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    Senei's Sexy comp day 4,5,6

    by , 08-23-2015 at 12:05 PM (405 Views)
    Day 4:


    Day 5:

    Dream 1: I was so hungry and checked the fridge several times in what FELT like an hour or half an hour interval each time. No food

    Dream 2: I was chatting with my friend and he told me that ppl work there (australia) from 12 till 7 only, and i was like "lucky!!"

    Dream 3: I was at my dad's. but in a weird home, and my mom came in and started making fun of him. It was a very weird face. I was chocked bcz she's not supposed to be there plus she can't see him. Then I told here i had supermarket coupuns and asked her if she wanted them, she told me yes ( in the kitchen, she just came from the grocery store and was putting the stuff there).

    Dream 4: I was making a remix of a song using fl. Yup, just spent the dream making it. I can still remember the EQ and stuff too. Man I wish I could remember how i set it though XD. OMG yeah that is a nice thing to practice for recall! Remember the presets you set for programs! Helps remember more details.

    Dream 5: I was with my mom in the living room, and a beautiful orchestral song showed up that was very similar to my vocaloid orchestral song i did a couple weeks ago. I was shocked how close it was.

    Dream 6: I was at my cousin's summer house, and he has a bit of a slope there that i oddly had a very very hard time climbing. I was kinda embarased. I then walked into a college there (there isn't one there irl), but the security guard was telling me i can't be there and was poking me with a metal ball attached to the security fence thingy in a playful way. It was very vivid! It was nighttime. I swear i really love how my mind creates nighttimes.

    Day 6:

    Dream 1: I was making boiled potatoes, and then my bro started peeling his heel's skin, and it peeled likea boiled potato, and i was like "eww get your foot off my potatoes!!! I can't eat that now!!!" lol

    Dream 2: I started my laptop and my bluetooth mouse worked!! It wasn't working yesterday.

    Dream 3:at school, preparing for finals, then a giant horse dog monster thing showed up, but was very friendly, then my friend held me up and jumped onto a table breaking it, and we both broke into laughter XD. Very vivid dream.

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