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    First DEILD?

    by , 12-11-2013 at 06:19 AM (344 Views)
    I set my alarm to 5am, and it to snooze every half hour until 7am.
    I remember hearing the beeping sound from the alarm. I didn't move or open my eyes. I just had a dream where I was at my grand parents house and had some dinner or something. The other part of the dream I was a mecha robot about to rain pain onto some bad guys, I woke up here.
    I heard the alarm and woke up, completely still. I Knew I was awake, and tried to enter my previous dream. I tried to imagine the mecha dream before me, and tried to enter the dream.... I entered a dream.... At first it seemed I entered the dream successfully. In the dream, when I awoke, I was about to fight some guys, and I tried to imagine exactly that. For a second everything seemed like something out of an anime. It was like I was transforming into the mecha I was in the previous dream. I was ready to enter the dream lucid as fuck!!! Next thing I knew, I was non lucid, and just had a continuation of the mecha dream.... It was non lucid..... Dang. We'll I was close...

    Apparently i missed to auto-snooze alarms this night. At 5am and 5:30. We'll I guess I was super tired from being out late (was watching The Hobbit thing in the cinema). I went to bed at around 12am..... Dang I missed my DEILD opportunities because of that.. Was it worth it? I think so yeah

    What to do better:
    First of all I should try to get, in total, my 8hours of sleep. Today if everything went as planned, I would only have gotten a max of 7 hours sleep. Would it make a huge difference? Maybe..

    Next, I should increase the volume of my alarm, now that I missed 1hour of potential DEILDs because of that...

    I tried entering the dream through a door way. And after that, I lost lucidity... It's actually a bit strange how I just randomly lost. Lucidity after entering the dream.. I might read up on WILD and DEILD techniques to enter the previous dream...

    The good thing:
    I was super close! The night before this, I just stumbled back to sleep after a WBTB, but this time, I was actually close to succeeding.

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