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    1. #12 - New Trivium - 04/05/2020

      by , 05-04-2020 at 01:52 PM (Dream Journal)
      Had an awful lot of trouble recalling anything, but I picked out the most recent fragment before ending my dream cycle.


      I'm walking through what appears to be a train, but with some rooms being as large as ones you'd find in a house. I'm blasting out a new Trivium song that sounds like power metal, something that this band doesn't typically do. I was impressed by the vocals. I believe some schoolmates were involved.

      Possible recurring elements:
      -Matt Heafy

      -Second dream in a row featuring Matt Heafy from Trivium
      -I vaguely remember schoolmates being a part of this. Would not be surprised if true
    2. Golden Swords. August 20th 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      This dream was really awesome.

      I was walking through a shop, by myself. My mum works at this shop, so I saw her. She was speaking to other work members quite near me. I helped her carry out some boxes, then I dropped them off and walked away, into the clothes sections. I found a pair of golden swords underneath the clothes. I picked them up and them decided to sneak around the shop like a ninja. The swords were very similar to the one I held in Egypt. I then walked over to a girl, which looked a lot like OctoberWind. She told me to meet her before hand, at the shop entrance. After, she walked away and I followed. When i got out of the shop, she was gone and I was in a train station, waiting for my mum to pick me up in her car. I got bored of waiting and decided to leave by walking. I found myself at school, showing every my swords which looked plastic and shiny. I had one in my pocket at it looked blue. The dream ended with me walking through a tunnel, holding these swords in a combat stance.

      OctoberWind was in the dream because I had another dream about her before. I was play fighting with her on my bed .
    3. Gliding With Dinosaurs. July 14th 2012.

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:15 PM (Dream Journal)

      I really liked this dream, although it was very weird. I also missed a really obvious dream sign D:.

      I started off walking through a minecraft room. There were brick fire places everywhere, but instead of fire, there were chests. There was also a torch on the left side of each fire place. The room pretty much consisted of fire places. On top of that, there were zombies. Everywhere. They were not minecraft zombies though, they were real. I breached through a door, leading to the fire place room, then done some hand to hand combat with a couple of zombies. I then fell to the floor, then watched myself in third person as I got my head chewed apart. I attempted to pull my head away but it got eaten. I managed to get up and recover, so I ran away from the zombies while looting chests. The zombies all disappeared as I started watching a youtube video on one of the fire places. The video went into 'full screen' mode and it seemed like I was inside it. It was a guy just riding horses up and down a canyon-like area. I eventually got bored and moved onto another fire place and searched a video about pokemon. The setting was the same, but this time, the guy was riding a Zebrastrika, which is a horse pokemon. He started slowly galloping down a long path then sped up to a fast speed. A few minutes later, he rode past a giant dinosaur with huge arms. After that, I started to control instead of the guy. I didn't have the horse, I was just walking, while observing the dinisaurs. I then found a path which led to the right, so I walked up. I saw a Pterodactyl and another type of dinosaur. I attacked the Pterodactyl and then it started to glide round and attack me. The other dinosaur was angry too, so it glided off of the cliff, but it did not have wings. It flew into the air then glided back to the hill. The Pterodactyl was just gliding around. I then felt the urge to leap off of the rocks by the cliff edge, so I did. I opened out my arms and legs, then began to slowly glide. I only went out about a meter, because I was scared. I then turned around and landed safely on the rocks again. Just as I landed, I ran away as fast as I could...but with no energy or breath left. Usually when this dream sign occurs, I would perform a reality check, but I didn't. It puts alot of pressure on me, so It's really hard to perform a decent reality check. As I was running away, I turned around and said "Goodbye, thanks for the fun!". The dream faded as I walked up another hill.

      'Twas fun, but I really hate that chase dream sign. It's hard to get lucid because of the pressure, and it feels horrible not being able to get away. Thanks for reading .

      There is a typo in this, but paigeyemps told me not to change it because it's cute. Dinisaurs.

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    4. Japan Dragon Attack. June 26th 2012.

      by , 06-26-2012 at 09:27 PM (Dream Journal)

      My recall has sucked but I managed, barely, to get most of the dream down .

