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    Experimenting WBTB + LSD

    by , 02-16-2024 at 05:38 PM (67 Views)

    WBTB - 3:30am

    I've been curious what kind of efffect an extremely low dose of LSD would do after a WBTB on dreaming so I gave it a shot tonight. I woke up and took ~2.5 μg of LSD and immediately went back to bed without staying up for more than a few minutes. I quickly felt something in my mind 'turn on' and I realized that even though this was a micro-dose of a micro-dose that it was still going to be enough to probably interrupt my sleep based on what I was feeling.

    It did take a while to fall back asleep so I'm going to try this again in a few days but at one tenth of this dose at ~0.25 μg instead. These dreams were more vivid than usual but at the same time felt sort of interrupted.

    Dream 1

    I'm selling a white car that was previously a cop car. Some people are going to come by to look at it.

    A cop car parks in my driveway and two police get out. They have keys to open the car I'm selling, they get in and try to start it but fail. They don't seem happy and they say they'll be back, they want to take it or impound it or something.

    Then a family came by, a wife, husband and their son. The wife wanted the car so she paid for it and they drove off.

    She ends up texting me something about a bullet hole in the car and that it's not working.

    I drive out and find them, looks like she hit a tree. They're all okay and I ask her about this bullet hole that she mentioned. She says nevermind about that, I end up taking the car off their hands to scrap it.

    Dream 2

    A really emotionally charged dream, no doubt brought on by the LSD.
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