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    #4 - Vampire Warehouse + Skyrim - 26/04/2020

    by , 04-27-2020 at 08:51 PM (431 Views)

    I spent a while recalling this one, extracted a fair bit more than usual.

    I'm in an unfamiliar city, with a hotel across the road. In the near distance, just up a small hill, there is a warehouse with coffins stacked outside. A weird man invites me to follow him into the nearby hotel, which I accept. He goes first, and pokes his head out of the very top window. I head up there and upon arrival, I look outside the window and see that the coffins in the distance are empty - with some workers moving them. Within seconds, a swarm of vampires of wildly varying aesthetics fly around the top floor of this hotel building, which is now large and open like a warehouse. Many guards, presumably from the opposing warehouse, fight the vampires in an Oblivion-like fight. I decide to join the vampires, and I head down some stairs and out of the building, where I find myself fighting an Argonian female on a path near the city of Windhelm in Skyrim. I win the fight.

    Possible recurring elements:

    -Second vampire dream out of 4
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    1. hattufig's Avatar
      Ah.. Elder Scrolls dreams are amazing. Just last week i was in Riverwood and playing with the small waterfall there
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