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    1. #5 - Lucid Forest - 27/04/2020

      by , 04-27-2020 at 11:53 PM (Dream Journal)
      First lucid in many years,and the main reason I'm back on Dream Views. Nothing majorly interesting but the thrill of being lucid is what counted for me.


      The dream starts with me sneaking around a house-like building, with men on guard wandering around on duty. Anything before is hazy, but I spent a while recalling back to this point. I can vaguely remember a fragment that took place in a Halo: Reach-like area, perhaps linked to this current scene. I was crawling on a higher ground, spying through a small gap between the wall and roof, watching an armed man walk up and down. I was with someone, but I don't remember exactly who, most likely my step brother. I also barely remember some kind of animal/pet. We were spotted as we escaped the building. This section is hazy, but not long after I arrived near my home, where I did some DIY for my Grandmother, and passed through the forest next to my house to do some DIY for an old neighbour who moved nearby.

      I headed back to the entrance of the forest and found myself with my step brother, who had a Bannerlord-esque army formation outside my house, opposing a similar army. I went into the forest and decided to try and test if my slow-walk chase nightmares are legit of if it's just the ground's fault. I slipped up and ran very slowly as expected, and concluded it was not the dream's fault but rather the ground I try to run on. Back at the forest entrance again, my step brother suggests we light the army of soldiers on fire - to which I disagreed and insulted him in a similar way to a previous dream - a sure dream element to keep an eye on. I head back down the forest path I had just walked, but after a few steps
      I become instantly lucid out of nowhere.

      I never expected to get lucid so soon after returning - in just five nights after 4+ years. This feeling was very intense and vivid, my first thought was to focus on stabilising. I performed my main reality check and was pretty worried about losing lucidity, so I kept trying to remind myself. This, however, didn't get me very far, as I was distracted by my urge to change my surroundings. I took a few steps, and felt very sluggish and slow - almost like the previous attempts at recreating the nightmare slow-running. After failing to change my surroundings, I managed to create this very strong red tint across the trees of the forest, which shook the Earth as it rapidly grew in intensity. It vanished instantly after I lost focus on it. I ventured, at a normal pace, further into the forest, where I had a semi-lucid sexual urge for some reason. Instead, however, my brain decided to give me a dozen wooden-skinned, blank faced mannequins wearing skirts. I ran my hands across one's arm, intrigued by the surrealism and my lucidity faded rapidly.

      I head back, yet again, to the forest entrance where I have a hazy conversation with a bald man until the dream seemingly ends.

      Well, this one was really eventful considering how early I am into my return to lucid dreaming. My recall is better than it's been in years and most of the knowledge I learned during my times here in 2012 has stayed with me. Hopefully my next lucid dream will be longer and easier for me to control, and the rest of what I know deep down will return.

      Possible recurring elements:
      -Anger, bottled up feelings
      -Local neighbourhood

      -Second dream I have had a negative interaction with my step brother based on bottled up feelings. Present in Dream #2
      -Yet another local area, should be easy to form reality check habits this way. This local area is the forest opposite my house

      Lucidity notes:
      -Everyone vanished upon attaining lucidity, happens almost every time for me
      -Control mostly failed, need to improve
      -Stability needs improving greatly

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    2. (Lucid) Chased into Danger. August 31st 2012

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      It's great to end August with a Lucid Dream, although it wasn't the best. Still good to have one!

      I started off, non-lucid in a car park. It seemed like the car park outside the hospital, but the hospital was actually a night club. There was a group of people going inside the door. It was very dark, so the door was the only light source for where I was. I was with two of my friends and this old Indian lady. Apparently I had spoken to her in a disrespectful way, although I never said anything. Naturally, I ran away at a fast pace. The woman sent her daughter to chase after me. I ran in and out of the cars, until I reached, what looked like, and pub. I hid behind a chair, and gazed out across an ocean (which isn't even near my house...). There were other chairs, which looked like the metal ones that are placed outside of a cafe or something. It only took a few seconds before the girl noticed me, then proceeded to chase me again. I got up and ran to the right, towards the ocean. I ended up at my street, but it was day time and I couldn't see the girl. I ran to the end of the street then turned right, into a dead end street. I nose plugged and it worked a little. Not that well, but it got me lucid. I was not completely aware that I was dreaming, but I looked around for things that should not be here. I turned around, expecting to see the girl, but instead I saw a woman watering a tree. The tree started to fall, causing me to say "See, that's not normal, I must be dreaming...". I didn't even flinch, but it hit the floor really hard, about 2-3 meters away from me. I felt the dream fade into grey and I woke up.
    3. (Lucid) Failed Flying Attempts. August 26th 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:02 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was an okay Lucid. I managed to have a little control over the dreamscape. My nose plug worked incredibly well, too.

