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    Lucid again !! Yaaaas

    by , 11-22-2018 at 08:11 AM (473 Views)
    I have been recognizing the dream state a bit easier than usual. My dream self kinda randomly tells myself that this is a dream and it feels like a dream.
    Tonight this same thing happened 👍
    Notes: I have been popping B6 vitamins these last couple of days. Meditating every day. During the day I'm focusing of the feeling of the awake world, so I would be able to distinguish it from the dream world.
    This night I was beat from work, so I fell asleep just wanting to sleep. So no mantras no intension no nothing. However i still got lucid 💪

    Dream: the dream was decently long. The way I got lucid was decently interesting. The dreams villain, a Dracula looking guy, went around killing a bunch of people on the city I was in. I randomly bumped into the guy, but knew he couldn't hurt me since this was just a dream. I got lucid. The Dracula guy slashed his knife at me.i stepped back a couple of steps, and put my hand on his shoulder, and told him to leave me alone, and go do his thing some other place. He looked confused, but took my advice and turned around and walked away. I noticed that the gravity was a bit more like normal gravity. I tried flying, but it was more like floating. While in the air, I tried shooting webs. It worked and swung to the nearest building. I wanted to test, yet again, if I was able to do my finger strength training. I did a couple of hangs on the building edge. I started feeling the pump, and then stopped. NICE!!! I might be able to work with this!!
    The building I was hanging from, didn't have a roof.itwas more like a scouting tower than an actual building. I noticed there being a bunch of text on the walls of this tower. Can't remember the text but it said something about a children's shooting that had happened in the city. The tower was loaded with sooo many firearms. Suddenly I heard some of the citizens yell at me, that I was the shooter from back then, and that I was naked? I looked at my body, and sure enough, I was naked..... The dream characters started chasing me down. I swing away from the tower, towards some trees and a beach. While mid swing, a Spiderman like character surprised me from behind. I dodged his attack and shot my webs at him and kinda whipped him / slammed him into the ground. While escaping I lost lucidity and woke up

    Yet again me getting to emersed in the dream content and waking up. When will I learn???
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    1. ZAD's Avatar
      I've been searching for cool dream goals to take up since I was able to have a few lightsaber fights a while back. Spiderman powers are definitely on my list after reading this! Also this seemed like a nice long LD. Nice one