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    passing notes.

    by , 01-05-2014 at 12:39 AM (493 Views)
    So last night after logging out after a brief conversation with havago, I went to bed and began my new nightly breathing/ focused meditations. As usual it was difficult to keep my mind quiet, so I get myself back on track. Getting really relaxed and focused finally. All of a sudden I have an intruder! Again! So this time I telepathic ally say Wain I'm meditating. I start to go back to my breathing and my intruder says "WHAT" really loudly. I mean right next to my ear for Pete's sake. I stuck my hand out and passed em as note. Then realizing I forgot to write on it, I grabbed it back and scribbled NOT NOW! YOU CAN VISIT LATER.
    I guess that did the trick because the rest of the meditation went well and i fell right off to sleep.
    Don't know if its my sub breaking into my meditations lately or what have you, but its not freaking me out so much now.

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