      I started off lucid, right as the dream appeared. It felt really weird, the dream faded in from a grey background with silver flying patterns. As the dreamscape "loaded" I was looking down at the floor. I was in my house on the upper floor outside my bathroom. I pinched my nose, not expecting anything, then suddenly...I could breathe! It was very shocking because I did not expect a huge gust of air to blow out of my nose. I then looked around, then at my sister's bedroom. I noticed the window was wide open, so I thought about jumping out and flying. As I walked over to the window, I stabilized and reality checked again, just to keep myself from waking up. I decided not to jump out of the window, instead, I jumped up into the sky, straight through the ceiling not expecting anything to change. As I exited the roof, I saw a HUGE city just like London at it's old times. The buildings were brown, the sky was almost dark, the stars were appearing and the sun was setting. The sun was not very big though, neither was the orange glow around it. I still thought it looked nice though. On my way back down to the houses, I quickly teleported to a road, in the daylight. I thought about flying there. I think it was the hospital car park that I was in, but it had a road going through it. I jumped into the air, not very high, only about 2 meters. The dream faded quickly as I fell back down.

      It was quite long - longer than most of my lucids already. It was great that I got lucid right at the start as well.
      lucid , memorable
    4. (Lucid) Failed RC Chain. August 15th 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:06 PM (Dream Journal)

      My third lucid I had in a single week. Very good progress.

      I was sat in the back of a car, but it had no roof.I got lucid by remembering previous dreams that I had that night, but didn't record. I leaped out of the car, unsure of my lucidity, which really hurt. I got up from the floor and tried the nose plug check several times, which all failed. I then tried to do the palm check, which failed also. Finally I was about to attempt the float check. I was paranoid that people would see me jump, and think that I was retarded or something. I did it anyway, and while falling back down, I lost my lucidity and the dream faded.

      Thanks for reading.
      Tags: car, family
    5. (Lucid) Giant Christmas Tree. August 13th 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:00 PM (Dream Journal)

      After the false awakening I had in the previous dream, I tried to go back into a dream, which worked in the same way as the other.

      I looked up at a HUGE Christmas tree, with snow and presents all around it. I couldn't see the top because it was so big, and there were other trees to the left and right of it.

      That was it for lucid dreams, but I almost had a third. I pulled my dick out again, but too early and I disturbed the process.
      Tags: forest
      lucid , false awakening
    6. (Lucid) Sex with a Teacher. August 13th 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:55 PM (Dream Journal)

      Managed to have at least some kind of control in this one. Plus I had another lucid after this one! 2 dreams in one night is good progress.

      I started off in my bed, just after a false awakening. I closed my eyes and tried to get into a dream, which worked. I was lucid straight away!I didn't bother to do a reality check, I just stabilized. I then pulled my dick out awkwardly and walked over to the teacher. She looked at me then bent over the table.

      I had another false awakening.

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      false awakening , lucid
    7. (Lucid) Changing Clothes. June 29th 2012.

      by , 06-30-2012 at 03:10 PM (Dream Journal)

      Didn't type up all of my dreams from yesterday, so I am typing up the other 3 I didn't get down, plus the 4 I had later on that night.

      I think this dream started from a FA.

      I was at home, on my sisters bed. The bed was on a different side so I became semi lucid. It was extremely clear and realistic so I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. I picked up a small purple calculator and read the digits. I looked away, then looked back. I kept repeating this and everytime I looked back, the numbers would change. This still wan't enough for me to become lucid so I performed a reality check. Within seconds, I became lucid because I could breath! The first thing I thought of doing, was to attempt flying, but I felt so caged in because of the walls. I got up from the bed and looked outside. It was so sunny I couldn't even see anything, the light was blinding. I decided to try and get outside the safe way by going downstairs. As I left my sister's room, I remembered to stabilize, so I rubbed my hands together on the way out. I almost tripped over the vacuum cleaner . I walked across towards the stairs and realised I was in my dressing gown, so I looked up in the air, imagined some clothes, then looked back down and noticed I was fully changed. I thought about stabilizing a second time, maybe even nose plugging but decided not to and as a result, lost my lucidity.

      Had a little bit of control in this dream, but I was kind of annoyed that I didn't make it outside. Closest I have got to exploring a dreamscape. I never focus on doing that . Thanks for reading (Ugh, 6 more entries to go.)
      Tags: family
      lucid , false awakening
    8. (Lucid) Why can't I float? June 23rd 2012.

      by , 06-23-2012 at 05:02 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was my second lucid I had in the same week. Today is saturday, which was exactly 7 days since my last lucid. I almost had a lucid on the 21st (Thursday) so I am definately making huge progress. This dream was not very fun, although I managed to keep the dream going without stablilizing.