      I was walking through a weird red temple courtyard. It seemed to have a Japanese theme to it. I can't remember who I was with, but I then walked around a corner into a huge battlefield. There were piles of rubble everywhere and dragons flying around in the distance. I ran over to help the people getting attacked. I hid behind a scrap peice of metal that had been ripped off of something. As dragons flew over us, I used the 'Dragonrend' shout from skyrim. The dragons flew in from my right and toward the temple. It was dark, but light on the field. I ran over to the temple, stopped then ran back again. While running back, I notcied 3 dragons above my head and another flying even higher in circles above the other dragons. I soon teleported back to the temple with my sister and step sister. We teleported again, through the temple gates and found ourselves at my school, wlaking home. When we arrived at home, we went into the house next to mine. I was confused but followed them anyway. I was a little bit lucid when going up the stairs of the house, I thought of doing a RC but didn't think it was a dream, so I continued. At the top of the stairs were 3 beds, which made me ask "is this where they sleep?". My sister did not reply.

      I remember a fragment which is:

      A man and a woman were on a small white boat, and the guy had a boner. Not sure why, but he had a boner haha.

      My recall is terrible because of my WBTB for WILD. I get up, drink, toilet and back to bed. It somehow messes up my recall D:.

      Thanks for reading .
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. (Lucid) Why can't I float? June 23rd 2012.

      by , 06-23-2012 at 05:02 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was my second lucid I had in the same week. Today is saturday, which was exactly 7 days since my last lucid. I almost had a lucid on the 21st (Thursday) so I am definately making huge progress. This dream was not very fun, although I managed to keep the dream going without stablilizing.

      I only remember a fragment that happened before I became lucid, which was:

      I was in school, with a friend. He had small plastic boxes of ice cream.

      I was in the science rooms at school, not too far from the fragment. I looked at my hands and they were all bendy like a webcam effect. I didn't bother to stabilize or try the nose plug check. I walked out of the room and attempted to float by jumping down the stairs, but instead ended up hurting my ankles on impact. I kept trying, but instead imagined myself floating down the stairs. I didn't have any luck, and almost lost my lucidity. I walked back into the classroom and said to myself "I have to be dreaming, I mean, just look at my hands!" I continued to stare and examine them. I attempted one last time, but still with no luck, then lost my lucidity as I walked outside with my friend.

      He had disappeared and I was suddenly sat in a huge skip full of ice cream. Some guy told me to find this ice cream which had a 1/8 chance of appearing in the skip. I looked to my right and found that ice cream, which said 1/8 on it. I chucked it gently to him and found another, which said 1/7 on it.

      My recall was terrible today, I almost didn't recall the lucid. I also forgot most of what happened before I got lucid and probably some of what happened after. But I guess I'm making decent progress, 2 lucids and a semi lucid within a week. Thanks for reading .
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    6. Fun with the Moon Constellation. June 9th 2012.

      by , 06-12-2012 at 08:58 PM (Dream Journal)

      Had bad recall from the 7th. Finally found the time to type this up on June 12th.

      I was at my house, with my step dad. We were just observing these strange constellations of the sun and moon. The sun was an orange blob with dots in it and the moon was a contellation of a headless stickman. The sun was out in the front side of the house and the moon at the back. My step dad was watching the sun as is flickered around in the sky then I ran over the back of the house and looked out of the back window. I watched flick around like the sun, but much more stronger and gave out bigger movements. It then transformed into a large rainbow pheonix and flew towards me. Somehow I knew it wouldn't hurt me so I just ran away from it smiling. It eventually went back to it's starting point and flickered aorund again. At this point, the dreamscape turned into a large warehouse with blue shelves filled with stacked cardboard boxes. I gazed at the moon and watched it transform into an axe-weilding soldier. It was also rainbow coloured like the last form. It then ran at me and I escaped happily into a hiding spot behind a nearby box. Again, it went back to the back. I then realised that this "phase" of the moon was ending. I was very upset because I had so much fun with this weird thing. I heard a voice saying I could bring it back by imagining it into an eagle. I did exactly that and I saw a faint black eagle in the night sky. Then I woke up.

