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    1. Leaving to the island

      by , 10-23-2017 at 04:14 PM
      I went with my brother to the island. It had a resort on it, and in the resort we had a room in the forest. The room was shared with two sisters, one of them a famous movie director and movie star. I was openly flattering her, which she could hear through the trees seperating our sections. It was a pretty funny thing to do.

      The island had real forest on it too. I went exploring and found all kinds of strange species of bugs, spiders that looked like plants and rocks, and other strange things.

      The last thing I saw was the richest guy on the island. He was in possession of a massive car collection. I envied him. Then I woke up.
    2. Kingdom of Cities

      by , 10-09-2017 at 04:05 PM
      A wonderful dream. A place filled with big rich cities and the time to explore them. I found a girl and we went forth togethher, trying different foods and languages. I swam in the ocean and tried different things.
    3. Birthday

      by , 10-06-2017 at 04:56 PM
      It was my mom's birthday, and everyone was invited to the cottage. I was hanging with some old staff from work and watching the ceremonies when I found a table sponsored by Lindor. I ate like 50 chocolate bars, then flew to my room to stash the rest. So good.
    4. My #1 Fan

      by , 10-05-2017 at 03:44 PM
      So I was nearing the end of a long dream that was pretty much the usual, involving a lot of travelling around the city with girls and friends, when I went through my old neighborhood. I looked at the metal guard rail and on the other side of it in the grass were a bunch of Beachmans. What the hell? They were all different shapes and sizes, with one of them being comically giant. Who had done this?

      Suddenly, the door across the road opened up, and out came Conan Obrien. What!? I hug him and go in the house and meet his wife, who is a total fox. We talk for a long time about them and his family asks me all sorts of questions. They were my #1 fans.. so weird.
    5. Brainwashed society

      by , 10-02-2017 at 03:56 PM
      There was a girl that I knew who was part of a deeply hidden cult. The cult existed in the underground of london, where the people spent most of their time. They were told that everything the world said, the media said, their friends said was a lie to trick them into going to hell. They lived in these underground complexes and did everything on the schedule of the controllers. Babies, food, everything. Very much like that movie "The Island".

      I convinced a girl to switch to my side, and she would report to me every night. By the end I got her mom and dad too. I can't remember what kind of proof I used to switch them over after a lifetime of believing this stuff but they did it.

      The side plot of this was tha when they were in the bunkers I was either playing a new star wars battlefront game (like IV or V) and having epic space battles where Jeremy Moore was killing it in the online standings, or I was with Holly slowly uncovering a conspiracy about how instagram was going to use halloween to scan everyone's faces from their costume selfies.
    6. NSFW Near Absolute Control

      by , 07-28-2017 at 06:51 PM
      I feel like I dreamt for 20 hours last night.

      I'll skip past all that right to the lucid bit.

      I was at a super fancy restaurant where two famous actresses were about to eat. I sat myself and some friend with me right at their spot. They joined us, and slowly the table began to fill with all my friends and they were gone. I was talking to them when this weird purple filter came over my vision. I turned to talk to vic next to me, but when he responded our bodies didn't move, it was a conversation between our souls. I was astral projecting within a dream. I freaked out and snapped back in my body and explained to my friends what was possible, still thinking I was in reality. The restaurant had an open wall to the sidewalk, so I walked out to the road and lay down, wanting to show them a car drive right through me. However, I wasn't sure if I was projecting or in my real body so I chickened out and lay next to where the cars drove. This was a hyperrealistic moment, when an SUV passed me and all my survival instincts kicked in, I was hyper present for that moment and it felt like reality.

      I went back to the table, and I guess I realized I was dreaming because I just assumed control. I changed the restaurant into a private jet by snapping my fingers. There were still some tables of people left over that were right in the aisle when I made the change, so I just shoved them out and dissapeared them as well. Now it was just my friends and me on the plane, and a weird gangster in the back. He looked like a young 50 cent and tried to make a sexual advance on me, then told me he would kill me. right in front of everyone.

      "There are always guys like this in my dreams. I guess it's the part of my brain that I can't turn off that makes me think every girl in real life is hitting on me." Good self-diagnosis sleep-me. I send that character to the front of the plane and curse him to stay in that position.

      We have a long chat on the plane when I suddenly get a text from this girl that I've been holding out on IRL, and my control snapped away. She started sending me pics of her in an orgy, covered in lovers, to get back at me for not replying to her texts and make me jealous. I felt such a weird betrayal , she just kept sending these pics one after another. Then my alarm went off.

