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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Flood and stabbing someone with a pencil

      by , 08-02-2015 at 05:47 PM
      I noticed the carpet was wet in my granddaughters room. At first i was like "huh....why is this so wet?". Then I realized we had another flood coming through the foundation of the house. I told my husband that the pipes had broke again and we went outside to find the source. It was coming from the same spot on the hillside behind our house. In the dream, my landlord owned the house on the hill behind us and i was furious that his pipes had caused us yet another inconvenience! (IRL, he does not live near us but we have had a few plumbing problems with the house and flooding on the back patio with heavy rains.)
      I was furious and called the landlord outside so he could see what a mess his crappy plumbing had done to our belongings. He was in his pajamas and robe and was almost cowering because I was so angry and justifiably so.
      As he was leaving and promising to fix it, a neighbor who had an upstairs apartment attached to the side of our house was making snide comments and laughing at our hardship with the flood. I looked up at him and noted his behavior, then just went inside to start tearing up the soaking wet carpet and trying to save my granddaughters clotbet, toys and furniture while waiting for a clean up crew to arrive. I went out the back door to take a cigarette break and noticed our other neighbor that lived in the attached apartment below the jerk that made fun of us go to the jerks stairway and blew a huge puff of marijuana smoke toward his window. Lola I had to laugh because she was basically saying to him to mellow out, relax. I knew it would puss the guy off, but I figured turn about was fair play. So just as I was going back inside the jerk comes out and starts screaming at me and saying some horrible things about my family and we deserve for our things to be ruined etc etc.( in real life i have no apartments attached to my house so I'm trying to figure out who this guy is supposed to represent.)
      Anyway, I was so devastated from what he was saying and the frustration of everything that was already going on that I grabbed the guy and did a judo throw over my hip and once he was on the ground I started stabbing him all over the place with the eraser end of a pencil.??? I was partly lucid during much of this dream. Enough to realize that I had had this same dream a few months ago. Just before I woke up, I became full lucid and realized that stabbing him with the dull end of the pencil wasent actually penetrating his skin. I was really stabbing him with all my might in the back of the head, on his back and neck since I was basically sitting on him as he was face down. I started seeing all there little circle marks from the impacts, but no blood. Then I just started laughing in my sleep at the ludicrousness of the situation. Then the guy started laughing and telling me he gets my point and he's sorry. *Gets my point* lol
      I work us both disturbed by my violence in the dream and curious to figure out its meaning.
      There is a girl at work that is starting drama and even borderline sabotaging me, so I kind of figure it has something to do with it.

      Any thoughts are welcome.
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    2. pyramids again

      by , 02-08-2014 at 09:33 PM
      The color came first. Warm golden sandy color. Image formed into a classic pyramid. High point at the top. Like the Mason symbol. As I was inside I looked up to the top and saw a pyramid shaped opening. Suddenly someone was pushing a heavy stone across the opening. I was startled only for a flash, then I laughed and said " hahaha..oh yeah I'm scared".
      Next a huge pit opened by my feet
      I figured I was supposed to be afraid but I laughed and was like " oh yeah mutherfucker! I don't play like that! I jumped feet first into the pit and down I went what seemed like miles. I was laughing and thought "come on bring it bitches".
      Finally the colors and the walls of the pit began to close in. I just hovered before the bottom of the pit and looked down. There in the bottom was a tremendous golden brown eye seemingly made of glass, yet alive at the same time. Again I laughed and thought"I win" I'm in the eye and now you are blind!", as I shoved my foot through the pupil.
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    3. another hack job

      by , 02-07-2014 at 07:13 PM
      Had another dream of hackers accessing bank accounts. There were at least 3 women involved and maybe 4 or5 men. They were stationed all around the world but were part of the same unit. One woman in particular had an accent and I associated it with Croatia for some reason. I knew they were about to drain the bank accounts of millions of Americans and I was yelling at people to get their money out of the banks. It's all going to be gone!
      memorable , dream fragment
    4. Dreamworld Explorer Society: January Targets

      by , 01-24-2014 at 05:32 PM
      I saw a little hole under a mound of sod. The mound was about 6, maybe 10 feet high, but this little opening beckoned me. As I stick my head in, I can see that there is a tunnel. I go in and as I am walking along, I feel the sides of the tunnel. They are dirt, but hardened and compacted. This is not a pyramid. I walk on. Thinking about the little blue vial of lucidity potion that I am looking for and wondering about the pyramid and if this tunnel will lead me to it.
      The tunnel takes a slight turn to the left and becomes wider. I can stand at full height now. I think "there needs to be light" and torches appear spaced intermittently and wala! I can see bricks! Large rectangular blocks! This must be a pyramid!
      After walking along for a bit more and not finding any other passages, the tunnel turns to the left again. I walk into another larger chamber and immediately notice there are DC in here. I stand back in the shadows and just watch them. They are in blue coveralls and pushing a hand cart over newly turned earth. They do not see me, or at least they don't let on that they do. On the cart is a HUGE drum of who knows what! Probably a 500 gallon drum of something and they are really struggling to keep the hand cart on track. I cock my head to the side all of a sudden understanding comes to me. I smile as the DC's finally straighten out he cart without spilling the huge drum of....LUCIDITY POTION! The one in the front turns to look at me. I guess he was expecting me or something, but he stands aside and

      Woke up.
      So yeah, I had seeded my dream with the image of a little blue bottle of potion and the DC's bring me 500 gallons of it!
      I guess that means I REALLY, REALLY need help with my lucid abilities.lol
      lucid , memorable
    5. Dreamworld Explorer Society: January Targets

      by , 01-21-2014 at 07:59 PM
      Ok. I'm going back to the pyramid tonight. Going to visit it at night with a full moon lighting the way. If anyone else wants to go, ill be the black crazy horse. Lol