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    Memorable Dreams

    1. lonely death

      by , 01-23-2013 at 03:43 PM
      I'm walking. I'm not sure if it's me or someone else but I am in 1st person poing of view, and i'm walking down this road. It's daytime. I go inside this house through the front door. I can hear to people talking. I think this lady was a neighbor around my neighborhood, and for some reason I wanted to talk to her. She might also just be a stranger. I go inside someones house and I see her talking to someone outside. The woman inside is about 30- 40 years old. I can't see the person she's talking to outside, but I know it's a male by his voice. after a few short moments, she turns around and i'm right in her sights. I quickly try to think of something. I forgot why I came (i forgot in the dream why I came in the house) so I just started babbling things, and I swear it looked like she didn't hear a thing I said. My 1st thought was that she was deaf and blind. From my thought in the dream, I can assume that she wasn't my neighbor, or atleast that I wasn't acquainted with her. I try talking to her again, but she still couldn't hear me. I realized something. When I 1st came in there, she was talking to a man, so she can't be deaf atleast. I'm sure she isn't blind either. I also try to to move tings around but she doesnt even notice. I figured out that she can't see me. One of the worst feeling caught tover me. the feeling of loneliness. No, not even that. the feeling of non existence. I think I figured that I died. I felt so claustrophobic in that room. I sped out the house through the front door. While I was out, I was thinking if it was even possible to assume that I died. I don't remember dying. That being said I don't remember where I was before while ago. I walk down the road a little more. ~my alarm in real rings and I wake up in my bed~.
    2. GG

      by , 12-08-2012 at 03:32 PM
      This is during the end of the dream. My name in there was "GG". They were my initial for my dream name. Anyways, I'm in this room with christina i think. We're worrying about this girl (who's about my age btw). Theres this other girl who is after us because we wont her have the girl my age. So christina and i are talking about her ability. It's the piwer to fit inside any form of space. It can be a box, a drawer, any form of space. This was a really serious matter because the evil girl was really out to get me. She has this grudge against me for taking the girl my age away from her. While me and christina are talking, my phone rings. It's the girl around my age. The 1st thing she says is "when you get home, we're gonna have mad sex...." (she said alot more specifying that one topic) i started to chuckle a little and told christina to listen to what she's saying. Christina actually says something to her. I take my phone from christina and then i try to make an excuse. No need though, she made one for me. She gigles a littlesaid "that must be your mom, right?" I just went along with it even though i know it was christina. The dream ends from fades away.

      Something freaky happened though. I woke up (in real life) to my phone ringing. I wasnt going to answer it but decided last second to answer it. It stopped ringing the moment i got my hands on it. I checked and saw who called me. It was my mom. O_O. I didnt realize the connection until i started writing this dream.
    3. El Subtle end of the world (and start of a new one)

      by , 11-23-2012 at 03:16 PM
      Hey, This dream was really memorable. The beginning part is really just the introduction, and not really when the action start. So I bolded the part where the actual adventure start.

      I'm at school. Or what is supposed to be my school, but this looks different compared to real life. anyways, I'm walking to class and then this situation comes up. (this is during the morning time, when school just started). On of the staff from the office comes up to me and say that they've made a mistake, and that they have put me in the wrong class. (let me tell you that in the dream, it feels like i've been in this school a hardy long time, so i got used to everybody in my class. now there making me change). I am shocked, and pretty resistant at 1st (as in i say things like I can't leave now) but then give in and go to my new class. Some people, like Tabria, was in this class (and she was in my old class) but i didnt seem to put 1 and 1 together. So here i am, doing work for the class and i can actually remember it. the teacher, whom i also know in real life, is are chemistry teacher. she handed out this stack of paper and told us to do that. she was giving us work all day, and i think i was just ignoring the work. something else was on my mind i just didnt know what. A few other small things happened during that class day like how a saw mychelle. she was sitting behind me. When i turned around she just smiled. another thing was that i was walking in the class and i saw my headphones on a chair. it was broke!!!! i swear i was so heartbroken by that. It wasn't broke beyond repair or anything. it was just that the back of on one of the headphone split apart from the rest of the base, but it was still dangling in mid air by a string connecting them together. So i'm trying to fix it when Tabria ( a girl in the class) comes out of no where and says " hey that's my headphones". i swear i know she's only saying this to piss me off. But she has this really serious look on her. but i already also know that she's good at fooling people with her expressions. i tell her " no. it's mineS" and we just stare at eachother for a while until she gives in and say "I'm just playing", and smile. jeez.
      [This is a side story to everything because i don't know when this happened exactly. Well i'm in this room with these to other kids from school (uche and Brandon). They are playing this video game, most likely a parady t call of duty Black ops 2. Brandon and Uche are both using a controller, but there is only one tv and they are not playing on split screen so i do not know what's going on. Until i notice the second, smaller tv that Brandon is looking at. I literally get sucked into the games( like i usually do when i look at a videogame for too long) and i am the guy uche is playing. Long story short, i hide, i try to assassinate, i fail, i die. when i die i come back to real life]

