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    4 dream, 4 failures..

    by , 12-13-2013 at 08:04 AM (301 Views)
    This night my alarm clock auto-snoozed as it should. I woke 4 times, having 4 dream. Non of them lucid tho..

    All 4 times I woke without moving, and then trying to enter my dream being lucid... However, each time I tried, I just fell asleep..
    Once time, I actually tried to keep thinking "I know I'm just laying here.... Stay awake, stay awake". I fell asleep all the times tho..

    The good thing is: I can fall asleep easily. I can wake up in the night without moving.

    Improvement: I will have to find a way to enter the dream. Imo, DEILDs require only 3 skills/things to do. 1. Fall asleep. 2. Wake up without moving or opening your eyes. 3. ENTER the dream. Of course then you need to stay lucid stabilize and so on. But the 3 first steps are definitely the most important. It seems I have the 2 first down, now I need to enter the dream!!

    What I will try tomorrow night is different techniques to enter my dream.
    I will try to just form the dream environment shortly after I wake up.
    I will try to "wait it out" until hc kick in, sit up,and RC. Last time I WILDed, I experienced hc, sat up, and I was lucid. Let's try to recreate that!
    However, I'm more into creating the environment myself, would be more interesting. Let's see what's gonna happen tonight!

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