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    Omnilucidity - And my journey to high LD frequency

    by , 03-17-2020 at 04:57 PM (143 Views)
    Hello there, fellow Oneironauts! To aid our exploration, I'll throw my hat into the ring.

    My "Self Sustaining Lucidity" theory:

    Supplements / Preparational techniques: Meditation, Prospective Memory Training, Binaural Beats. (I also plan to make custom affirmations with my custom MILD Mantra)

    Techniques: WBTB, MILD, DILD (Combined only on weekends cause I'm still in school, although WBTB seems to lower my chances. Perhaps it's my perception that it lowers my chances, or maybe WBTB isn't a good tech for me personally. Likely a combination of both.)

    Plan: Get into a dream, become lucid, go to my lucid dream workshop, access my dream console (Supercomputer AI that acts as a physical representation of my subconscious) give the voice command "Activate Self Sustaining Lucidity". This will give me a burst of lucidity at the beginning of every dream. I confirm it and it will work as long as I believe it to work and since expectation is everything in LDs, it will work.

    I believe that it will work though because I've found that the more immersed you are, the more likely you are to believe something. For example, the entire concept of "Suspension of Disbelief" in games. If you have good worldbuilding that immerses someone in the world, they are more likely to believe things that happen within the world. It's a similar effect here. Sure, I could just walk up to my subconscious in a dream like "Give me lucidity" but that's not really immersive to me. Being in a facility of my own design while interfacing with my subconscious as the most powerful AI in the world would definitely help with immersion.

    I'm essentially using a lucid dream to produce more lucid dreams hence the name "Self Sustaining Lucidity". That's what I called Omnilucidity before I realized others had coined the term. I get into a dream and activate SSL from within my Lucid Dreaming Workshop. I do it the way I do it for immersion, as immersion is good for stabilization and aids in expectation which is key in LDs since you control the dream. On at least a basic level it makes sense because if you don't believe you can do something you've already defeated yourself. There's a quote that sums it up best. I don't know who said it, but it goes like this: "Believe you can, believe you can't; either way, you're right."

    (Probably) FAQ
    Q. Why only a burst of lucidity instead of complete lucidity all the time?

    A. This is because we have multiple dreams per night as we complete our multiple sleep cycles. It would be annoying to become fully lucid in every dream because you'd always be aware of the several times you naturally wake up during the night. This gives me an option to let the dream fly by so I don"t remember the times i wake up; thus preserving the feeling of one cohesive sleep like it usually feels. All I have to do is lock in my lucidity if I want to continue as lucid.

    I suppose if you are lucid you can use time dilation to instantly skip to the end of the dream. While this is "Faster", because you're lucid, you're aware of wakeup. If you lost lucidity, the next thing you remember will be in another dream.

    I'm open to suggestions on alterations of this theory after I've done it. I will definitely make sure to post my findings, although, due to the very nature of my plan, I won't know it's worked until the night after.

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