minutes long. The coolest thing was, that in the second lucid dream, I hit my head on a wall, real hard. And I expected to wake up, but I didn't. Then I thought to myself that the pain I felt, felt like it would in waking life. Interesting. The content of the dreams don't matter...
      But on a side note, whenever I ask dream characters for help, they seem to help me out lol. I like that hehe.

      Well.... Dilds saving the day(night) again 🤣
    2. Lucid - that random dild coming in handy

      by , 12-09-2018 at 08:08 AM
      Well I got lucid again. The dream was very vivid, and the feeling of it was very "real", just like I want it. Since I started up my lucid dreamning training agin (abut a month ish ago) I have had about 10 lucid dreams. Which I think is pretty decent, since 4 years ago when I was practicing lucid dreaming, I barely got lucid, and had a hard time stabilizing and controlling the dream. I guess I have come pretty far (compared to then). I feel like I get lucid a decent amount, so it's been easier for me to work with the stuff I wanted to. For an example one of my "lifetime goals" was just to do some physical training in a dream, and experiment with this. I already have been able to fulfill that goal lolz so that's nice. I will def come back to the physical training in dream, when my dream control, stability and lucid frequency (haha the amount I get lucid) gets better. Only a matter of time I guess?
      Well this lucid was the random dild I dislike. Normally I don't like these since the induction technique I feel is just like rolling dice. Either you are lucky or you aren't... well tonight I got lucky lol. And it felt good. It actually felt like this technique can have some consistency to it.
      Dream: I ant totally remember the dream, since I feel like I used up all my memory on remembering all the details of the lucid part, and trying to deild back into the lucid dream after I woke up... well I def remember I got lucid.
      Me and 2 friends from my climbing gym just got of a train, and onto the train station. I don't remember the city we were in. But I remember it definitely was not Scandinavia or Asia lol. We walked over a 2 laned road, and as we were walking a car came speeding by. We started running instead of walking, and barely made it across the road. While taking the last step across the road, I got very aware of everything. It was like everything kinda slowed down, and I had time to think and feel my body and surroundings. (I often do this in waking life to RC. I mean the focus and feeling part). While feeling my body I noticed how I jumped over the curb and gently landed on the soles of my feet on the sidewalk. I could feel the impact on my soles, and it felt "real". I Odis the nose plug RC and damn... i was dreaming! I looked in front of me, and my friend was standing there, all happy since we made it across the road without being run over lol. (I have always had problems with summoning stuff. People, items and surroundings, I have always had trouble controlling). It's always been a goal to summon/say hi to a friends in my dreams. But I have never been able to summon them, or go to a place where they were... so this time, I was aware of my past failings, and wanted to try something new, which I had tried once before in a dream. I asked my friend in the dream, if he knew where my other friend were. He looked around and pointed to a house nearby, and told me my friend was in there. He lead the way. We walked into this old house, and went up a flight of stairs and into a room upstairs. And sure enough my friend was there lol! We talked about training, as we always do lol. And my friends answers were pretty fking profound lol. I got exited about or conversation lol, and woke up!
      I didn't move as I woke up, since I wanted to deild back into the dream and continue the dream where it left off. I tried for some time, but I was too exited to fall back asleep.... dang. I def need to hear what these dream characters have to say haha.

      Well the way I got lucid wasn't as rng as it used to. Normally something strange happens, or dream characters talk about dreams, before I question my awareness. But this time I questioned my awareness just by myself. This is a step in the right direction I think. And a step towards making dilds more consistent and on MY terms.

      Nice! If you can't so the dream control (summoning friends or whatever) just let the dream characters so the work for you lol.
    3. Lucid twice again??