      I have a date with this girl today and my dreams have left me with some fucked images of her.... life is so strange.
      lucid , memorable
    7. Elected Mayor

      by , 07-12-2017 at 03:41 PM
      My first dream was really cool. I went through a haunted house where there were little kids telling me my 401k would empty out over night and my taxes would go up by 10% without warning which was hilarious and cute.
      When I got out, I was with a friend of mine who was a combination of a bunch of different guys. Outside, a storm struck. There was a sandbox with 2 foot high wooden walls nearby, so we jumped in. The storm was like a class 10 fury hurricane, you could not see more than 2 inches from your face because of the intensely thick mist caused by the rain and the 100mph wind. What an experience it was huddled in this little box, completely open to the elements with just a raincoat on. I survived no problem.

      In dream #2, I was elected mayor, or maybe even prime minister I wasn't sure. I had become very popular in town for being the young cool guy running for office, and then a miraculous moment happened. North Korea elected to have peace talks, and they sent a young woman. And my nation sent me. We met in a glass building in the middle of a plaza downtown so everyone could watch. So what did I do? Show up with a giant fuzzy red hat on, and requested to her privately that she wore a hat that made you look like a squirrel. Wen we sat down, we traded fuzzy hats, and the world went mad. Instant overnight celebrity. I was elected leader of the nation, and suddenly was dealing with the parties. Of course I started working directly with the hard left party, circumventing how shittily run and hopelessly clueless they are and just enacting the policies that made sense. And then I woke up.
    8. The battle of the Bridge

      by , 06-15-2017 at 05:00 PM
      This is the kind of dream that was so amazing, at the end of it, fully oblivious of being in a dream state, I looked back upon what had just happened, and exclaimed that it had quite truly been the best day of my life. So here goes the story:

      We open up behind a boulder. I hide here with my colleague, although I have no idea who they are. In front of us lies a great canyon, and spanning it a massive bridge. This bridge leads to our capital city and it is the key point of our defence. And then we hear it. The noise we had all been dreading. From behind the rock, we suddenly see something truly awe inspiring. A massive seafaring vessel, 450 feet long and styled as a private yacht rolls up on a wheeled contraption and smashes into the near side of the bridge. Thousands upon thousands of Chinese stealth soldiers pour out of its belly and stream across the canyon floor. Above them, the vessel unloaded vehicles that attempted to break through the defences on the bridge itself. As we hid behind the rock, we watched our countrymen begin their valiant defence.

      While behind the rocks, I saw purple energy generators all over the ship beginning to boot up. I immediately knew that they were about to generate a field around the entire battle that would allow space to be manipulated. As they booted up, I focused on a spaghetti noodle on the ground and managed to pick it up and snap it even in the weak, pre-boot field that hung in the air. The soldiers stormed and stormed toward the opposite end of the canyon, a seemingly endless mass pouring from the belly of the beastly ship. As the field booted up, the men all raised off the ground, floating along in one giant formation right at the bottom of the bridge. They had the height advantage but were suddenly set up like pigs in the slaughter. As one last man ran toward them and floated up, I told my Lieutenant to watch. I focused everything on wrenching that man from the air and slamming him on the ground, but all I managed was to wobble his flight path and cause him to drop from the field and land on his rump, to the amusement of all the waiting soldiers who were too far from the battle to care.

      And then, the moment I have waited for arrives. The opposing commander, a girl of a darker complexion than the soldiers and dressed in black commando garb comes out of the ship. She wields a pink beam, like a lightsaber that is flat and wide and comes out of a pistol grip. In this moment I remembered that I had stolen a similar device from one of her guards another day, and it was in my gear. The only problem was that I had no power cells. All I had was my Lenovo laptop, the greatest piece of shit the world of computers has ever seen. But I knew she would have just enough juice. Quickly, I rigged the grip to the bottom of the computer and wired it up to the battery. When she came near the rock, I hit the shitty power button and the blade came out. It was a sad and shitty thing compared to her own, but even a foot long solid state laser can cut a woman in half. I ran up behind her and lay a deep and vicious cut in her side. She cried out, I smacked her in the face, then leapt and flew through the air to join my comrades. On the other side were many of my friends operating as the commanding officers. And with myself out of the line of fire, I ordered David to boot up the ultimate defense. We didn't have the fancy psionic and laser powers that the enemy had, or some crazy big boat. No, what we had was a bridge made of invincible beams, and a rotary cannon with 22 barrels, each 22 feet long and 22 inches wide. She fired at 2000 RPM and could instantly rip a whole army to shreds. And that she did. The poor soldiers all squished together under that bridge melted like butter unter a blowtorch. With only an eighth of her army remaining, now hiding behind the pillars, I flew over to the opposing commander. She was struggling with my crude laptop beam, trying to figure out if it was our tech or hers, and how to operate it. When I came close she tried to turn it on and finish me.

