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    Repeat Offender (Comp Day 9)

    by , 03-11-2023 at 04:41 AM (176 Views)
    Some guy was luring people to a parking garage where he played music so loud you could hear it from practically anywhere. I made a plan with a nearby bus to scare him with its horn. It worked. I said, "Get jumpscared, idiot". Then he was like, "Someone must have called human resources in response to the music"

    Me:You're MAD about that?!

    The bus driver after catching up with us: Hey it's that you? Again?

    Me: Ooooh, you're a REPEAT OFFENDER?

    After I said that he bolted to his car. I chased him while repeating what I just said when he closes his door. He was the saddest man I'd ever seen.

    Me: alright I'm done. I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone.
    Then a squirrel in a nearby tree jumped at me but I grabbed it's head and was about to spike it but then I woke up because I heard a terrifying sound.

    Is this a fragment? +1?
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