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    Lucid using my own induction technique?!

    by , 11-21-2018 at 06:10 AM (364 Views)
    I got lucid tonight, using my new induction technique!!!
    Last time I got lucid, I kinda joltet my self into a false awakening. It worked last time, but I couldn't remember the dream before I got lucid. Well tonight I do!! I went to sleep with the intention of recognizing the feeling I have BEFORE I wake up, and then force a false awakening.

    I had a dream where I was fighting with my wife. I ended up going to sleep. The dream started at a party (goth themed apparently..) after the party on my way home, I was walking through a random neighborhood. I remembered I had to be ready for the waking up feeling, since this was a dream. I recognized the dream feeling and BAM, I got lucid. I Raced for good measure, and sure enough I was in a dream. I wanted to do something weird, Soni tried spewing fire. I couldn't do it.... Ohh well. I remembered I wanted to try some physical training in my dreams. So I tried doing fibgerstrenght training (for rock climbing). The gravity was not normal, so I couldn't even hang from my fingertips.... Well I tried. I tried jumping, shooting webs and running. Everything was super hard, since the gravity weird.. I woke up after, what seemed like a couple of minutes.

    My intensions ledr to me actually becoming lucid. So my induction technique kinda worked? Buuuuttttt.... I'm back to working with the gravity and basic dream control shit.... I'll get the....

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