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    1. I'm the Avatar

      by , 09-19-2010 at 10:03 PM
      Dream of September 19th, 2010

      I was in a desert, but I canít remember how I got there or what had happened before this. I was Aang from Avatar the last Airbender. I was flying along in the desert when I saw a young girl with tanned skin and black hair. She said that there were people after her and asked me to help her. I agreed and took her with me to my friends, Katara, Sokka, and Appa.

      When I entered the camp I told the gang the girlís situation. After talking a bit I realized that I wasnít acting quite how Aang would act, I was acting to serious, so I tried to smile more and sound happier and optimistic like Aang usually does. The girl then told everyone the rest of the details, such as where the bad guysí base was, and then she showed me that she had wire handcuff type things on her wrists. To cut the wire off of her wrists I put my fingers as if I were using scissors for the game ďrock, paper, scissorsĒ and then I closed the two fingers and attempted to cut the wire. The first attempt didnít work but then I tried to focus my mind and inhaled to bring in energy and then I tried to cut it again, this time it worked.

      After cutting the wire we all got ready to leave for the base. For the first part of the journey we just walked, but once we arrived at the tunnel where the enemy base was I had everyone ride on Appa while I flew (which doesnít make sense since usually Aang walks Appa through tunnels and flies through open areas).

      As we descended down into the base we encountered some of the bad guys, which I quickly took care of. Once we got further down the tunnel it started to transition from the rough rock to smooth white painted walls and wooden floors. Iím not sure how it happened but I ended up getting separated from the rest of them. I found the leaders in what looked to be a kitchen but they fled out the door into a hallway.

      Iím not sure after if I separated from Aangís body and became myself or just went into first person after that. Anyways, I walked down the hallway and searched for the leaders when a boy came and said that they had placed illusions and that we would have to break them to find them. I think I went into one of the rooms after that and broke one of their illusions and found one of the guys, and then I went back into the hall and into another room. In this room there were many windows, some chairs, and at the end a grand piano. Something felt wrong about the room, the appearances of things seemed to change slightly every so often, and it made me feel a little weak and my mind fuzzy. I tried putting my hands in front of me and touched everything to see if it was real, and then I went up to the piano and picked it up and moved it. While I was moving the piano it ended up touching some pipe like object which shattered the illusion.

      The appearance of the room had changed drastically. Most of the windows had faded away and the chairs and everything else looked plain instead of elegant like it used to. Since the windows faded away the room became darker, and it actually made me feel a little scared. I turned around to leave the room and saw one of the men escaping into a different room. I went to follow him but then the dream faded away.
    2. Flying once again :)

      by , 09-18-2010 at 04:47 AM
      HehÖ I didnít write this down right when I woke up so I kinda forgot some of the details. ^_^í

      I donít remember quite how I ended up at this point. I was in a rather plain area and a monstrous creature with blade like arms had stabbed me through the chest. The pain felt quite real but then I realized that it was a dream. When I realized that it was a dream everything suddenly felt more vivid, which included the pain. Since I knew it was a dream I sat down and just told myself that everything was part of my mind and that it could not hurt me, the pain soon faded after that.

      Iím not quite sure what happened after that but I remember going to a large tower with many levels that could lead to the outside on balconies, which was all surrounded by water. I was fighting some monsters there when I remembered how I had wanted to sprout my brown feathered wings again and learn how to fly better with them. I floated down from one of the upper levels of the tower and then tried to sprout my wings. I kept repeating out loud ďI will grow my wingsĒ. After repeating the phrase a few times brown feathers started to appear from my arms. Usually I have my wings come from my back but I wanted to try it on my arms. Eventually my arms transformed into wings and then I tried to fly around with them. Having wings on my arms turned out not to work so well, so I focused my mind and tried to shift the wings to my back. It felt so wonderful being able to fly again, and at one point I fell down towards the water and I almost thought I would crash, but at the last moment I pulled up and only my arms and legs ended up grazing the water. The water felt so cool and refreshing.

