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    Parachuting into Mexico - Spring competition night 3

    by , 04-02-2024 at 05:43 AM (102 Views)
    I performed about 5 decent reality checks today and meditated for about 10 minutes before bed.

    Parachuting into Mexico

    Iím parachuting in over a landscape that appears to be Mexico. As Iím falling Iím looking at the roads and I get the dream knowledge that the wind here only blows in one direction. When the dirt and dust collects on the roads on the highway so that half of the roads are covered, instead of clearing the dirt off they build and extend the thickness of the roads so that they are the correct width again. I was wondering if all of the dirt was cleared off the one side of the road from all the times this happened, how thick would it be? I imagined the highways thickness extending like a massive parking lot.

    I land near a military outpost and I walk over to the side of the road and start kicking away the dirt and dust. Sure enough it uncovered more paved road. I kicked back maybe two feet of dirt before I was finished testing this.*

    Going back to the outpost, it seemed like there was only one guy here. I mentioned how strange the road thing was here but he wasnít familiar with the concept. He had a nice car parked by us and I was gauging in my head how much he must earn working here because of it.

    Card game

    A group of guys got together and designed a card game. Each card had stats like health and attack. There was a board with many pieces as well. Then they randomly dealt out the cards and decided that this initial dealing is how the game is required to be played every time a new game is started. They preserved the cards and the board the way it was set up so that future games can reference its current setup as how to start the game.

    *This dream is one of those themes where I'm completely absorbed in some strange dream detail. Going to make an effort IWL to be more aware when problem solving novelties.
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    1. Gejoh's Avatar
      Have you ever gone parachuting IRL?
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    2. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      Have you ever gone parachuting IRL?
      I haven't, but I have plenty of times in games like H1Z1/PUBG/Warzone/etc
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