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    1. lonely death

      by , 01-23-2013 at 03:43 PM
      I'm walking. I'm not sure if it's me or someone else but I am in 1st person poing of view, and i'm walking down this road. It's daytime. I go inside this house through the front door. I can hear to people talking. I think this lady was a neighbor around my neighborhood, and for some reason I wanted to talk to her. She might also just be a stranger. I go inside someones house and I see her talking to someone outside. The woman inside is about 30- 40 years old. I can't see the person she's talking to outside, but I know it's a male by his voice. after a few short moments, she turns around and i'm right in her sights. I quickly try to think of something. I forgot why I came (i forgot in the dream why I came in the house) so I just started babbling things, and I swear it looked like she didn't hear a thing I said. My 1st thought was that she was deaf and blind. From my thought in the dream, I can assume that she wasn't my neighbor, or atleast that I wasn't acquainted with her. I try talking to her again, but she still couldn't hear me. I realized something. When I 1st came in there, she was talking to a man, so she can't be deaf atleast. I'm sure she isn't blind either. I also try to to move tings around but she doesnt even notice. I figured out that she can't see me. One of the worst feeling caught tover me. the feeling of loneliness. No, not even that. the feeling of non existence. I think I figured that I died. I felt so claustrophobic in that room. I sped out the house through the front door. While I was out, I was thinking if it was even possible to assume that I died. I don't remember dying. That being said I don't remember where I was before while ago. I walk down the road a little more. ~my alarm in real rings and I wake up in my bed~.