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:07 AM
      Sooooooo, last night was pretty wild. I'm still popping B6 every day, and meditating a decent amount (maybe once a day). Well, falling asleep I kept lucidity on my mind, and hoped for the random dild... You know I don't like depending on dilds.... I woke up at 12pm, that's 2 hours after I went to bed. And I was decently awake. I felt like I was getting sick. My throat was sore af, and every time I inhaled and exhaled, my throat would bother me. I tried wilding. And honestly I have always struggled with this induction technique.. well tonight was different!!!! As I was falling back asleep, I kept focusing on the slight bother in my throat. I kept breathing calmly and focused on making awareness and focusing on my breath. The bothersome feeling in my throat was suddenly gone. I couldn't move, and it felt like a blanket in the form of sleep itself was slowly put over my entire body. It felt like SP. So I took the opportunity to transition into a dream!! I "forced" myself to sit up in my bed (it felt almost impossible to do). I RCed, and I was in a dream!!!! I got up and walked towards the door to the entrance hall. My dog was laying i front of the door. He got up as I approached the door. As he walked past me I graced my hand through his fur. He felt just like in waking life lol. I went into the entrance hall, the lights were off. I flipped the switch but the lights didn't turn on. I jumped up to the lightbulb and snapped my fingers to make it light up. It didn't lol. I walked into the next room, and found my brother and his family sleeping. They were also sleeping in two other rooms lol. I felt like I was waking up from the dream. I woke up.

      Good dream!!! VERY VIVID!!!! the gravity was a bit off , but all in all it was good. But short. Ohh well I wilded!!!!! I'll try to keep this feeling in my memory, so I might be able to do it once again 👍👍

      Later that night I had trouble falling back asleep. But eventually I did fall asleep. I had a VERY VIVID dream. The dream content is irrelevant. But the fact that I was semi lucid is not!!! Well... The entire dream I knew I was dreaming. And a dream character also had realised she was dreaming... I even talked to some dream characters about this dream, and that I had been in this dream for at least 20 minutes. But I was never REALLY lucid. It was a weird feeling.... A feeling of lucidity and forgetfullness at the same time.... I woke up...

      Productive night!!!! Good to have a wild, but a bit frustrating to only be semi lucid in the other dream.... Let's make it happen tomorrow night
    4. A vivid af lucid dream

      by , 12-02-2018 at 06:08 PM
      Notes: sooo I haven't gotten lucid for some time now, even though I thought I was coming closer and closer to a more consistent induction technique other than dild..... well tonight I got lucid using dild.... a lucid dream I said a lucid dream I guess lol

      Dream: the dream kinda started out in a climbing gym. I had been working (route setting) for the competition that was taking place in the gym. I remember a ton of my friends participating in the competition.
      Some time later, I find my self in a car. I was driving towards a town or something. (In real life i often RC while in my car , since I spend a lot of time driving. I often also think about what I would do if the RC would work some time lol). I RCed, since that what I normally do in my car. I didn't think much of the result of the RC. Ohh wait, didn't that RC just work??? I tried again and felt the air going through my nose (I did the nose plug RC). i got lucid!! (In waking life, I often thought that if I got lucid while driving, I would fly through the windshield or crash the car on purpose, just for the lolz) I though about flying, but didn't want to lol. So I parked the car. I actually just pulled the handbrake in the middle of the road hehe. I opened the car door and noticed I had my seatbelt on.i tried phasing through it. But it didn't work, so I just clicked my self out lol. I kept reminding myself that this was a dream, and rced a couple of times. I walked a minute or 2, towards this big house. (In my previous lucid dreams, the gravity has been weird, however in this one it was just as in waking life. Nice). I opened the front door of the house I was walking towards, and saw a big mirror in the entrance. I looked into the mirror to get a glimpse of my own reflection. I was wearing some kind of post apocalyptic clothes. And also I was wearing a fly mask / gas mask thing, and glasses. I couldn't feel all these head accessories on my face, so I just lolled and went into the next room. There were 2 dream characters in there. A woman with blond hair, and a girl with brown skin and hair. I said hi, and they said hi back. I went upstairs. And I woke up.......
      I rolled over on my left side, picked up my pen and dream journal and wanted to write down the lucid dream I just had. But I couldn't remember the dream I had had before the lucid dream. Wait.... the dream before my lucid dream, was SOOOOO vivid. I should be able to remember that dream lol... I woke up, rolled over on my left side, picked up my dream journal and wanted to write the lucid dream I just had... WAIT.... didn't I just do this??? Hahahha the FA got me good this time....

