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    NEVER Taking Niacin Again

    by , 05-16-2020 at 05:38 PM (558 Views)
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    Same routine, screens off at 10, mindful bed time routine including taking melotonin, raw honey and MCT oil drink, and mindfulness meditation on Headspace (Free year for the unemployed!). I made a dream plan, slept on my right side (which actually helps!) and by 11 I was already asleep.

    I'm with Ivy, hanging out. We settle in to watch a movie and I lay my head on her lap, she strokes my hair. I kiss her softly, her lips grazing mine felt very real. Dream fades.
    I'm in my apartment, doing something in my bedroom. My waterbottle was scewered by something and is leaking water. I take it to the kitchen to pour the water in the sink. The sink is full of dirty water. I drink from my bottle, the water is dirty. I think thats not right, so I do a RC.
    This is a dream! I announce CLARITY a few times until I'm satisfied with the sharpness of the dream. I walk around my apartment, knowing I had a plan to fly tonight. I see my cat Elton trying to get my attention and following me; this is the first time I've ever seen him in a dream but I ignore him, worried he might do something freaky if I pay too much attention to him.
    I visualized a beautiful dreamscape that night before going to sleep, so I try to close and open my bedroom door to lead me there. I try a few times but the door keeps opening to my room instead. The dream starts to fade but I stop what I'm doing, and restabilize by rubbing my hands together and looking around me. I try the door a few more times and still nothing.

    I wake up in bed, Elton wakes up next to me. He's very energetic and excited considering its 3:30, and cuddles me and starts purring, and I wonder if he was really there in the dream with me. I take my usual supplements (galantamine, red DreamLeaf pill). I decided to try Niacin as I saw it listen on DV and had some on hand. WHAT A MISTAKE. Before I'm able to fall asleep, I'm already burning and itching all over. My remaining sleep is troubled.
    I'm in my apartment, I get up, go to the freezer for icepacks. I lay back in bed with icepacks all over my body to relieve the INTENSE BURNING AND ITCHING I feel all over.
    Another dream, I check on Google how long a Niacin flush lasts.
    Last dream, three teenagers are sitting along a fence in the sun. They took Niacin, like they were doing drugs together. The girl in the middle is freaking out because of how hot and itchy she is. Me too, girl. Me too.

    I wake up at 6am, can't sleep any longer. Niacin was a terrible idea. Since my only LD came before I took my supplements, I'll try only honey and MCT oil tonight and see what my results are like.
    Also, what do you call it when you LD but you're in your apartment and it feels like real life? OBE? Astral Projection? False Awakening? This has happened before, and leads to some very boring LDs.
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    1. BarefootCory's Avatar
      Lee Hurd's "Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming" promotes Niacin at bedtime, not in conjuction with WBTB supplements. The flush is normal, but I would suppose that some people experience it worse than others.