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    [2018-05-08] DawnEye11's Shared Dream Experiment #3

    by , 05-08-2018 at 06:16 AM (340 Views)
    After I sleep a bit I wake up, write down my dreams, and lay back down on bed just thinking. I was hoping to just get up but I get the feeling I could possibly get into a dream. I think about Gyeongbokgung Palace.

    I'm by the entrance. I look around. There are people about. I notice few people wearing a hanbok. Kana is with me, looking around curiously and smiles at me. "Something wrong?" I am unable to find the symbol I imprinted the last time I was there. I ask Kana to come along thinking one of the girls in hanbok might be Jewel. I approach one and ask her if she's Jewel from Dream Views. She replies back to me in Korean. I don't know enough Korean to understand what she was talking about. Kana says it's not Jewel. However, I was not in a subjective reality. I go towards a wall and imprint my symbol. I then ask Kana if we should go exploring. We enter inside through the archway into the courtyard. There were more people there. No one stood out except a guy in a leather jacket. We didn't feel comfortable, so we don't approach him. Couple of kids were running about playing. We wander about and reach a souvenir shop. We just browsed. There were lot of hand fans, masks, and several other items. I hear a knock from waking and dream starts to collapse. I give Kana a quick hug and say I'll see her around.
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    1. oneironautics's Avatar
      awesome :-)
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Aww, the hug was sweet. I also like how kana accompanied you while you were there. Even if it wasn't Jewl you did a great job at exploring and putting your symbol down. The guy in the leather jacket and the masks sound cool. Im missing out on so much. Ill do my best to not let your efforts go to waste in my next attempt to palace.
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