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    1. Scary Nightmare. August 21st 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:59 PM (Dream Journal)

      A very scary dream, causing me to wake up during the night.

      I started off in school, talking to my friend Tom about his birthday party. I was unsure about going there, because of my lack of social skills. I decide to go anyway. I was then on a bus, driving there. I hate buses the most, especially going by myself. I remember not having a clue where I was, nor when the party was or where it was located. The bus stopped, I panicked, then got off the bus with everyone else. I got off and saw my sister, so we walked up a road together. At the end of the road, was a mansion. There were lots of people crowded around. Inside the window of part of the mansion, there was a VERY creepy statue. It was like a little boy, covered in bandages. It was just staring at us. I then teleported to a room, with my grandma and sister. They were watching TV while I explained something to them. I said "If the nightmare monster comes, I can get lucid and shoot it with a fireball!" I put my hands together and they glowed. I opened my hands before a fireball could charge up. I then watched TV with them, but the screen of the TV was basically my vision. It was like a spectator mode dream. There was a woman lying in bed. She turned over to her right side, only to be greeted by the scariest fucker I have seen. It was led in her bed just staring at her while she screamed. It had dark muddy skin, wide eyes, weird muddy hair and blood around it's mouth and on it's teeth. It laughed at her and then said "The reincarnation has arrived!" I woke up in fright and shock.

      I struggled to get back to sleep after that .
      Tags: car, family, school
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Zombie Defense. July 14th 2012.

      by , 07-14-2012 at 08:42 PM (Dream Journal)

      An awesome dream, but a little bit scary at times. Also a little bit hard to recall every detail.

      I was walking down a path at night, when I noticed a group of zombies over in the distance. I then ran into the nearest building which happened to be a zombie defense base. What are the chances? I went inside and there were a few people. An old man, a woman and another man. I can't decribe what they looked like. The base was really cool, it was neon blue outside and light grey inside with lots of glowing shelves. As I entered, they locked the door and the windows were open. I walked over to the right and saw a cube shaped shelf/table with a few weapons on it. I picked the large machine gun with a scope. I never used the weapon, instead I ran outside a couple of times and got eaten. I 'respawned' back at the base a few times. I then felt like I needed to close the windows, so I did. I got attacked by a zombie in the process but managed to kill it as it hit me. After this, there were thousands of zombies surrounding us, so we decided to open the secret door and get better weapons. In the middle of the back wall was a garage-like door. It opened up and inside was a similar room, but with red neon walls. To the right, at the back corner was another shelf, but bigger and had another small shelf attached to it. I went over and picked up a hand gun called "The Dragon Gun". I tested it out by wasting a whole magazine on the floor. I then only loaded it with about 3 bullets, then switched back to my first weapon. I walked outside to fight some zombies, then sprayed my machine gun, killing some zombies to make room. After making some room, I switched to the dragon gun because the magazine on my other gun had been used. I realised I only had 3 bullets left and a group of zombies sprinted towards me. I shot the three bullets then started to panic while getting torn apart. I managed to get away, but half beaten to death by the zombies. I then reached a broken truck, in the desert.

      A really cool dream . Thanks for reading!
      Tags: game
      nightmare , non-lucid
    3. Luna Kuune Dragon. June 29th 2012.

      by , 06-30-2012 at 03:44 PM (Dream Journal)

      The 3rd I had that morning/night. Turned into a mild nightmare at the end.

      I was walking through a grassy plain like on skyrim. Seconds later, a dragon named "Luna Kuune Dragon" flew over the mountain to the right of me and I somehow knew it was going to be very strong, so i ran towards the mountain it flew from. As I reached the mountain, it blew a huge round of fire at me. I almost died, but I managed to heal the burns. I managed to out run the dragon, so it flew over me from behind and then into the distance. The battle wasn't over yet, 12-15 'Muse Warriors' ran out in a scrambled line towards me. I hacked and slashed through all of them as they came. There was a small hut to the left and a big rock to the right, so I had the advantage. Only one warrior could fit through. I sliced them all down as they came through one by one. The last 3, I pushed into the hut and they turned into cats. I had killed 2 of them before I realised they were cats. I had injured the last one too. The last was a small grey cat, led on the stone table. I had already hurt it so I kept slahing to try and stop it from suffering. It just wouldn't die, not even blood was coming out of it, but I could see it was in pain and carried on. I grew tired but I was determined to put this cat out of it's misery, although I had no effect on it's rock hard skin.

      I think the dream ended there. Not sure if I liked this dream though...but thanks for reading .
      Tags: game
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. (Lucid) Running from the old man. June 16th 2012.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 03:27 PM (Dream Journal)

      At last, a lucid It relates to my previous nightmares. This time I out-smarted it >:-).