      Normally I tend to catch on to the FAs... but this time I didn't lol.
    5. Lucid from FA

      by , 11-25-2018 at 09:37 AM
      Notes: tonight was pretty great. I had about 5 really vivid dreams, including a FA where I got lucid. After starting popping some B6 vitamins, the vividness of my dreams realy seems to have increased. Might be the B6 working, or it might be random I dunno. I know I'm gonna keep popping em 🤣

      Dream: I remember waking up from a dream. My wife was still laying in bed, but she acted a bit weird. Ohh well I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was passing the front door, I saw I wasnt locked. I remember I locked the door before going to bed, so I RCed. I instantly got lucid! Well that was easy I thought to myself 🤣 I went into the living room and wanted to walk through the window, so I could get outside. I kinda got stuck in the window hehehe..... . My wife (in real life) turned around in bed, and she bumped into me, so I woke up......

      Dang it!!! The lucid dream felt soooo vivid. And it felt really stable too. And also, the gravity in the dream seemed normal. That would have been fun to work with.. ohh well, I'll get em tomorrow.
    6. Lucid again !! Yaaaas

      by , 11-22-2018 at 08:11 AM
      I have been recognizing the dream state a bit easier than usual. My dream self kinda randomly tells myself that this is a dream and it feels like a dream.
      Tonight this same thing happened 👍
      Notes: I have been popping B6 vitamins these last couple of days. Meditating every day. During the day I'm focusing of the feeling of the awake world, so I would be able to distinguish it from the dream world.
      This night I was beat from work, so I fell asleep just wanting to sleep. So no mantras no intension no nothing. However i still got lucid 💪

      Dream: the dream was decently long. The way I got lucid was decently interesting. The dreams villain, a Dracula looking guy, went around killing a bunch of people on the city I was in. I randomly bumped into the guy, but knew he couldn't hurt me since this was just a dream. I got lucid. The Dracula guy slashed his knife at me.i stepped back a couple of steps, and put my hand on his shoulder, and told him to leave me alone, and go do his thing some other place. He looked confused, but took my advice and turned around and walked away. I noticed that the gravity was a bit more like normal gravity. I tried flying, but it was more like floating. While in the air, I tried shooting webs. It worked and swung to the nearest building. I wanted to test, yet again, if I was able to do my finger strength training. I did a couple of hangs on the building edge. I started feeling the pump, and then stopped. NICE!!! I might be able to work with this!!
      The building I was hanging from, didn't have a roof.itwas more like a scouting tower than an actual building. I noticed there being a bunch of text on the walls of this tower. Can't remember the text but it said something about a children's shooting that had happened in the city. The tower was loaded with sooo many firearms. Suddenly I heard some of the citizens yell at me, that I was the shooter from back then, and that I was naked? I looked at my body, and sure enough, I was naked..... The dream characters started chasing me down. I swing away from the tower, towards some trees and a beach. While mid swing, a Spiderman like character surprised me from behind. I dodged his attack and shot my webs at him and kinda whipped him / slammed him into the ground. While escaping I lost lucidity and woke up

      Yet again me getting to emersed in the dream content and waking up. When will I learn???
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    7. Lucid using my own induction technique?!

      by , 11-21-2018 at 06:10 AM
      I got lucid tonight, using my new induction technique!!!
      Last time I got lucid, I kinda joltet my self into a false awakening. It worked last time, but I couldn't remember the dream before I got lucid. Well tonight I do!! I went to sleep with the intention of recognizing the feeling I have BEFORE I wake up, and then force a false awakening.

      I had a dream where I was fighting with my wife. I ended up going to sleep. The dream started at a party (goth themed apparently..) after the party on my way home, I was walking through a random neighborhood. I remembered I had to be ready for the waking up feeling, since this was a dream. I recognized the dream feeling and BAM, I got lucid. I Raced for good measure, and sure enough I was in a dream. I wanted to do something weird, Soni tried spewing fire. I couldn't do it.... Ohh well. I remembered I wanted to try some physical training in my dreams. So I tried doing fibgerstrenght training (for rock climbing). The gravity was not normal, so I couldn't even hang from my fingertips.... Well I tried. I tried jumping, shooting webs and running. Everything was super hard, since the gravity weird.. I woke up after, what seemed like a couple of minutes.

      My intensions ledr to me actually becoming lucid. So my induction technique kinda worked? Buuuuttttt.... I'm back to working with the gravity and basic dream control shit.... I'll get the....
    8. Lucid twice in one night!! Leeets goooooo

      by , 11-18-2018 at 10:52 AM
      Ok.... So it's been a week or two since I wrote my last lucid dream on here. Since then I have been focusing on dream awareness, recall and vividness. I have been keeping a physical dream journal where I write notes about my dreams. And ONLY notes. Maybe only 2 sentences per dream. However I think my dreams through in detail after each dream. My dreams have gotten more vivid these last couple of weeks, so that's a good thing, since I think vividness will lead to better awareness, which then will lead to one self easier recognizing the dream state.
      On to the dreams!!! And by the way, I'm not gonna write then content of the dreams, only the details on how I got lucid and stabilized and so on.