      Later I was with some guys, and one of them wanted something but I canít remember what. They were talking about some extremely hot water that was below us, but I donít remember why. They ended up getting mad at me and tried to attack me but they couldnít harm me, and the other guy that was there tried to stop him, and soon after I woke up.

      Yay! I'm so happy! ^_^ I seem to be having at least one lucid dream a month, and a few semi-lucids. :3 Actually, I think I haven't updated the number of lucid dreams I've had on my profile enough, because I'm sure I've had more. :/ I hope I can have another lucid soon.

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    3. Snakes

      by , 09-16-2010 at 12:38 AM
      I remember jumping off a cliff, starting to fall, and then stopping myself by flying. I had been trying to get away from someone but I donít remember who or what it was.

      The part that I remember most was where I was in a forest. I noticed that something was moving in the grass by the trees; I knew it was a snake. I followed it and saw that it was a big long snake. I automatically presumed that it was a garter snake even though it didnít look like one. As I walked on I saw another snake which I think was black. This snake ended up wrapping around me but I got away and then I think I rode it on the water.
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    4. Just... odd.

      by , 09-10-2010 at 12:02 AM
      Dream of September 9th, 2010

      I remembered more of the dreams earlier in the day but after school I forgot most of the details.

      I remember warriors, fighting, and such and I remember ceiling cat appearing at one point to smite some dude.

      I later woke up at 4:00 and then went back to sleep.

      I dreamt that my family and I were walking our dogs Suka and Aurora. We went into someoneís yard without asking them and it made me a bit worried. Their yard was beautiful with many flowering trees and gardens. Later the owner of the house and yard came and gave us a ride in their helicopter.

      The dream later somehow transitioned from the helicopter to me riding on the front of the jeep. There were handles in the front but I sometimes accidentally put my feet on the ground while we were driving. After driving for a while we came to a forest and started to slow down. Finally, we stopped and I got off the jeep and everyone else got out of it.

      While walking down the road in the woods we encountered some strange chipmunk like creatures. They kind of freaked me out because their eyes were super wide and were placed too far apart. One of them walked up to me and bit me; it didnít really hurt but it left a purple mark. I tried to push the chipmunk thing away but a bunch more came and also started biting me. Wherever they bit me a purple mark was left behind, soon after they started attacking me I woke up.
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    5. Gunshots

      by , 09-03-2010 at 10:49 PM
      I forgot most of my dream before this but what I do remember is being in a room with a bunch of soldiers. I was with my sisters and the soldiers were shooting at us, except for a few which appeared to be on our side. We ended up hiding behind some crates and we made some bombs, but I kept forgetting to light the fuses before throwing the bombs. Somehow I got a gun and I used it to shoot the guy that had been shooting at us, but strangely he doesnít die. Iím confused by this and angry so I shoot him again twice and he still doesnít die. The man then starts to get up and move towards a different gun so I shoot him a few more times, which makes him fall over again. To make things even more confusing the man doesnít even seem to be angry or sad that Iím shooting at him. The man even seems to be mildly annoyed that Iím shooting at him or bored so he says ďYou know Iím probably just going to bleed to death so you can just stop shooting me and leaveĒ.

      Shooting the guy didnít seem to be doing anything so I just listened and left. I went to some weird abstract room after this with ribbon like roads floating through the air. I donít really remember anything else after this.
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    6. Fail dream, but at least lucid

      by , 08-30-2010 at 03:46 AM
      ((I had a hard time sleeping and I got woken up early. The two dreams are from the morning))
      I dreamed that I was watching a scene as if I were playing a strategy game. I ended up realizing that it was a dream and I wanted to take an active role in the dream so I tried to move into it but it made me wake up.

      When I fell asleep again I dreamed was in a house. At first I just went along with the dreams plot, which I canít remember, but then I realized it was a dream. The first thing I thought about doing was sprouting my brown feathered wings that I had had in a different dream before but the dream was too unstable so I instead became weak. I stumbled outside after that and eventually woke up.
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