      I had other dreams that took place in my house, in the exact same location of my house. I just couldn't remember all of them. But this dream is up in my top 10's of this year . Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

      One of the fragments was where me and my step brother were playing with our guitars we bought. Mine was a Dean Razorback DB, which was covered with junk and resting on a bench.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Water Tree Spirit. June 5th 2012.

      by , 06-05-2012 at 01:40 PM (Dream Journal)

      So this morning I had a magical dream at last. I usually dream about school or non-magical dreams, but I felt this was one of the best I have had in a long time.

      I was in a field, similar to the one near a pond in my area. I was walking through it and saw a tree a couple of meters near the lake. I somehow got into a fight with this tree, I was determined to beat this tree for some odd reason. I was slicing the tree with an orange chainsaw, branch by branch, avoiding the attacks it made. The tree was gradually moving away from the water so I ran away from it and reached a small hill with a decent spot to hide in. I think I remember a fragment about a guy hiding in this particular spot. It was like a small crack in the hill, but wide enough for me to sit in. I then ran back to the tree and continued attacking the tree with the chainsaw. I then retreated back to the spot and watch the tree transform into a large stump. I was scared to go near the stump incase it attacked me. I then decided to go up and stab the tree with the chainsaw, but ran back for the third time. I watched it transform again, but this time into a floating tree. It was almost as if it was hanging from something. It was just under a meter from the ground and was longer than it was wide, but still smaller than the last two forms. I then saw the tree fall to the ground and transform a fourth time. It was similar to the stump, but had a red haired girl half in it. She was wearing green clothes and was not moving. For the last time, the tree transformed again, but back to the first form. There was a beautiful blue-haired girl half in it. She seemed alive and was welcoming me to talk to her. I walked over to her and noticed she had scaled clothes on. They were coloured with all sorts of nice colours, like cyan, light green and purple. She also had some of these colours in her hair to match her clothing. She looked like she could be a goddess or something. She made the tree disappear and I walked with her to the lake, where we sat down in the shallow water and observed the lake. I asked her if we should build a bridge across the lake. I said something like "Shall we build a bridge across there, then to the platform?". She replied with a nod. We then changed the topic and noticed a McDonalds appear on the left hand side. It was flooded from the lake and there were a few woman sweeping the water away. By this point, a guy had appeared left of me, but he was quiet and I didn't pay attention to him. We were discussing about working at this McDonalds, then the dream faded.

      I loved this dream, it had many wierd things happen in it. First it seemed like I had to tame the tree in order to talk to the water spirit. The water spirit seemed hard to get, but she eventually came to me. I sure hope she is my dream guide, so great to look at . I have always been interested in water anyway, so it'd be a bonus. The other weird thing that happened was when I went to the spot where some guy hid before. It seemed so familiar when I woke up. Maybe the guy by the lake was him? That'd be really wierd. I mentioned in my workbook that the blue haired lady (the water spirit) was someone that I wanted to know more about. So from now on, she remains 2 titles. The blue haired lady and the water spirit. I also think that the tree abducted her and the other red haired girl was the wood spirit or something. But either way, it was great to have met this woman.
    8. Toilet Ninja and Other Fragments. June 4th 2012.

      by , 06-05-2012 at 12:53 PM (Dream Journal)

      Quite an odd dream I would say. But atleast I recalled a couple of dreams. I also recalled a couple of fragments, which is awesome .

      I started off in a toilet with my friends from school. We were just walking around the room and decided to put our stuff down in a corner. I put loads of random junk down, like a black coat and some other things. One of my friends then said that I should go into the female toilet to spy on someone. I was nervous at first but then thought that I should just do it. I went in and saw that there was a lot of things to hide behind and the coat holder thing caught my attention. I sat down behind it and waited for someone to come in. I then got bored of waiting so I walked out only to see a fat girl about to go in. Thank god I didn't spy. I walked over to the pile of stuff we put there, then the dream ended.

      Dream Fragments.

      The first fragment was me taking stuff out of a box and giving them to my step dad. I pulled out 2 little guitars and my step dad said they were ugly.

      The second was at a field at night. I was walking through and saw a fire, so I ran over to put it out, but it turns out it was a campfire that my friends set up.