      Well first dream was weird. I was watching something on my I pad in bed. I got emmersed in the content of the thing I was watching, and suddenly the content of the film was my reality. I couldn't feel the body I was just in. This weird feeling made me reality check, and I got lucid. I don't know how I reality checked, since I didn't have a body... Well I got lucid, and tried to control one of the characters in the movie I was watching. THE INSTANT a thought popped into my mind, the male character in the dream acted out the thought. Weird feeling, but I kept going. I got too emersed in the dream content and lost lucidity.... The second I lost lucidity I woke up...
      Interesting dream. I have never never NOT had a body while still being lucid. Well I need figure out how to stay in the dream and keep lucidity. In the past I kinda madenit a habit to just flow with the dream, however now it seems I lose lucidity when doing so, because I tend to get too emersed in the dream content. I went back to sleep with the intention of forcing a false awakening when I feel like I'm about to wake up. This has, in the past, helped me stay in the dream instead of waking up.

      Next dream!!!
      I can't remember the dream it self, however I remember the feeling of being just about to wake up. The second I felt that feeling, I forced a false awakening!!! (The way I do this is as following. Just before waking up from the dream, I tend to get one certain feeling. It kinda feels like I'm in the dream world, but I can vaguely feel my real body in my bed. Normally this indicates that the dream in unstable, and I'm about to wake up. In the past I have ALWAYS woken up after this feeling, so I wanted to figure out a solution to this. I came up with forcing a FA!! And for me, it works wonders!! When getting the feeling of waking up , I instantly sit up in my bed. I see it like forcing my self to instantly wake up. This night I kinda joltet myself awake) I woke up in my bed. RCed, and as always I was still in a dream!!! Success!!!!! The content of the dream is irrelevant. But they say I woke up was not. Yet again I got too emersed in the dream content, and lost lucidity and instantly woke up.

      SUCCESS!!!! The most important thing for me was that I got my old technique of forcing an FA to work!!!! I'll keep working on that technique and I'll keep notes of how I'm doing.

      The lucid dreams where in the timeframe 04:00-07:00.
      I drank applecider a couple hours before going to sleep.
    9. DEILD once again

      by , 01-21-2014 at 10:19 AM
      I got lucid tonight. The lucid dream itself was decent. I flew a bit, and I tried telekinesis, but with no luck. I find it sooo hard to actually do telekinesis.... Next time I'm gonna try a different technique.
      The interesting thing about my lucid this night, was not the lucid dream itself, it was the way I got the lucid. I was in a dream, and I forced myself to wake up. When I woke up, I didn't bother to RC or open my eyes or move, I just imagined a dream scenario in front of me, and the image slowly got clearer and clearer, and boom. I was in a dream, lucid and all. Maybe I will try this DEILD technique again tonight if I have the energy.
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    10. Quick lucid

      by , 01-16-2014 at 07:37 AM
      I got lucid this night again. The way I happened was really smooth and easy. And I guess it seems like it was a DEILD. I'll explain.

      I had a pretty nice dream at first.it was about parkour and relationships with girls and a dog. I suddenly felt like I was about to wake up from the dream. I could feel me real body I my bed. I could feel the sheet of my bed, and the covers. I'd idnt panic, I tried to stay in the dream. Or maybe not stay in the dream, I kinda just went with what my mind wanted to do. It went like this.