      I only remember a fragment that happened before I became lucid, which was:

      I was in school, with a friend. He had small plastic boxes of ice cream.

      I was in the science rooms at school, not too far from the fragment. I looked at my hands and they were all bendy like a webcam effect. I didn't bother to stabilize or try the nose plug check. I walked out of the room and attempted to float by jumping down the stairs, but instead ended up hurting my ankles on impact. I kept trying, but instead imagined myself floating down the stairs. I didn't have any luck, and almost lost my lucidity. I walked back into the classroom and said to myself "I have to be dreaming, I mean, just look at my hands!" I continued to stare and examine them. I attempted one last time, but still with no luck, then lost my lucidity as I walked outside with my friend.

      He had disappeared and I was suddenly sat in a huge skip full of ice cream. Some guy told me to find this ice cream which had a 1/8 chance of appearing in the skip. I looked to my right and found that ice cream, which said 1/8 on it. I chucked it gently to him and found another, which said 1/7 on it.

      My recall was terrible today, I almost didn't recall the lucid. I also forgot most of what happened before I got lucid and probably some of what happened after. But I guess I'm making decent progress, 2 lucids and a semi lucid within a week. Thanks for reading .
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      lucid , dream fragment
    9. (Lucid) Running from the old man. June 16th 2012.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 03:27 PM (Dream Journal)

      At last, a lucid It relates to my previous nightmares. This time I out-smarted it >:-).

      I started off by walking down a street with 2 of my school friends. I had a guitar and so did my friend, so we had a guitar battle. I didn't even get to play before my friend destroyed me with an insane solo. My other friend then said "You were beaten by him." and we all just walked up the road. At this point, the 2 friends from school were different. One had transformed into cookieh and the other was a random guy. We saw a statue that I must have seen in another dream, I'm certain I saw it before. Cookieh explained what the statue was. She said something like "If you touch the statue then the old guy chases the kid." The statue was a golden old guy chasing a kid. She then touched the statue and it move a meter away from us and into a bush. Cookieh and the guy ran back onto the road I was on before and I ran off in the opposite direction towards a car parking area. It was the same one that is in my school. The same dream fragment happened about 4 times. I was running away from an old guy in a yellow top. Finally, I was running again and this time, the old guy was ahead of me trying to catch other young people. He went to grab me but I ran around him. I was extremely out of breath, just like the last nightmares I had before. I found myself running very slow and falling over a lot. I decided to fall onto my hands and feet then ran really fast like a werewolf. A guy in front of me did the same. The guy disappeared down the exact same road located in the real world. It's a path where the forest and the school carpark is. I then got up onto 2 feet again, but this time I felt very odd.

      I pretty much became lucid at this point. I looked at my hands but nothing was wrong with them. I still knew I was dreaming because I said to myself "I must be dreaming because I have never been here before." then I looked at my hands a second time and noticed a strange energy coming from my left hand. I decided to do the nose plug check just to make sure. I could breathe . When I did it, the air coming out was cold on my nose and fingers. Straight after, I remembered to keep the dream stable by rubbing my hands together. I then asked myself if I should attempt to shoot an elemental ball out of my hand, but I said no and tried to change the dreamscape instead. Before I tried this, I looked behind me to see if the old guy was still on my back but luckily he wasn't. I also thought of walking through the forest, but it was dark inside although light outside of it. Finally I closed my eyes and began spinning around, imagining a large beatiful beach. When I half opened my eyes, I noticed I was in my bed. I could hear lot's of voices as if my room was populated. I found that I couldn't open my eyes very well, it seemed like they were sealed shut. I somehow managed to sit up and do the nose plug check again. It was cold, just like the first time.

      I'm pretty sure the dream slipped into a non lucid after that check. This dream has topped the first and second. It was much longer, I think about 60-80 seconds. Almost a minute longer than the last 2. Also I managed to have some kind of control, I changed the dreamscape . Thanks for reading, I had fun typing this up!

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    10. (Lucid) Searching for my dream guide. May 25th 2012.

      by , 05-25-2012 at 03:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was my second lucid, it was short, but MUCH longer than the last. It lasted about 15-20 seconds and my first lasted only about 8 seconds .

      I was in a house, similar to my aunt's house, but it felt abandoned and a little broken. I suddenly had the urge to perform a reality check, and so I did. I looked at my hands and my fingers were all crooked and deformed. I quickly became lucid and rubbed my hands together to keep the dream from slipping away and then looked around a bit. I then felt as if I needed to find my dream guide, so I shouted "Dream guide, are you there?" but there was no response. I even felt a little scared incase something jumped out and me, I was so paranoid, I forgot to stabelise the dream and it slipped away from me.

      That is all for this dream, it was a good experience but I wish I could have done more. I have no idea why I decided to find a dream guide, maybe for advice?
      lucid , memorable