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    Flying once again :)

    by , 09-18-2010 at 04:47 AM (754 Views)
    Heh… I didn’t write this down right when I woke up so I kinda forgot some of the details. ^_^’

    I don’t remember quite how I ended up at this point. I was in a rather plain area and a monstrous creature with blade like arms had stabbed me through the chest. The pain felt quite real but then I realized that it was a dream. When I realized that it was a dream everything suddenly felt more vivid, which included the pain. Since I knew it was a dream I sat down and just told myself that everything was part of my mind and that it could not hurt me, the pain soon faded after that.

    I’m not quite sure what happened after that but I remember going to a large tower with many levels that could lead to the outside on balconies, which was all surrounded by water. I was fighting some monsters there when I remembered how I had wanted to sprout my brown feathered wings again and learn how to fly better with them. I floated down from one of the upper levels of the tower and then tried to sprout my wings. I kept repeating out loud “I will grow my wings”. After repeating the phrase a few times brown feathers started to appear from my arms. Usually I have my wings come from my back but I wanted to try it on my arms. Eventually my arms transformed into wings and then I tried to fly around with them. Having wings on my arms turned out not to work so well, so I focused my mind and tried to shift the wings to my back. It felt so wonderful being able to fly again, and at one point I fell down towards the water and I almost thought I would crash, but at the last moment I pulled up and only my arms and legs ended up grazing the water. The water felt so cool and refreshing.

    Later I was with some guys, and one of them wanted something but I can’t remember what. They were talking about some extremely hot water that was below us, but I don’t remember why. They ended up getting mad at me and tried to attack me but they couldn’t harm me, and the other guy that was there tried to stop him, and soon after I woke up.

    Yay! I'm so happy! ^_^ I seem to be having at least one lucid dream a month, and a few semi-lucids. :3 Actually, I think I haven't updated the number of lucid dreams I've had on my profile enough, because I'm sure I've had more. :/ I hope I can have another lucid soon.

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    1. Alsroge's Avatar
      Congratulations!! Flying in dreams is a favorite of everybody's with good reason. I decided to fly in my first lucid dream and have been absolutely hooked since. I like how you sprouted your wings and attempted a different method. Very creative. 8) Once again, congrats! I'm sure that you'll have another in less than a month.