      I was standing outside with a little crowd pele from my dream. There was a dog, who later in that dream had been a girl, my brother, and some other arkose guys. The crowd of people got bigger, and suddenly there were a couple of hundred people. I felt someone grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the crowd. I heard a loud voice say from a microphone, that I was gonna go see Ellen From The Ellen show. I felt like waking up. Being half asleep and half awake (I immediately recognized this feeling), I tried to relax and STAY in the dream. While still feeling my real body in my bed I forced myself to think about the plot of the dream. I imagined me being dragged away to see Ellen, and I kept doing that, until my thoughts got clear. The scene of me trying to find Ellen, got suuuuuper clear, and i could no longer feel my real body. I got lucid instantly, and did a RC just to make sure. I was in a room with Ellen, I turned around and the next thing I knew, she was gone. Well, I went out of the room and went through an open window. There were loads of snow outside, and the dream characters were all dressed in Santa clothes. I didn't mind any of them. I flew onto a small rooftop to get a overview, all whilst think what to do. I tried to remember what goals I had set in real life for my next lucid.i couldn't remember. I saw a dream character fly around with a big red umbrella. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to grow wings and fly only using them. I ripped my jacket and shirt of, and tried to grow wings. I remember bending myself forward and looking to my self side, at my shadow on the ground. I could see big wings grow from my back.
      Boom, my alarm clock went of and I woke up.. Nice! I remembered some of my goal. Next time is telekinesis and manipulating matter!
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    11. It's been a loooong time since last entry

      by , 01-10-2014 at 07:29 AM
      I haven't been writing any DJ entries for quiet s one time now, mainly because of lack of lucids, lack of wifi and because I have been lazy... However tonight, I had 2 lucids in a row. I m not gonna write it down, because I have to go to work soon. But both were DILDs. And the last one was a false awakening.
      The first one was the longest and clearest lucid I have ever had! But me dream control, such as flying a spend such, SUCKED. I couldn't fly, but I could move freely, like in the real world.

      The second lucid, I woke up in my bedroom with my gf next to me. I tried to change the scenery by swiping 4 fingers from right to left, like you do on an iPhone or iPad. It partially worked, however after some tries, I ended up in the bedroom anyways.

      Good lucids!!!!!!


      In my first dream, I actually tried to RC before I got lucid. But my RC somehow failed.it might have been because I was rcing while I was on a REALLY big water slide. I was at a water park with my gf and some friends. After trying out the water slide, I went to my friends. When I got to them, one of them were hitting on this hot Brazilian woman. He failed big time and she was about to leave. I just got there in time. I told him he could do what ever he wanted with her, since this is a dream. Boom I became lucid, and did a RC just to make sure. i didn't want to waste my lucid on a girl, so I exited the water park through a couple of big yellow exit doors. I got outside and tried moving like I do in real life, while waiting to wake up. I didn't wake up, and I was able to move freely. I saw some guys training parkour. I went to them and tried flying also. I couldn't fly properly though... Bad dream control.
      This was the longest lucid I have had, but I can't remember tall the details, because it's from around 4-5am, and it's 8am right now..

      After this, I think I had a false awakening. I woke up in my bedroom, with my gf next to me. She started turning in the bed, while moaning a bit. I thought she acted weird, and the feeling I had in my body was a bit different too. I tried to RC and it worked. i got lucid. The first thing I wanted to mod, was to get out of bed. But this time I tried something different. I swiped 4 fingers from right to left, like on an iPad, to try to change the scenery. I partially worked, and the scenery did change, but after some tries I ended up in my bedroom with a iPhone in my hands... I kinda panicked and felt I was waking up. I woke up.

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    12. First DILD in a long time

      by , 12-17-2013 at 04:37 AM
      It's the middle of the night, and I just woke from a very short DILD. I didn't RC, bu I realized it was a dream, moved around, and woke up,
      The dream I was having, I was chasing a tiny pig, with my girlfriend. We were trying to catch it. When it suddenly grew to a full grown boar. I said, we'll lets hope you can't get injured/cuts from its fangs... My gf replied, not in a dream like this you can't. Boom lucid, boom awake...

      Progress, however now I can't sleep.. But good progress non the less.
      I wouldn't count this tommy lucid amount, because it was so short.

      After this lucid I couldn't sleep, so I went to the fridge to get some apple juice. I actually bought the juice for the sole purpose of increasing the vividness of my dreams (I read on the forum that Apple juice will increase the vividness of your dreams). I had a bit of trouble falling asleep, but eventually I did.i had a super vivid and long non-lucid.