      class is over and i find myself running out. I am looking for someone. I am in a serious hurry too. (I forgot who i was looking for when i woke up though) I rush outside, i feel like i'm going to slow. my belt loosens up and i have to adjust it while running, slowing me down. by the time i get to the busses, i cant find him/her. I ask someone if that person rode a bus and they told me that he walks home. I gave up on the idea that i was going to find him/her today. I see Alyssa, Christina, and some other people who i forgot near this door. I followed them inside, and shut the door. Then we just hung out there for a while. There was a time where it got really emotional ( not for me, for the girls). like Alyssa was asking me what is christina to me, and i'm like " a Friend". Christina looks disappointed, and Alyssa says "what about a best friend?" and i'm like " thats what i meant." christina starts smiling and i just push her around playfully. we're all sitting down btw. there are other conversation going on but the feeling i felt the most was love. I felt like how things were now, it wasn't so bad. It was time t leave. Christina and Alyssa had to get on their busses.

      I opened the door........ Something is different. something is wrong. for starters, the world in general felt different, like everything changed when we were in that room. like the whole world changed without us. More physically, the environment we were supposed to see changed. the busses we were supposed to get on were gone. There were kids here, but they didn't seem like kids. And it's not just because they were holding guns ( didt want to forget to mention that). They also looked un-human, but human. We were quiet. all the people who were in the closet didn't say a word. We had no idea what we were seeing. We just started wandering together on this path. I wonder what was going on in everyone else's head. for me it was just nothing. well not true. i was wondering what happened to my family. We were walking past this crop field when we saw this white van. A man was in there. My first instinct was to get away from him. He said he was going to take us away and recruit us or something. i wasn't going to let that happen. so I ran. I don't know if everyone else ran, but i guess it didn't matter since it only looked like he was coming for me. When i first ran away from him it looked like i was already far enough to be considered safe away from him (tsk tsk tsk) he threw this projectile that made this explosion a few meters away from me. I fell to the floor. I started hearing his van come closer. i would be kidnapped if i didnt do something, so i started running away from him. all the while he was saying this " You can run away from me, but i is useless. Once i hit you with one of my weapons, you will be hurt really bad. And only i have the time ball (This is not the exact name he said but the word TIME was in it) which can heal you. Once i catch you i will train you in battle. Maybe one day I wont have to do this anymore, but until then I must". That was basically the gist of what he said. Hell if i knew half of what he was talking about. Listening to his speech, however, made me realize that he wasn't really the bad guy. well more like that he just wanted to survive. I dunno how to explain it. either way i still wasnt going to let his ass catch me. so i ran. I'm in the crop field running. he uses this other weapon thats on his car that slices the crops as he drive by them. there were tons of times when he almost got me. But i always barely made it. Somehow i was able to lose him, so i started to run back to the spot where i split up with everyone. When I got back, I found them. But they changed. I knew it was them but they didn't look like what they did. They all seemed to change with the world like everyone else did. I wonder if i also changed. I can only remember there being Me, Alyssa, Christina, And this girl with yellowish orange hair. They all looked like they belong in an adventure anime.( I think The girl with orange hair actually is from an anime). I think ALyssa had a tail! Scene changes. It's been a while since the day the world change. Like a moth, or maybe even more. We grouped up with some other people, and even found a dog. other stuff happened i just don't remember right now. so i'll go to the part i remember the most, the end. we are pushing this dog on top this makeshift sled mad out of 12 pack soda cans. we crashed him into something. I thing he turned into a battery. lol. He is mixed in with the soda can and i make a joke saying that the battery was buzzed ( haha, get it? no?) dream fades.
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