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    1. So Close Yet So Far

      by , 06-12-2015 at 03:24 AM (My Dream Goals)
      Lucid Nonlucid Notes

      Before I begin, I'd like to announce 2 things:

      1. Due to a spotted consistency of lucids I have, I have ridded of the TOTNLD, TOTW, and TOTM and replaced them with simply "Tasks".
      2. Starting June 30, animated dreams are back! My shorter dreams and more interesting long ones will be animated, the animation posted in the journal!

      And that's about it. Now, let's get into the dream.

      The first thing I recall was being in class, although my teacher was walking around the front of the room switching between wordlessness and saying random nonsense phrases. Due to the strangeness of this, I became lucid without having to perform a reality check. At first not thinking about my tasks, I decided to just go all out, picking up other students' desks and throwing them at amazing speed at him (I don't hate my teacher, I was just having fun). He did not seem scared, but rather confused as he barely managed to dodge my attacks. I noticed a huge table on the side of the classroom which seemed to have grown, and picked up and threw it at him almost effortlessly, hitting him and knocking him into a bloodless unconsciousness in the back of the room, most of my classmates slightly injured, and all of them in shock. At this point, the dream faded, although I instantly became lucid (albeit unclearly) when I next found myself in my house. This time, I decided to do some normally impossible parkour, moving at lightning fast speeds and destroying parts of my house in the process. I raced past my father and crashed through the door, although it was no longer obliterated when I looked back. Calming down and remembering my task, I realized that the dream was fading and got right on it. I stepped onto a very large plot of mulch outside of my house and to try to improve clarity focused on how it felt, not realizing until after stopping this focus that I was barefoot and was in nothing more than a t-shirt and some underpants. The mulch was quite dense and very dry, and the feel of the wood chips and dry soil felt almost real. At this point the dream was clearly fading so I went right onto the second part of my first task, trying to summon clothes instead of wasting the time to go put some on. I tried this once, but forgot it in order to complete the task when it didn't work. While walking up to a tree, I felt a very sharp (but light) pain in my right foot, accompanied by an unknown voice screaming "OH MY GOD!" as this happened. As I assumed that this had meant that a wood chip was stuck in my toe, I continued walking without looking down, as at this point the shock of seeing blood would wake me up. I reached the tree, hugged it, and closed my eyes as I tried to lift it, but failed. I noticed that my hands would not fit around the tree fully, so I moved them down to a thinner part of the tree to get a better grip. I repeated and felt that it had worked, but I opened my eyes to find the tree still there. Suddenly, I saw a strange distorted view of myself from the outside accompanied by a sound, and in shock lost lucidity although surprisingly stayed in the dream for a bit. After this, I was stuck in a position of my hands behind my back touching the tree and me facing the opposite way and my view was stuck to a profile view of me and the tree. A DC walked up to me (possibly the one that had screamed earlier) and the dream faded.

      Task 1: Develop better clarity, lift a tree.
      Task 2: Punch out someone with my bare fist without shutting my eyes.
      Task 3: Destroy a large structure with my bare hands.
      TOTY: Cause (didn't even realize until now that I did this!) and stop a crime using supernatural powers.
    2. On-Topic

      by , 05-02-2015 at 10:50 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Now that I have less distractions IWL, I am going to begin to get much more on-topic with my LD work. I used to lucid dream just when it came naturally and doing "Whatever" when it happened, but starting now, I am going to write in my dream journal every morning as long as I am physically able to and I am going to set myself tasks for each lucid dream I have. I plan to have at least one LD per 3 nights (the one time I was on-topic I had a very good success rate) and am going to prepare in advance. As of now, here is my tasklist:

      TOTNLD (Task(s) of the next lucid dream): Go Outside; Stabilize the Dream
      TOTW: Dig a hole
      TOTM: Develop some sort of supernatural power (Flying, Fireball, ETC.)
      TOTY: Stop & Commit a crime with said supernatural power

      Please comment with task suggestions if you have any.