      "You see, the problem that you're having here is that your laser beam is great, and that laptop is a piece of shit."

      She threw it aside angrily and reached for hers. I slapped her hand away and disarmed her, throwing it over the side of the cliff. In the background the cannon booted up again and turned their boat into scrap metal. She tried to initiate hand-to-hand but the cut I'd given her cost her any chance of winning. Instead I held her, and showed her the battlefield.

      "You've lost. Understand that part, just forget about the battle. However, I could be persuaded to let you join me."

      My hold on her slowly loosened into more of an embrace. We stood together on the cliff face, watching the fireworks unfold as pink lighting and fire shot from the dying ship. Slowly, I turned to her, and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. She was paralysed in confusion. I looked into her eyes. "You put up a good fight, better than anyone yet. I'm impressed." I laughed. Her confusion intensified, but I could see the intentional defiance and pride in her eyes. She knew I saw it too and shied away into the cliff face. I let her go, and turned back to watch the sights. Suddenly her arms were on me, reaching for my throat, trying to find a hold to finish my life.
      I threw her, first in a judo sense, and then in a darth vader sense. She calmly floated down the cliffside toward my side of the canyon. I followed, and dropped her on the soil of my homeland. She stood up, and could understand my power. This was my domain, and I did not need any technology to be in control. And yet I did not exert anything over the world, happy to let it play out. She stood up, grabbed me again, and kissed me hard. We stayed this way for some time. I broke it off, smiled, and said to come with me. We slowly walked into the mass of my men, and I lost her in the crowd.

      And now the ultimate moment of my plan. I found Samuel, my giant Sudanese commando, and told him to detain her. The poor misguided girl would spend her time in jail for killing my countrymen. He and some men ran to find her, and I began the debrief with my commanders.

      Standing over the battlefield, one of my friends asked me how the battle went. I turned, looked at them, cracked a smile, and said

      "All things considered, this was hands down the best day of my life."
    9. All around

      by , 06-14-2017 at 04:22 PM
      I went to so many places in this dream. I started by travelling to many small asian countries, where I was camping out in the bush. I found a cat out there but it was shitty and not soft. I remember finding some forgotten power out there but no idea what it was.

      Later in the dream, I woke up in the middle of a bank robbery. It was me, chris, simon, arshia, and seth. Seth was just hypnotising everyone with psychic powers so it was pretty much a walk-in walk-out kind of affair. We hopped in the car but it was too crowded so I jumped out and walked home. When I got back to my apartment, which was on the 30th floor of some building, I saw that someone was banging on Liz's door and accusing her of housing druggies and prostitutes. They left, and she walked out exasperated. The top floor was just our two units and she had to walk past my place to get to the elevator. I had just walked in and was down to my boxers from running so far home. I said hi and she just walked in clearly needing to vent. I said "sorry about the state of things in here but I just robbed a bank". The cash was at Seth's place. She couldn't believe it and started laughing, but when she realized it wasn't even my first robbery she became very interested. I told her I was dead tired and full of adrenaline and lay down on my bed. She lay down with me, but quickly pulled an xbox controller from under my pillow. She asked me more, and went to close the sliding door but I kept saying "bank robbery". She laughed because right outside on the patio was her roommate, who was some insanely hot teacher. I asked if she heard what I said and she hadn't, so I started laughing at her this time. Then I realized Liz was having a party or something, and there were like 6-8 beautiful girls just walking around in my apartment raiding my kitchen to put on a big bbq for everyone. I was just very sweaty and hald naked, but I suddenly got extremely distracted by a cry outside from a friend of mine.

      And the rest of that dream I left my place to go look at different buildings in my complex. Why!?
    10. small moment

      by , 06-09-2017 at 03:11 PM
      All I can remember well is that a lot of the dream had david collins as an expert doctor and living the life, and the rest of us boys were just hanging out still.

