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    Microwave time travel

    by , 12-16-2012 at 03:04 PM (395 Views)
    The main people in this dream is me and franklyn (my brother). we have acquired this machine that allows time travel. It's like a microwave, but like big enough to fit a person. the buttons and everything are pretty much just like a microwave. Franklyn, pretty much knows everything about how this time traveling machine works. One of the things he told was to always put the buttons for 30 seconds. thats like the ideal amount. One day, we are planning on going to the past. We get dressed appropriately. As in we know that the past we're going to is gonna kind of chilly, so we wear warm clothes and a sweater. Franklyn time travels first. I guess you can only do it 1 at a time. He does it for 30 seconds and then go in. After a while he's gone. I realized something after he left. I dont know what i'm doing. he said to put it on for 30 seconds, but surely theres more to do than that. I contemplate if i should just stay here and wait for him or if i should just go. i decide to go. I do the 30 seconds thing and somehow i successfully made it to the past. I know because I see Franklyn there. Maybe set it up to automatically take us to this time.

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