      My dream starts out with a guy from work,p. he is following me, and after some time, he pulls a gun on me. As he stands there, I'm thinking what I should do. Before I make my decision of trying to tackle him and grabbing the gun, he goes to his knees and hands me the gun, while saying, shoot me. I grab the gun, and realizes its a soft ball gun. I tried to shoot for the lolz, but the trigger is not working.
      Next thing I saw this parkour team, Team Jiyo, shooting a fighting scene at a parkour park they build themselves. (Right now I could go in detail about all of this, including the parkour park itself, and the entire dream, but I won't).
      Later withe dream, I was riding my bicycle down this mountain road, leading to a big beach house. The road was made of sand, and cars were driving up and down the roads. As I reached the beach house, so did loads of other people. Everything was soooo fking vivid!! As I was about to enter the beach house with my bike. A kind girl helped me out, with lifting the front of my bike. I thought to myself, yeah ok it's only a dream. Boom!!! I was lucid. I didn't RC or anything, I just followed the flow of the dream. She let go of the bike just as I got lucid. I biked it up myself and carried it into the next room. I remember steering the bike as I do in real life. Nice feeling of lucidity! I spotted my girlfriend in the crowd of people entering the beach house. The vividness was unreal! After putting my bike down on the ground, I went to socialize with the dream characters. Boom I woke up, because of my girlfriends alarm clock.

      She had forgotten to turn of her alarm, even though she don't have to get to school before 10.30...
      yessss more progress! And maybe I have the apple juice to blame?! It was a short lucid, but a vivid and nice lucid! This one definitely counts! I felt like I could keep staying lucid in that dream for so much longer. 2 DILDs in a row, but no RC.
      its not like I don't need to RC, I have been lucid many times before (not only the 12 times that my profile says) but the problem has always been stabilizing the dream.
      I have been into lucid dreaming for about a week now, but a couple of years ago I was also trying out lucid dreaming. 2-3 years ago I tried out lucid dreaming. Back then had many lucids, but almost ALL of them were very short. And I woke up right after realizing I was dreaming. I tried all kinds of stabilization. Rubbing your hands, spinning, looking for detail. Everything made me wake up. Until I just said fuck it, and when I got lucid, I just followed the flow of the without stabilizing or anything fancy, and I was lucid for longer than ever! Best advice to noobs like me, who have trouble stabilizing is: go with the flow of the dream, no stabilizing.
      I think for me, whenever I was stabilizing, I was actually breaking down the dream because I was focusing too much on the dream NOT to fade, then it fades... Go with the flow!

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    13. No lucids, but a very LONG and nice non-lucid

      by , 12-15-2013 at 12:31 PM
      The evening before going to sleep, I was at my dad's place having a GIGANTIC Christmas dinner. I ate like I never did before, and got home at around 23 o'clock. I set my alarm to 4am as usual. I didn't wake up at all the alarm, and it ended turning it totally off at around 6am because I couldn't commit to my lucid attempts, I guess because of all the foods in my stomach.. I had a great non lucids tho..
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    14. Only a little progress this night

      by , 12-14-2013 at 01:05 PM
      Tonight I didn't wake up every time my alarm went off. I had about 4 dreams, and I remember 2 of them.

      I didn't seem to commit totally to my DEILD attempts this night, I will try tomorrow night... However, at one point I did hallucinate a bit!! But I wasn't able to enter a dream.... Tonight is the night!! Let's hope..
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    15. 4 dream, 4 failures..

      by , 12-13-2013 at 08:04 AM
      This night my alarm clock auto-snoozed as it should. I woke 4 times, having 4 dream. Non of them lucid tho..

      All 4 times I woke without moving, and then trying to enter my dream being lucid... However, each time I tried, I just fell asleep..
      Once time, I actually tried to keep thinking "I know I'm just laying here.... Stay awake, stay awake". I fell asleep all the times tho..

      The good thing is: I can fall asleep easily. I can wake up in the night without moving.

      Improvement: I will have to find a way to enter the dream. Imo, DEILDs require only 3 skills/things to do. 1. Fall asleep. 2. Wake up without moving or opening your eyes. 3. ENTER the dream. Of course then you need to stay lucid stabilize and so on. But the 3 first steps are definitely the most important. It seems I have the 2 first down, now I need to enter the dream!!

      What I will try tomorrow night is different techniques to enter my dream.
      I will try to just form the dream environment shortly after I wake up.
      I will try to "wait it out" until hc kick in, sit up,and RC. Last time I WILDed, I experienced hc, sat up, and I was lucid. Let's try to recreate that!
      However, I'm more into creating the environment myself, would be more interesting. Let's see what's gonna happen tonight!
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