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    1. Intense luciditiy

      , 01-15-2012 at 07:36 PM
      This just happened to me as I was having a short recovery nap, I may have gotten pretty drunk last night lol. I decided to take a go at MILDing again seeing as I hadn't tried in a few days due to family visiting and stuff. This is what happened.

      I live on a big housing estate in a small town in rural england, the high street is about a 20 minutes walk from my house, a walk I make regularly.

      In the dream, I was at the bottom of the hill approaching the estate, it was a warm day with the sun shining bright in the sky. As I continued walking my usual path up the hill I suddenly came to realise that I couldn't remember how I had gotten there, why had I gone into town? Why was I going home? I think it was around then I became lucid as I toyed with the possibility that this could be a dream.

      My next thought was to do an RC, I really wasn't expecting it to work for some reason. The surroundings were so familiar, something I see so common that I just couldn't imagine why it would be a dream. So I pinched my nose, tried to breath... and I could. At this point the excited feeling came all at once over my body, I didn't wake up just yet. I turned around and the sun had filled the horizon, vague blurry outlines of rooftops and the churches steeple waved back and forth in front of me like a heatwave on hot tarmac. It felt like the earth was crashing into the sun. On my right a dark silhoutte of a man wearing a long trench coat came walking leisurely towards me, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

      And I woke up.

      Pretty intense right? I think it could easily have been inspired by one of my favourite films: Sunshine. Although I haven't watched it in a while, I've always been blown away by everything in that movie.