      The final fragment was pretty long. I was walking home with a guy from school and he noticed some bullies. He somehow got into an argument with them and he then told me to walk by myself. But I waited for him to finish and that's all I can remember.

      Thanks for reading . I have noticed more school signs. School is such a strong dream sign!

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    9. Super Speed Waterslides. May 26th 2012.

      by , 05-26-2012 at 03:39 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was a very long dream and filled up 3 pages of my side notes book O_O.

      I was starting off in an indoor rollercoaster park which was very familiar, but I didn't like rollercoasters so I turned left and there were lots of waterslides awaiting me . The whole park suddenly turned into a water park and I was stood in some water, with people everywhere. I walked over to a giant orange and yellow water slide and jumped through the hole. I then slided down REALLY fast and my stomach dropped, which felt really wierd. I heard voices near the exit of the tunnel and I thought I was going to slide into the people but I landed softly at the end of the tunnel. The voices I heard belonged to a couple of girls from my school, but they were not even in the waterpark at the time. The slide I just flew down was green and orange and the other slides were similar. I some how teleported back to the start but instead of going through the first slide, I went down the second which was placed underneath the first slide. I flew down this slide at incredible speed again but I heard different voices, this time a man's voice was at the end of the tunnel. I landed softly in the same exit as the first slide but there was a father and a small daughter in the pool and nobody was hurt from my extreme speed. Again, I teleported back to the top where the 2 slides were but now there are three slides. This one was blue orange and green. Before I went in to the slide, a woman said "this one is the back breaker." I have no idea what she meant but I still went down anyway. I flew down really fast and heard all of the previous voices at once and saw the end of the tunnel, which was a bowl. I slowly exited the tunnel and found myself and 2 dream characters spinning around in the 5 layered bowl. I started at layer 5 (the outer ring) then slid down to layer 2 while the father was on layer 3 and the son was on layer 1. The son said something about him not being able to leave layer 1 and fall down the hole in the middle. I then slipped down into the middle where the hole was but I somehow managed to fly up on top of a foam tower, about 3 meters tall and half a meter wide. After this, I was half in a rubber ring and half out, which meant I could kick my legs. I kicked my legs around and I started to fly slowly in my rubber ring. It was almost like a swimming pool in the air which I could fly around in. I fluttered around a little bit and I was really nervous about it, but I managed to hover over to a big red block which I saw in another dream (but only managed to recall that fragment.) When I reached the red block, I realised it was too high to reach so I fluttered around it and landed safely back at the start. I saw a girl from my school walk past and exit the building, so I followed her and a lady caught my attention. She said to me "Do you want this pot of noodles with your name inscribed on it? If so, what is your name?" I told her my name but she rejected it and gave me the noodles without my name on it or an awesome ring around it...pretty dissapointing . So I walked out of the building, suddenly dry and fully clothed, then some people told me that it was time to go to class so I had to throw my noodles away. The dream faded away as usual.

      I told you this was a very long dream ^__^
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    10. The Garage. May 25th 2012.

      by , 05-25-2012 at 03:43 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was a very vivid dream and I remember a fragment that happened before this dream, and then repeated during the dream, but a little different. If that makes sense. x3.

      This dream started off with Oreoboy1996 playing minecraft, and I was watching. It was like I was watching a video of his screen as he played. He was walking through a cave underground and he found a dungeon. He ignored it and carried on going. he jumped on to platforms until he reached the top, then he found another dungeon, with a HUGE deep hole in the middle. This was the fragment I recalled later on in the day. I then said "I hope he saw the dungeon" but it was no longer oreo playing, it was my stepbrother and the thing I said was aimed at him, maybe this was non-lucid dream control? He then fell down the hole and landed on a platform, but this time, the dreamscape was realistic but there were still minecraft monsters in a garage. In the garage were about 6 spiders, I was in control of the 'game' at this point and decided to shoot the spiders off the end of the garage which was placed on a cliff. The spiders were all dead and there were only zombies and skeletons left, but they all just dissapeared randomly. I then lighted up the room and it was now just realistic light grey although there were some minecart rails and a chest. I got rid of 2 of them, then my step brother came and helped me, but the rails were gone already and it was just a plain light grey room. Out side, it was no longer a cliff, but a road leading to a town. I never went to the town, I stayed in and decorated the room with cars. Loads of real cars suddenly appeared and some little toy cars too. Me and my step brother were playig with these toy cars for a little while then a girl came along. She looked like the DV user called Dead. Soon, me, my step brother and Dead all went out of the garage and in to an empty field. The fieldwas a left turn and the town gate was a right turn from the garage. When we reached the field, there was a wrestling arena just randomly waiting in the middle and the sun was setting. It was almost dark, but still light enough to see. The field looked a lot like the field that we have at school. While in the arena, we were talking about pokemon and my step brother had dissapeared from the dream. Dead had a pokemon shirt on and we brought up Neopets elements in to the conversation. The dream the shifted.