      I started off by walking down a street with 2 of my school friends. I had a guitar and so did my friend, so we had a guitar battle. I didn't even get to play before my friend destroyed me with an insane solo. My other friend then said "You were beaten by him." and we all just walked up the road. At this point, the 2 friends from school were different. One had transformed into cookieh and the other was a random guy. We saw a statue that I must have seen in another dream, I'm certain I saw it before. Cookieh explained what the statue was. She said something like "If you touch the statue then the old guy chases the kid." The statue was a golden old guy chasing a kid. She then touched the statue and it move a meter away from us and into a bush. Cookieh and the guy ran back onto the road I was on before and I ran off in the opposite direction towards a car parking area. It was the same one that is in my school. The same dream fragment happened about 4 times. I was running away from an old guy in a yellow top. Finally, I was running again and this time, the old guy was ahead of me trying to catch other young people. He went to grab me but I ran around him. I was extremely out of breath, just like the last nightmares I had before. I found myself running very slow and falling over a lot. I decided to fall onto my hands and feet then ran really fast like a werewolf. A guy in front of me did the same. The guy disappeared down the exact same road located in the real world. It's a path where the forest and the school carpark is. I then got up onto 2 feet again, but this time I felt very odd.

      I pretty much became lucid at this point. I looked at my hands but nothing was wrong with them. I still knew I was dreaming because I said to myself "I must be dreaming because I have never been here before." then I looked at my hands a second time and noticed a strange energy coming from my left hand. I decided to do the nose plug check just to make sure. I could breathe . When I did it, the air coming out was cold on my nose and fingers. Straight after, I remembered to keep the dream stable by rubbing my hands together. I then asked myself if I should attempt to shoot an elemental ball out of my hand, but I said no and tried to change the dreamscape instead. Before I tried this, I looked behind me to see if the old guy was still on my back but luckily he wasn't. I also thought of walking through the forest, but it was dark inside although light outside of it. Finally I closed my eyes and began spinning around, imagining a large beatiful beach. When I half opened my eyes, I noticed I was in my bed. I could hear lot's of voices as if my room was populated. I found that I couldn't open my eyes very well, it seemed like they were sealed shut. I somehow managed to sit up and do the nose plug check again. It was cold, just like the first time.

      I'm pretty sure the dream slipped into a non lucid after that check. This dream has topped the first and second. It was much longer, I think about 60-80 seconds. Almost a minute longer than the last 2. Also I managed to have some kind of control, I changed the dreamscape . Thanks for reading, I had fun typing this up!

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      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    5. A Mild Nightmare to a Weird Dream.. June 1st 2012.

      by , 06-02-2012 at 11:43 AM (Dream Journal)

      I was going to type this up last night, but instead I went out >.>

      I was at school, on the courtyard, with JoeyBelgier (again) and a girl. I didn't quite see who she was, or maybe I just didn't pay attention. So Joey was running around the courtyard...being himself. he was jumping on the tables and singing while running around. He seemed either excited or he had a lot of sugar that day . He then ran around towards the school building and we followed him. Me and the girl stopped and watched as he tried to climb up the wall. He jumped on the small wooden railing ad then leaped towards a clock placed outside on the wall. It was only about 2-3 meters high but it looked like a struggle. He grabbed the clocked but fell back down and smashed his back on the wooden railings. He was dead. A guy came over and asked what was going on, I said to him "He's...dead..." then a whole group of 15-20 people came rushing over. It was like a small stampede. I then walked off around the courtyard by myself. I was very shocked, upset and surprised by what I just witnessed. The way he fell was almost like the ragdoll physics on Skyrim. While I was walking around the courtyard, just round the corner from where Joey fell, I noticed that the whole place was empty and the building where Joey died was clear of people. Even Joey's body was gone. In the window next to the clock, there was a dog. My dog it seemed. I then had a sudden urge to feel that Joey was alive somehow. I went around the building and entered the hallway. When I got inside, I was naked. I then went into the room next to where Joey died and there were about 6 girls looking at me. I then sat on the floor but this time I was in just a pair of jeans. I soon told them what happened and they just laughed at me . I got up from the floor and walked back into the hallway. I headed nextdoor. This was the room with the dog in it, only it was no longer my dog, but a large black dog. It did not look very happy and then jumped up at me as I tried to stroke it. It bit me on the arm and I felt it cramp my wrist. It was not sharp but it was pretty tight. I then jumped away from it and ran out the room as fats as I could. By this point, I had forgotten about Joey's death and decided to go through the hallway and to the back exit of the school. Again, I was in my friends back garden. (for the third time this week) It was me, 3 old ladies and a couple of DC's who I did not recognise. In the center of the garden was 3 VERY odd cars, they all looked like stickmen and had stretched out wheels and about 3 or 4 wheels. They were like stickman tricycles. We all then got in these weird car bycycles and started driving them around. I could not control the one I was on and instead just circled on my left wheel. Soon I got up form the seat and walked away from the old ladies. They seemed angry when I walked off, so I ran and the dream faded away.

      Wow what a weird dream haha. I only just managed to recall all of this. The bit where Joey fell from the clock was VERY vivid, a fairly decent start to June I would say .
      Tags: garden, school
      non-lucid , nightmare