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    Failed Gravity

    by , 05-17-2020 at 12:44 PM (52 Views)
    Bed time routine: screens off at 10, in bed by 10:30. Drank honey and MCT oil mixture with tea brewed from Calea Z, mugwort, damiana, bobinsana, blue lotus. No galantamine or DreamLeaf supplements this time (wanted to see how the herbs alone afffected me). Mindfulness meditation just before sleep.

    I'm in a house with some strangers in an unfamiliar city. Someone was coming for us,but right as they arrived I slipped out, walking right by them and acting natural. They come for me, and I cannot escape. They threaten me, I don't know why. I wake up, 1:55 AM
    I am with my sisters, Lisa and Tina. They are taking me somewhere, even though I am tired. I sleep in the backseat of the car. We arrive at a swimming pool, they jump in without me. I jump in next, but I jump too far and am above the concrete on the other side; I float back to the center, and am not falling into the water, so I push from the ceiling into the pool. When I climb out, there are other people in the pool, and I'm self concious of the way they look at my scars. I remember I had my tattoos in this dream.
    I tell Tina that the gravity above the pool wasn't working right, and that I had to check to make sure this was in fact real. I look at my hands.
    OH! LOOK HOW MANY FINGERS! This is in fact, a dream! Tina doesn't seem excited by this revelation. I tell Lisa, she thinks I'm being weird. "Thats why the gravity didn't work! And thats why YOU (Lisa) aren't pregnant right now! None of this is real! My right eye closes, and the dream starts going dim. I ask Tina to lead me back to the car because I can't see. On the way to the car, my vision is replaced with a 3DS screen map, showing my location and movement. I try to explain this to my uninterested sister as we step into the car. Except now its a train car, its WWII era, many men and women sit in the car with us. Everything is so vivid. To my right, a very young and handsome Steve Rogers orders some food from the lady with the trolly. He turns to me and smiles. I know dream are all about expectations, so I try very hard to believe that he will kiss me. The dream fades and I wake up. 5:54 am.
    Back in the dream, I immediately look at my hands. Too many fingers. I'm at the pool again, but as I leave it is now a restaraunt.I am old, and make a scene so that we will get kicked out. I lose lucidity as I follow the dream plot. We leave and are now shopping for shirts. I have to pick something for my husband, he is helpless. Also younger. I am now myself, in line to buy a shirt. A young boy is in line ahead of me, trying to use a credit card. The cashier asks for ID, and he shows her a picture of an ID on a tablet. She asks again if this is really his card. He admits its a joke, but she pushes a button and an alarm goes off. We are now waiting for the police. The people behind me are crowding, and I ask them to back off. An attractive girl with turquise braces and several tattoos apologizes. I compliment her tats, we have a conversation about them. I tell her I love the little peace sign she has, that I want something similar, that I want it to be a reminder for me to Smile and Breathe. I wake up (6:55), and draw the peace sign on my hand. I've been trying to figure out what symbol to use for this reminder, and the dream has just given me the perfect idea.
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