      This dream was vivid and very odd. I think minecraft is a dream sign for me . Skyrim, pokemon, school and the forest are too.

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    11. TinyChat with Raspberry. May 23rd 2012.

      by , 05-23-2012 at 09:38 PM (Dream Journal)

      This dream was very hard to recall ._. but I managed most of it! I also recalled a lot more fragments from other dreams too. They have a lot in common

      I was sarting at school again. The strongest dream sign for me . But this time I was in the woodwork classroom, on a laptop talking to Raspberry on TC. She turned out to be a girl I know in real life called Alysha. She does actually look like her though, so it's creepy. I was apparently flirting with her, but half way through a flirty paragraph I changed it because she had a boyfriend >.> I got off the laptop and walked in to her boyfriend a few times. But I was in another part of school. I then walked around school for a bit, and saw two dream characters fighting, then one stormed off in a rage. I got around to my area at school and there were LOADS of people coming out of an exam or going in. I then ran in to Alysha's boyfriend again and he said he felt bad. I said I would show him the conversation I had with his girlfriend because I felt sorry for him.

      I also had some fragments similar to this dream.

      Fragments: Sitting at McDonalds with the fighting dream character, I had a falses awakening, More school fragments and bumping in to the boy again.

      Pretty weird dream >.<
    12. Shark attack! May 15th 2012.

      by , 05-15-2012 at 07:51 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was the dream I had after the "Bugs in the forest" dream. I think the dream skipped in to this dream.

      This dream first started off on a small boat, with my mother. We were both just walking around the boat, maybe having a few chats along the way. Not sure where we were heading but we were on a boat haha. The sky was really dark blue and it was cloudy. It was almost stormy but pretty warm. Very odd weather. I felt like I was on a cruise through an apocalypse at night, although it was light and warm. By this point we were looking out at the vast sea when surprisingly 6-8 killer whale type sharks swum around us. It started to rain but there wasn't any drops falling and the sea was shaking a little more. Not too violent but shakey . We were both scared shitless as the sharks leaped in and out of the water, then one shark jumped out and bit the back (or front?) of our boat off but we remained floating on the surface of the water. Soon, several other boats appeared randomly and were bitten exactly like our boat was. It almost seemed as if the same dream fragment happened again but in another view. The exact dream fragment happened to our ship again later on after we evaded the sharks. I grabbed a harpoon and shot a few of the sharks out. There were only about 4 left at this point but we had no harpoons left, so I think I may have punched the sharks as they leaped out at us. The sharks give up and swim away and I got a phone call, from the young girl in the previous dream. She phoned up to see what happened and the dream skipped.

      The next part took place in a lab-looking place, like a robotic super market. I couldn't really remember what it was like but this old lady came up to us and I explained what happened with the shark attack. She started blabbering on about a war video game after I explained. But I just went along with it and we spoke about the game for a while.

      That is all I can remember for now, but I know there was another dream afterwards (the 3rd that night) but I didn't get any notes down and I can only remember one little dream fragment about it. This dream was scary and weird . But I enjoyed it quite a bit, I like having dreams AND nightmares for some reason haha. I can't wait to see what other dreams I have tomorrow.

      I also found that eating cheddar cheese may have increased the vividness in those dreams. It happened before and made my dreams vivid but the day after that I didn't dream because I woke up too early. I think I may carry out this test for the rest of the week . I eat about 3 small slices 30 minutes before I sleep, if you're wondering.

      Hope you enjoyed reading this .

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