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    One of my strangest dreams - The Eel

    by , 07-05-2011 at 09:56 PM (1056 Views)
    This dream is very old (and long)...

    I once dreamt that I was in a fishing competition at a giant swimming pool that was so deep that you couldn't see the bottom of the pool, only blackness. While I was fishing I caught a decent sized fish but the person beside me was jealous and bumped me so the fish fell of my rod so I had to try again. The second time I cast out my line I noticed something coming from the depths of the pool, and it was very long and black. It appeared to had gotten my fishing line and as it got closer I saw that it was a giant eel. The announcer then announced on the speakers that I was the winner of the competition, but I wasn't thinking about that. As the eel got closer I noticed how large it was and began to get scared, I dropped my rod and started to run away. I ran through the tunnel that was behind me which had old wooden planks for the floor. The tunnel was dark and you could see water underneath the planks. As I was running I tripped and my foot broke through one of the boards, and then I blacked out.

    When I awoke again I was sliding down the throat of the eel. The eel's throat and stomach were disgusting. There were bits of dead flesh and bone floating in the water and also something very strange. Near the back of the eels stomach was a pale, naked man crouched down in the water and debris. He seemed almost inhuman and for some reason reminded me of the pale man from pan's labyrinth, except that he didn't have a weird face like them or eyes in their hands. He looked and me and smiled, but it wasn't a friendly smile. I then decided that I was going to escape. I turned around and started to crawl up the throat of the eel.

    When I reached the mouth of the eel I noticed another thing that was very strange. From the eel's mouth I could also see their nostrils and their eyes, which were clear like windows. I looked out of one of the eyes and saw that we were flying through a city. After looking out the eelís eyes I prepared myself and leaped out of their right eye. I floated slowly to the ground, turned back to glance at the eel, and then started to run and sometimes levitate or jump. As I was trying to escape from the eel I saw the man who was in the eelís stomach climb out of its mouth and onto the eelís head. He appeared to be controlling the eel and he kept pointing his finger in my direction and yelling stuff to the eel.

    While I was running from the eel I came across some train tracks and I noticed a train coming so I flew up over the train, hoping that the eel might not be able to get me since it appeared to only be able to fly close to the ground. The eel tried to follow me and sort of jumped over the train, but then it went down again and I was able to escape. I flew high into the sky and saw the city spread out below me. I then flew towards one tall building that had a swimming pool on it. I dived into the pool and went straight to the bottom. At the bottom of the pool was a little tunnel. I went through the tunnel and then came out of a pool of water in a different area.

    The new area was a building for scientific research. For some reason my clothes were gone now and I appeared to have the ability to create life. I made a pool of water in the middle of the floor and made plants grow around it and salamanders in water. The scientists were very interested in me and appeared to be studying me. Soon after that I woke up.
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    1. SilverBullet's Avatar
      Hah, wao.

      My dreams are usually never like that.
    2. Caden's Avatar
      Odd but cool.
    3. Batch's Avatar
      A slightly frightening, but very fun dream here ... I like!