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    Lucid on Lucidimine

    by , 08-13-2014 at 02:17 AM (758 Views)
    I've been on a bit of a lucid dry spell lately, so I decided to invest in a bottle of Lucidimine to see if it would have any affect on my dreams. Last night was the second night I took one capsule before bed, and I had success!

    So, Lucidimine is a nootropic that contains two ingredients that I have read are both huge in aiding with having vivid dreams: Galantamine and Choline. Not to say a newbie to lucid dreaming could pop a pill and become aware, but this kind of thing works best with a lucid practice that you already have in place for yourself.

    So... I met a girl. A girl with beauty that fully captured my attention. She was wearing summer clothes sitting in a knee-hugging position looking off into the distance. She looked at me with a warm smile and I locked eyes with her; a deep army green with shimmers of matte silver speckled in seamlessly. She gave me a laugh as if she has known me for along time, as I must have been looking at her with wide, awestruck eyes. I was content just looking at her, simply admiring her tranquil yet sharp beauty. Her ear lobes were abnormally large and circular with no earrings or holes.

    The most striking physical aspect of her was a blue hole in her neck located where her jugular would cross through. It was a blue hole that I interpreted to be as some sort of breathing gill apparatus. I then asked her to describe herself to me, and what she said caught me off guard... She said "I have fourin-parents," as if her means of coming into existence was not the traditional mother-father way.

    What the hell are "in-parents?" I still haven't decoded that part of it all, but I do believe I have found one of my spiritual guides.
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