      I was biking down st marks hill with my brother when K money was at the bottom. I smashed my bike at the bottom but john decided to race me to K money, only problem was that I just started laughing the moment I saw him and lost hard haha
    11. Trump Steps Down

      by , 06-07-2017 at 04:09 PM
      I'm on a plane when the news comes. In an hours time, Trump is resigning. I can't believe it. The plane goes wild, and I just think about why it's out of the blue.

      we land in this giant mall complex that a lot of people live in. I walk with my friends in and around all these long routes toward what will surely be an amazing event. Not many people are there, and the floor in front of the podium is empty as he begins quoting bush and talking about how great he's been so far but is tired of the press.

      He starts his performance, which involves singing karaoke. I rush up to the front and find the floor is all trampolines, so I'm jumping up and down and making poses. I get right in front of trump and keep giving him thumbs up, and then an amazing moment happens. I jump up and make my whole body horizontal, and then mid-air me and donald fist-bump. It was glorious.

      The rest of the dream doesn't matter.
    12. Lulu Lemon HQ

      by , 06-02-2017 at 02:59 PM
      I was at the head office of some stupidly trendy business where they have massage chairs and an ince cream bar. I started stealing ice cream hand over fist for fun and ended up with massive handfuls of coffee cake that I could not eat. I went through the hallways with cake, and met the Raptors somewhere else in the building downstairs. They shrugged me off.
    13. FB group and the magic mirror

      by , 05-25-2017 at 04:48 PM
      This was an interesting dream. It was very existential. I was at some giant mall with a girl who reminded me of brittany. We were getting pretty close, when I noticed a guy next to me vomit extremely hard into his backpack. I puked too in solidarity with him

      I went downstairs for a bathroom and found some bunk rooms that I knew were mine, and Lotts and the shitty shed boys were all hanging out together. I emptied the puke and checked facebook messenger and found out that Lotts had added 120 of his shitty friends to the dankerton chat, and ruined it forever. What the fuck. I freaked out on him and spent a few minutes using advanced tools to kick them all out at once, but it was no easy task. We could not abandon that chatroom and all it's history.

      When I finished I went back to the bunks to talk to them and they were gone. I caught them outside leaving to their cars. When I confronted lotts about it he was being a bitch. His ghetto friend started asking me if I knew how hard he was and brought out a big bag of shrooms. It was at this moment that simon messaged me. It was his graduation party tonight and he was calling me asking me where the fuck I was. Lotts' bullshit cut me off from the information. I teleported back home and found the boys in suits. When I walked down the hall, I saw chris and his date for the night. She was beautiful. I immediately felt a pang of jealousy. Chris finally had a girl, and now I was the only one left. Why me? Why am I not good enough?

      I entered the bathroom to prepare and escape the envyous view. But when I looked in the mirror, she was standing next to me. So beautiful. An amalgamation of all the girls I've been attracted to in recent months. As I stared in the mirror, something incredible happened. She was gona and replaced by me. I could look at myself from a side angle, a new, unbiased look so different from that head on view we get used to every day. I began to think out loud. "Is this who I am?" I looked deeply into myself, and admired my hair, giving me a devil-may-care look at that moment. I tousled it a bit, and suddenly I was an entirely different man. An older man, with facial features highlighted so differently I may as well have been a stranger. I looked at this man and admired him, but decided to go on. Another tousle, and my hair was long, slicked back, and I had the features of someone in slytherin. I could not recognize myself at all. I began trying to return to my old self. Feverishly messing with my hair, trying to find my way back. I never could. So I just gave up, and accepted this person I had turned into through random chance, and walked back out that door to go to this party. Maybe on this night I would find something or someone.

      I wake up.
    14. Lost

      by , 05-19-2017 at 03:08 PM
      It was a good dream but I have lost it to the universe
    15. Pool Party

      by , 05-18-2017 at 03:13 PM
      This was one where I really should have reality checked. I was at my old house and went on the upper balcony. It was the evening and down by the pool was my brother with some girl. There were also two friends of mine in there that I can't remember. I dove in the pool and we all sat agains the back wall looking up at the sky. In the night sky was the moon, but it was shimmering. Shimmering like it was covered in water. Suddenly I realized that it must be the apocalypse, and instead of the moon it was a giant planet coming to smash us and end earth. I had no thoughts of dreams, only of enjoying my last moments. I looked up at the beautiful sight, and Tom and his girlfriend put masks on and said they had them on to prepare for the aliens. What weirdos. The planet suddenly swooped in extremely close, at cloud height, and we stared up at a single giant island in the sky among this vast sea that had turned the night sky blue.
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