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    Queen Of All Fish

    by , 11-24-2012 at 02:50 PM (444 Views)
    Same as always, Bold is when the actual adventure start.

    It's Me, my mom, and my twin brother outside. It is night time ( around 8) and weither just going for a walk, or we're going over someones house. Franklyn goes this one way to get there, while me and mom takes another way. there is barely any street lamps, and mostly we're just in darkness. We make it to this cul de sac and is apparently the destination. Franklyn isn't here though. I get a little annoyed because he claims that the way he went through was shorter. I call his name, nothing. I call his name again, this time i hear a reply. It kind of sounds like franklyn but kind of doesnt. i call his name again, and this time it sounds like franklyn. I ask him where he is and stuff and i get no reply. Now i think that he might be hurt or in danger. Around that time franklyn Screams "Frank, Im right here" and his voice was really close, like a good 6 meters away.

    I look around and I see him. He is not alone. He is with this girl who looks younger than us. like 4 years younger. In my dream, I assumed she was 12. Well when me and mom walks over to him, he claims that she is the quueen of the water. In other words, queen of all Fish (as told by her). She is coming home with us. I don't know how mom agreed to this but she is. We are home, and grandma is there. The queen (lets just call her that since we do not know her name yet) says she wants meat. Thats like the 1st thing she says when she comes in. We gave her this beef that my grandma made. I don't know if she ate. Now were all settle down and used to the queen girl, who is always with franklyn i think. I remember one day she comes up to me what wish franklyn would like to be granted. I Tell him he wants to be in the NBA. Then she asks me. I am about to tell her, but then pause. I wonder if i should really be telling her or not. I tell her anyways, " I wish to have an adventure". I don't remember much after that.

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